This game is insane ! A veteran Warlock finds herself in a political conspiracy when she is summoned by the Sovereignty as the new Court Mage. 😍 Thank you soooo much for playing! As I mentioned before, the earnings I receive monthly from Patreon go directly into the production of the games (The artists, musicians etc). (Also, I played Raelan's and Argandea's routes and they are both amazing. played this for the 5th time can u put the second one on your website? Oh my this was exquisite! Could you tell me the name of the song playing during Chapter 1 when Virion shows the MC a "different way of casting"? I do hope you will enjoy it, if you do! Their love for MC was difficult to define, but that's not to say it wasn't there. 💖. There is also a downloadable file for the sfw version too. At first, I picked Raelan and I still do. Her goodwill is also shown when she commands Virion to hurt her badly instead of scaring the merchants that are needed for the alliance between the Peshka and Walinad, even if, as Virion has stated, she doesn't care about politics. Lea’s first impression of the MC isn’t very good, as she looks at her disapprovingly when discovering that she’s the Court Mage. Calywen knew MC due to being told by Virion that she was a very strong Warlock, even stronger than him, and that he was enchanted by her. The characters? Elius and his men appeared, saving them. "Give you goosebumps when they approach, as if with each step they leave a permanent mark upon the world.". If some things are not clear enough the first time, a second play through may help. 2- The whole trip from Walinad to Sindan, and to Gael to Khell took about 4 months at most. He did not know how to address a female Court Mage and was afraid of the people gossips about them being in a "made-up improper relationship.". In that case I'll (re)subscribe, at least for a month. Every character are so complex and well written, every love interest brings a new facet of the MC to light. yes i had a problem with this too! For the download version, if you set your text to instant, it will freeze due to live2d sprites. She has said to have the habit to spend the night with people she doesn't care about just to not be alone with her thoughts. She is a brilliant tactician with lots of knowledge about other countries, such as their politics. 2- The nsfw scenes are barely %5 of the entire game. You can simply make a one time donation and download your file along with many other patreon benefits and cancel your subscription the next month if you really want to. The player might also give some influence over the MC and the Love Interest's relationship, being able to choose to be more romantic (always first choice) or more flirty (always middle choice). HOW DO YOU GET PAST THE PILLAR PUZZLE T^T. <3, May 25th is the public prologue release date! 💖💖💖. 🤔, English isn't my native language, so excuse me if I'm missing an inside joke. Thank you so much for explaining!1- She wouldn't have suspected because Warlocks are, due to their corrupt surge, infertile. They first met on Westerford's first war, at the same side. Some body types don't start showing until the end of the 4 mo, so we are in the clear (barely :) But I couldn't have changed the sprites due to spoilers.). =D   <3<3<3, I've been following you for a long time, since ascension and I just have to say I love your games and I can't see wait for the second season of oath breaker!!! The MC tries often to joke around with her and Lea always responds by being cold. :) Let me know if you have any more. $0.79. Ready to sacrifice herself in order to defeat him, she managed to seal him. If the player chooses the non-romantic option when Alwenn and the MC are going back from Hulstead to the castle in Chapter 1, the MC mentions that she doesn’t think that she’s Virion’s type, to which Alwenn says that she’s "not so sure that’s the case", showing to be aware of his feelings for her. 💖 Thank you for playing and also your interest in my game. But I don't think I've ever seen that option in Season 1? Alternatively you could try the download file. View When Lea discovers the MC's identity as Dawnkeep's Reaper, she aggressively attacks her and the MC counters by getting ready to kill her. Basically, the people who can afford it help those who can't access the content that they feel are worth it. The art is beautiful and the story is very well written, and it gets even better in Oathbreaker 2! Gothrad the Oathbreaker can be found at the following locations: Ravaged Barrows - TeleportPlayer -209019 -96906 -3740 All Tier 3 through Tier 4 Purge Taskmasters, including Gothrad the Oathbreaker, are particularly useful for crafting Chain Bindings at … So, I was playing on the browser version, and I was at the part where Argandea and Virion were speaking with each other about how Warlocks aren't really thought well of. Then it froze. After the end of Westerford, with the MC starting to live at the Magistracy, they didn't see each other for 3 years, only encountering again when Virion convinces Calywen to set up the MC as Raelan's Court Mage, visiting her in secret and telling her about Calywen's plans to bring back Thar'akith. Alwenn was the one who talked with the Magistracy in order to let the MC stay at the Academy after Westerford's first war and visited her frequently in the infirmary while she was healing from her wounds. You, of course, are free to not like it personally, but this is what I feel most comfortable doing as a developer who wants to keep making free to play games for everybody to have some sort of access despite their financial situation.🙂, Going "poof" over time is unfortunately a serious problem of today's digital content. Strengths: Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend, Weaknesses: Distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent, Scorpio likes: Truth, facts, being right, longtime friends, teasing, a grand passion, Scorpio dislikes: Dishonesty, revealing secrets, passive people. However, being afraid of death and entering in Warlock Hysteria, the MC stabbed her sister instead of herself, killing her. I was playing the online version when i unententionally refreshed the game without saving and i thought "well imma download the game !" But probably warlocks have it different for all I know :D. And the second question - how Elius know about MC's pregnancy? Is there an official or unofficial guide or walkthrough for this game, please? He has told the MC that she reminded him of his brother, who was brave and smart. On her side, the MC feels threatened by this, doing everything she can to stall her. On his route, Virion has told the MC that he first noticed his feelings for her on Angrave Mountain. And I really don't understand your question. they have depth and when all thrown together they are just so good - I will die for every single of them. I hope you are well.I have an issue with the game, I wonder if you could help me out? Depending on the player's performance at the minigames, the MC might be good at some things, like cooking or healing through herbs (which she seems to have big knowledge about, Virion calling her a "bog witch" for always carrying so many plants with her). Hello! Also I love this game can’t stop playing it!

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