You’ll want to find and interact with the following clues: After checking all three clues, head for the second dwelling on the eastern side of town. Bei der Hauptquest eines dunklen Pferdes von AC Odyssey müssen Sie sich entscheiden, ob Sie das Pferd zu Adonis oder Persephone bringen möchten. Group: Dominance is Bliss (The Fate of Atlantis) Category: Hermes. Sobald dies erledigt ist, kehren Sie mit den Nachrichten zu Persephone zurück. 2) Goes away because Persephone forgives her 3) Persephone destroys his face so no one loves him Hermes: 1) You fight him then Persephone kills him Mobile VR game Sea Hero Quest generates 1,700 hour... Nintendo Switch Online reaches 9.8m subscribers in... Magic Leap gets $280m investment from Docomo. (spoilers) User Info: CarefreeDude. If you killed a blacksmith, you can tell Adonis the truth about Aphrodite or keep it to yourself. Quarantine Cooking Instagram Captions, Oikos of the Olympians - Got Anything Good? If You Choose Persephone She kisses you when you return and says you have earned her favor. The quest completes, you receive the Orphnaeus mount as a reward. The Keeper and Kyros Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest. By taking him to Adonis's contact, he will agree to take him to Adonis. As with the main game, there are many choices you’re asked to make along the way to the ending. Noita Wand Guide, Bei der Hauptquest eines dunklen Pferdes von AC Odyssey müssen Sie sich entscheiden, ob Sie das Pferd zu Adonis oder Persephone bringen möchten. This AC Odyssey Atlantis DLC – Symbol Order Guide breaks down the three different, The popular Ainigmata Ostraka riddles from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey return in the Atlantis DLC. Make your way inside and you’ll be able to investigate the interior. You can either Bring Orphnaeus to the Jockey of Artemision or to Adonis’s contact. Check out this SAO Alicization Lycoris R... AC Odyssey Atlantis Take The Horse To Adonis Or Persephone, AC Odyssey Atlantis Legendary Equipment Guide, AC Odyssey Atlantis DLC – Symbol Order Guide, AC Odyssey Atlantis Ainigmata Ostraka Solution Guide, Where To Find Atlantis Symbol In Agamemnon’s Tomb In AC Odyssey, Post Comments Discover how to take the horse to Adonis or Persephone in AC Odyssey Atlantis. She essentially has created a paradise for those in the afterlife (Honestly i'm confused about the whole thing she has going on here, but that is a question for another day). | Contact us. After doing this, you'll be given two options as objectives. DU&I takes those…. By taking him to Adonis's contact, he will agree to take him to Adonis. Obs Virtualcam Uninstall, In the main quest of a Dark Horse of AC Odyssey you must decide whether to take the Horse to Adonis or Persephone, depending on the decision you make there will be different consequences. This guide will help you on Where To Find Atlantis Symbol In Agamemnon’s Tomb In AC Odyssey as it’s one of. They will give you a mission to cripple Persephone's control over the area. Sobald Sie das Pferd gefunden haben, können Sie es reiten und das Gebiet verlassen. Flamingo's Phone Number Youtuber, Once that is done, return to Persephone with the news. Persephone fell in love with the youth though, and when Aphrodite came to retrieve Adonis, Persephone refused to give him up. 11 Improvements We Want In A Nintendo Switch Conso... Minecraft Creator Won’t Be At Minecraft Anniversar... You Can Nab Loot From Streamers In Borderlands 3, BoxBoy! Then say “That did feel good” when you talk to Hermes at the end. Review - Hip To Be Square, SteamWorld Quest Review - Letting Off Some Steam. Legendary weapons, armor and horse skins are just some of the Legendary items introduced in the new DLC. With the list narrowed down to two suspects, Alexios was sent to investigate and uncover the spy’s true identity. The Switch Version Of Mortal Kombat 11 Has Its Ups... Game Of Thrones Fans React To Arya's Bad-Assery. Xc2 Salvage King, Following the chat, you’ll have a new objective. When one of the rebel camps was ambushed, Adonis suspected a spy in their midst. This quest has a big impact on how the ending plays out. Required fields are marked *. Couplet Poem About Pizza, During Adonis’s chat, he’ll inform you that he suspects that there is a spy in the village and that he has two people that he’d like you to check up on – the blacksmith and the messenger. Hier zeigen wir Ihnen, was in beiden Optionen passieren würde. After you rescue or reclaim the horse you can mount it and leave the area. Mayor Of Hellam Pa, Once mounted you are given two objectives. With our investigation complete, head back to Adonis for a chat. Learn More About Hanbei the Undying in Sekiro: Sha... Figment’s Mind-Bending Adventures Will Come to the... Days Gone’s Attention to Detail’s Amazing. Here, you must choose whether the old man can keep the horse, whether to get rid of it for Persephone, or give it to Adonis. Assassin's Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis Walkthrough and Guide, Investigate the homes of the messenger and the blacksmith, Assassin's Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis Guide Home. This AC Odyssey Atlantis Take The Horse To Adonis Or Persephone guide will tell you what happens depending on the choice you make and the consequences of your actions. Nintendo Removes Game From Switch Shop After Devel... My New Favorite Keyboard Is Cute, Compact, And Com... YouTuber Etika Livestreams Himself Getting Detaine... Game of Thrones Was Really Dark Last Night.

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