It's a lose-lose in the long run no matter what they accomplish. Slide back under and continue down the passage and then look for a crack on the right wall to squeeze into a hidden chamber. Follow the corridors to a hole in the floor, drop through it, and run right to a big … Sure, genetic memory can be some sci-fi fluff used to explain away the problems with the animus, but it could begin to make sense if the entire universe is a simulated universe. He contained enough reprocessed code to innately understand how to set the process in motion. When the Pedestal is speaking, some parts contain (INAUDIBLE) sections. It will be sharing space with the Golden Tomb. Like if everyone in the AC universe, everything they've done and accomplished, everything they have lived through and died for, was ultimately just a simulated reality, did anything they do really matter? He basically cheated Earth out of the Universe's scheduled hard-reset, and saved humanity's collective code at least for the time being. In fact, it’s hidden under the Great Sphinx. It was as if he suffered from the bleeding effect without an animus, or "multiple layers of reality" as explained in the mechanisms. "We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood" "our eyes are yet to open" this basically reminds me of bloodborne and it's HP lovecraft creatures. Follow this passage, then slide. I'm pretty sure the Isu literally told modern day Layla, through Bayek, that the AC Universe is a simulation. This same issue (and desmond), thwarted the Templars from attempting the same thing to control the world with their own satellite (though they are of course unaware of the true reality of their simulation, and only meant to use it to control human populations). Then who created the simulation that runs there AC universe? In the dilapidated library, move forward and break the containers on the left, killing the cobra inside, to collect a Treasure and then continue around to the opposite side of the area. Backtrack the way you came and follow the path downward, finding another Silica #2along the path, and then pass through a hidden passage near the scarabs when you reach the "dead end". Rumour: A Sequel to Assassin's Creed Origins coming in 2020 - Assassin's Creed Adder. Explore the eastern part of the Giza region to discover the location of the Great Sphinx (picture1). The future the Kufu pyramid isu references "where everyone could exist together" as if there was a future meant for all of them still, makes perfect sense. xD. Once you have them and have completed Bayek’s Promise, you have to go to the Great Sphinx and enter the secret passageway. And that would explain why most of the Isu didn't chose to help the Isu that made those ancient mechanisms in the first place! Unlike the other Ancient Mechanisms, the “Eesfet Oon-m’Aa Poo” one in the Giza region is not associated with a tomb. I really hope this is true, it actually seems plausible. It's not a computer system like the Matrix doing the simulating, it's our brains preventing us from understanding time as it truly is, a limitation placed on us by our Isu creators to limit our abilities. The only thing I can say, and this is in no way a reflection on your theory or ideas, is that I truly hope they don't make this the actual canon. The hope of this experiment was to launch enough pieces of Eden into orbit, and then have everybody on the planet implore (something? This hard-reset resulted in the extinction/destruction of the Isu and almost the entirety of their civilization (as well as the knowledge of the simulation). Follow the path down until you drop off a ledge and then continue straight, ignoring the path leading down, to a room with the first Silica #1. Don't be super vague about the plot/lore of your franchise. What if the simulation, aka the games we play, was supposed to end after Assassin's Creed 3? You can find more retransmissions in Assassin’s Creed Origins, it turns out. Progress in the area, then slip into the hole at the back left of the room (picture3). However, this just makes me wish that, if true of course, the games would make all of this stuff a little bit more...obvious? It is where there is a very visible, big structure smack dab in the middle of that region. (Perhaps she can control bayek and explore his word, even if bayek hadn't done all those things specifically). It also could explain why Isu populations simply decided not to freeze themselves cyrogenically and lock themselves in some underground vault. Desmond tapped into the universal source code, but the source code itself recognized his flagrant and undocumented Isu code and purged it accordingly as he manipulated reality. The Tomb of the Cynic is located in the mountain side on the western edge of Uab Nome, southeast of the Ravaged Outpost. Anyone able to do that would become a literal God. There’s another of these retransmissions in Desheret Desert’s region. Exit and continue through the maze of bookshelves to collect some more Silica #4 and then shoot an arrow through the nearby ornate metal panel to rupture the large pots inside. It just gets bundled up and confused. You can now continue to follow the passage to a dead end with another Silica #3 and then break through the weak wall at the back of the area. No shield flew up around the earth, no large machine sucked away the energy of the sun. Easy. Easy. Assassin's Creed 3 was the "third" in the Desmond trilogy, and the end of Desmond. For the next of the retransmissions, you’re going to first need to get all of the stone circles in the game. You will reach the “Eesfet Oon-m’Aa Poo” Ancient Mechanism. Somehow having the ability to carry out conversations with people who haven't even been born yet? Your mind will not allow you to wander in uncharted territories. In the back right corner of the chamber, break some containers to find a hole you can slide through and then loot the Silica #2 and Treasure x2 on the other side. The Isu are essentially 'ancient aliens who created humanity' which is a popular sci-fi theory. For Assassin's Creed Origins on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Ancient mechanism". This is referenced in AC origins later in the mechanisms, when an Isu describes Desmond's action as having caused a ripple in time. There are 14 tombs through Egypt, honoring the dead and guiding their souls to the afterlife. What are they trying to tell us? I'm very curious as to how her Animus really works compared to other Aninus's that we've seen. Resurrecting a loved one by "drafting a new chapter" makes perfect sense when you are manipulating the source code of the simulation. Halo always had the Forerunners, I mean the first three games predominantly took place on their instillations! We know the main difference is that Layla can live as bayek even though there's no hereditary relation between them. Once the room is clear, dive into the water and swim through the tunnel, grabbing a Treasure and Silica #3 on each side, and then collect the Ancient Tablet at the end. You can now continue to the final chamber to collect Treasure x2, Silica x2, and the Ancient Tablet. The seismic events, aurora borealis, and everything else just suddenly lessened and came to an end.

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