(c) depends upon the magnitude of C (a) 200 Hz And by having access to our ebooks online or by storing it on your computer, you have convenient answers with Fundamentals Of Electric Circuit Analysis Solution Manual . (a) the capacitive reactance in ohms ④Voltage is applied to the auxiliary winding, and voltage is not applied to the main winding. Motor case made from die cast aluminum with a machined finish inside, 4. Capacitors for power factor correction are rated in Enable the reader to understand the fundamental principles and operation of the heating, (c) 1.11 (c) increases with the increase of capacitance and decrease of resistance Power factor of an inductive circuit is usually improved by connecting capacitor to it in Which of the following statements pertains to resistors only ? Which of the following coil will have large resonant frequency ? (a) 180″ (c) capacitance (d) zero (d)200V (a) 0.05 s Pure inductive circuit takes power from the A.C. line when (c) overloads alternators, transformers and distribution lines lol it did not even take me 5 minutes at all! (b) 90° (b) both will reach their maximum values at the same instant Just select your click then download button, and complete an offer to start downloading the ebook. The r.m.s. Ans: c, 42. (c) unity power factor Many thanks. If frequency is increased to 100 Hz, reactance becomes_____ohms. (b) current is minimum (a) 60 sin 25 t value of 220 V is induced. In a loss-free R-L-C circuit the transient current is (c) kW/kVA The AC in most homes and offices have an oscillating voltage that produces a sine wave. (a) apparent power is more than actual power They are widely used to power various devices. Home » Circuits & Circuit Theory Questions » 300+ TOP A.C. (e) all above are correct The next section explains how the AC motor generates a rotating magnetic field. (c) impedance is maximum (b) both waves must have identical peak values The N pole and S pole electromagnets are a simplified model of the stator. A magnetic pole opposite to that in ① is generated in the magnetic pole of the main winding. Ans: d, 91. At very low frequencies a series R-C circuit behaves as almost purely Ans: b, 17. (b) decreases with the increase in supply frequency If we hook up an oscilloscope to a circuit with AC and plot its voltage over time, we might see a number of different waveforms. Capacitive susceptance is a measure of (d) all above The r.m.s. (c) when one wave reaches its maxi¬mum value, the other will reach its minimum value When an alternating current passes through an ohmic resistance the electrical power converted into heat is (a) apparent power (b) true power (c) reactive power (d) none of the above Ans: b. (d) capacitance An N pole and an S pole are generated in the magnetic pole of the auxiliary winding. Inductance of a coil Varies (c) decreasing the diameter of the former (d) unity The effective resistance of an iron-cored choke working on ordinary supply frequency is more than its true resistance because of (b) the number of cycles generated in one minute Ans: c, 39. The most common type of AC is the sine wave. (a) ratio of net reactance and impedance Which of the following waves has the highest value of peak factor ? Free Shipping for Online Orders. (d) none of the above (a) 42.42 sin 3141 (d) none of the above (a) low Ans: b, 13. XD. Copyright 2020 , Engineering Interview Questions.com, A.C. DC sources lead to circuit current, voltage, and power that are constant – unchanging with time. HVAC Engineering Fundamentals: Part 1 1.1 Introduction This chapter is devoted to ‘‘fundamental’’ fundamentals—certainprin-ciples which lay the foundation for what is to come. They are easy to handle and have features that can be configured at a low cost. (d) at all the time of operation value (c) capacitive (d) none of the above (c) 45 Power factor of the system is kept high, (b) to maximise the utilization of the capacities of generators, lines and transformers, (c) to reduce voltage regulation of the line, 9. Pure inductive circuit takes power from the A.C. line when, (a) applied voltage decreases but current increases, (b) applied voltage increases but current decreases, (c) both applied voltage and current increase, (d) both applied voltage and current decrease, (a) power is consumed in resistance and is equal to I R, (b) exchange of power takes place between inductor and supply line, (c) exchange of power takes place between capacitor and supply line, (d) exchange of power does not take place between resistance and the supply line, 15. Write the general equation for a sinusoidal signal based on its amplitude, frequency, and phase shift. (b) increases with the increase of inductance and the increase of resistance The series and parallel resonance on L-C circuit’ differs in that Once the motor stops, overrun can be significantly reduced compared to an induction motor. (c) far away from the inductive load We also Provide Important MCQ that will help you to Prepare for Competitive Exam. (b) reactive power is more than apparent power Pure inductive circuit Ans: a, 46. Ans: b, 5. The reactance offered by a capacitor to alternating current of frequency 50 Hz is 20 Q. (a) a line which represents the magnitude and phase of an alternating quantity Place them so that the copper plate is in between the magnetic poles but the magnet does not touch the copper plate. A pure inductance connected across 250 V, 50 Hz supply consumes 100 W. (a) zero Ans: a, 35. (b) across the terminals of the inductive load Ans: c, 10. (b) 50 jt The essential condition is that, (b) both waves must have identical peak values, (c) both waves must have zero value at the same time, 5. As the stator generates a rotating magnetic field around the rotor, the rotor rotates. (d) none of the above Ans: b, 69. ①Voltage is applied to the main winding, voltage is not applied to the auxiliary winding. (c) average value to r.m.s. Terms and conditions apply. The equation of 50 Hz current sine wave having r.m.s. Its angular frequency is _______ radian/second.

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