Shipping: FREE Standard Shipping | See details . *. The McLaren GT is equipped with a 4-weel disc brake system with ABS, with big 14.4” front rotors and 13.9” rear rotors. It’s a lightweight, 10.8 ounce BMX Racing stem that offers the advantages of a top loader stem but with the weight […] More, I’m loving the look of the new Wethepeople Atlas 24″ with that white colorway! The Superleggera comes at a close second, followed by the Continental GT, all of which can take your breath away. This bike is loaded with SD components and some Box parts. With super quick shifts and the McLaren DNA, the lines between a comfortable cruiser and supercar are blurred. The current GT BMX Lineup is designed to fuel your fire and get you stoked on going bigger, faster, and further. With a tank capacity of a massive 19 gallons, you can fill it to the brim and easily get over 300 miles of range, which should be decent enough for most drivers driving a GT, easing the transition from long journeys to quick small ones. McLaren brakes are as good as their engines, and while the 60-0 MPH timings are not known, the brakes are not shabby and will offer enough stopping power, also because the car is quite lighter. The GT is an excellent choice for those looking for the best of both worlds, who want a quiet family long hauler, while still wanting raw power at their disposal. What if we told you they made a “comfortable and luxurious” Grand Tourer? There are a few good 16″ BMX bikes on the market, but the GT Performer 16 is one of the best smaller size BMX bikes available today. Quantity : Product Description. The Speedline Ultra Thins are some nice platforms for all ya’ll flat pedal mashers out there! $1,050.00 Excl. Being a tourer, the entire focus is on better fuel economy and while a 600+ hp machine can’t be a gas guzzler, this one isn’t too awful either. GT brings one of it’s most beloved colorway back on the 2021 Pro Performer! Replies to my comments This stalwart feels like a normal city cruiser at normal day-to-day traffic but putting it in its sports mode brings out the beast in slumber and it is ready to lead the front lines on the track. This bike […] More, Thruster Bikes steps into the 9 speed BMX bike arena with their 79 Special 29ner. Put the pedal to the metal and in the blink of an eye, you will be talking with the winds in your tourer that can threaten most supercars in the world. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The Atlas gets its inspiration from BMX racing with its race geometry and v-brakes. 2021 GT Performer 21 BMX Bike; Product Code : GT-BIK0-G43501U. Steerer, 31.8 O.D. 2021 GT Performer 16″ There are a few good 16″ BMX bikes on the market, but the GT Performer 16 is one of the best smaller size BMX bikes available today. All of these supercars/GTs are ridiculously fast, and the McLaren is the fastest by a blink, even though it’s the cheapest, and it also dominates the quarter-mile timings. Rear Aluminum U-Brake w/ Soft Compound Pad, GT Freestyle 2pc., Steel, 7″H x 23.625″W, 3°Up, 11° sweep, New GT Top Load, 1-1/8″, Cold Forged Cap, 32mm Rise, 40mm Length, Mushroom Style 100mm Soft Compound, w/o Flange w/ GT removable plug. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. The new 2021 Performer 16″ bike even comes with custom decals from GT pro rider Albert Mercado’s Boxpalm project on both color-ways, so choose from blue or light orange. One of the most iconic names in BMX, the Performer is built with the first time rider and former rider coming back to BMX in mind. The bike comes in a nice blue colorway with blue anodized rims and a blue […] More, Meybo Bikes recently rolled out their 2020 flagship BMX Racing model, the Holeshot! Either way, this thing is so dialed. This bike looks just like the classic 20″ Pro Performer from the 86′ but with better tech and a bigger wheel size!! 100% Cr-Mo, 7.875″H x 31.5″W, 5° Up, 9° Back, GT Mallet 100% CNC Front Load, 1-1/8″, 19mm Rise, 43mm, GT Super Soft 155mm Single Compound w/o Flange w/ GT Removable Plug, 1 1/8″ Integrated Design, 45X45 Degree Sealed Bearings. There are other modes – the sport and track, both of which tighten up the suspension and pull the max out of the powertrain. BMX was the foundation for the GT empire. GT Street Performer 2021 . Rims Alloy Double Wall, 36h. The McLaren GT delivers a 15/22 MPG for city/highway driving, and a combined driving MPG of 17, which is fairly decent for a supercar/GT. Gear shifts are also smooth, and the body roll is quite on the lower end around the corners. Parts Bars Bar Ends Bottom Bracket Brakes Chains ... Frame GT 86' Performer Design, Full Cr-Mo, DT Gusset, MID BB, Inverted Seat Stay V-Brake, Integrated 1-1/8" H/T w/ Removable Rotor Tabs, 2.5" Tire Clearance. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window).

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