A cabin cruiser traveling with the current went 60 mi in 3 hrs. Step-by-step solutions to all your Algebra 2 homework questions - Slader Math Homework. If the rod was 2 meter shorter and each meter costs $1 more, the cost would remain unchanged. I need help getting the answer. Solve the system of equations. Solution to Problem 5-6The given function could be rewritten as\( f(x) = \dfrac{2x-2}{x-1} = \dfrac{2(x-1)}{x-1} = 2\) for \(x \ne 1\)Assuming that the given graph has a hole at x = 1, the graph of the given function could be graph d) (red). We next graph \( y = - cos(2x - \pi/4) + 2 \) , by shifting the graph of \( y = - cos(2x - \pi/4) \) 2 units up; graph shown below. Answer : Hence in 1 second, the wheel rotates\( 2000 \pi / 60 = 104.7 \) radians per second. What is an ISBN? Find the fraction. Answer : Let 'x' be the number. The total receipts were $2005. Type the following: First type the equation 2x+3=15. Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated! ALGEBRA WORD PROBLEMS WORKSHEET WITH ANSWERS. Question 1 : 18 is taken away from 8 times of a number is 30. Solution to Problem 2-2Write the given quadratic equation in standard form and find the discriminant.\( -2 x^2 + m x - 2 m =0\)\( \Delta = b^2 - 4 a c = m^2 - 4(-2)(-2m) = m^2 - 16 m \)For a qudratic equation to have two complex solutions, its discriminat must be negative. HenceFunction A) corresponds to graph d) and function C) corresponds to graph a)Functions in part B) and part D) are given by\( y = 0.5^{2x-1} \) and \( y = 0.5^{-2x+1} \) respectivelyThey both have the same horizontal asymptote y = 0.\( 0.5^{2x - 1} \) is an exponential function with base 0.5 and therefore is a decreasing function. How many adult tickets were sold? Explore the entire Algebra 2 curriculum: trigonometry, logarithms, polynomials, and more. One account pays an annual interest rate of 3% the second account pays 4% annual interest and the third account pays 5% annual... A military band was marching in formation. But I cannot get to the correct answer. No packages or … Let 'x' be the present age of X and 'y' be the present age of Y. More Intermediate and College Algebra Questions and Problems with Answers. *See complete details for Better Score Guarantee. Formula to find the area of a rectangle is. Solution to Problem 1-2 Multiply numerator and denominator by the conjugate of the denominator 2 + i Add 18 to both sides. Find the fraction. Solution to Problem 3-9Checking the interval of definition of the different parts of each function, function g in part b) have intervals and formulas that correspond to the givern graph. If they had laid 3500 eggs this year, how many eggs did they lay last year ? After you enter the expression, Algebra Calculator will plug x=6 in for the equation 2x+3=15: 2(6)+3 = 15. The amplitude |a| is given by\( |a| = (ymax - ymin)/2 = (-1 - (-3))/2 = 1 \)Two possible values for a 1 and -1; use a = 1 and the function to be found becomes\( y = \sin(0.5 x + c) + d \)The value of d is given by\( d = ( ymax + ymin ) /2 = (-1 + (-3))/2 = -2 \)The function to be found is given by\( y = \sin(0.5 x + c) - 2 \)The graph that we are given is that of the above function with no horizontal shifting; hence c = 0 and the equation of the graph is\( y = \sin(0.5 x) - 2 \)Note however that we may obtain an infinite number of solutions by adding k(2\pi) to the argument of sin as follows:\( y = \sin(0.5 x + k(2\pi)) - 2 \) , where k is an integer. One account pays 5.5% interest annually; the other pays 6.9% interest annually. The sides of an equilateral triangle are shortened by 12 units, 13 units and 14 units respectively and a right angle triangle is formed. Below is the problem and the correct answer for this algebra problem is 7√2. If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 2 and the denominator by 1, it becomes 1. We next graph \( y = - cos(2x - \pi/4) \) , by reflecting the graph of \( y = cos(2x - \pi/4) \) on the x axis; graph shown below. Question 2 : The denominator of a fraction exceeds the numerator by 5. Then the other part is (25 - x). So, the three angles of the triangle are 35°, 40° and 135°. To continue, apply the Pythagorean theorem to that result to get the magnitude of the complex number. Another day she sold  25 ribeye steak dinners and  13 grilled salmon dinners, totaling... © 2005 - 2020 Wyzant, Inc. - All Rights Reserved, a Question You have to find the three consecutive integers. Solution to Problem 6-8We need to solve the given trigonometric equation and select the smallest positive solution. Do people actually attempt to solve this kind of puzzle manually. Let 'x' be the no. A. Pls help me solve this. Solutions to Algebra 2 Problems The solutions to algebra 2 problems along with their detailed solutions are presented. Find the number. Solution to Problem 3-7Function f is even if f(x) = f(-x) and odd if f(x) = - f(-x).Let us calculate f(-x), g(-x) and h(-x) and compare them to f(x), g(x) and h(x) respectively\( f(-x) = - (-x)^3 = x^3 = - f(x) \)hence f is odd\( g(-x) = |- x|+ 2 = |x| + 2 = g(x) \)hence g is even\( h(-x) = \ln( - x - 1) \)h(-x) is neither equal to h(x) nor to - h(x) and therfore function is neither even nor odd. Solution to Problem 7-10Functions in part A) is given by\( y = 2+ln(x-2) \) and has a vertical asymptote at \( x-2 = 0 \) which gives \( x = 2 \)The graph in part d) has a vertical asymptote at x = 2 and therefore corresponds to function A).Functions in part C) is given by\( y = -ln(-x) \) and has a vertical asymptote at \( - x = 0 \) which gives \( x = 0 \)The graph in part a) has a vertical asymptote at x = 0 and therefore corresponds to function C).Functions in part B) and D) are given by\( y =-log_2(x+1)-1 \) and \( y = -log_3(x+1)-1 \) respectivelyThey both have a vertical at \( x = -1 \) and they also have the same y intercept (0,-1).We need to find points and check them on the graph.At x = 1, the function in part B) gives y = - 2. Free Algebra 2 worksheets created with Infinite Algebra 2. The point(1,-2) is on the graph c) and therefore the function in B) corresponds to the graph in c) and the function in part D) corresponds to the graph in part b). Most questions answered within 4 hours. The oblique asymptote is the quotient of the division of the numeartor by the denominator of the given rational function.\( y = -\dfrac{x^3 + 2x ^ 2 -1}{x^2- 2} = -(x + 2) - \dfrac{2x+3}{x^2 - 2} \)The oblique asymptote has the equation\( y = - (x + 2) \)The point of intersection is found by first solving for x the equation\( -\dfrac{x^3 + 2x ^ 2 -1}{x^2- 2} = - (x + 2) \)The above equation has one solution given by\( x = - 3/2 \)We now calculate y using by substituting x by -3 / 2 in the equation of the function or the oblique asymptote\( y = - ((-3 / 2) + 2) = - 1 / 2 \)The point of intersection of the graph of the function in part c) and its oblique asymptote is at\( (-3 / 2 , -1 / 2) \). How many-limbed marine organisms swim, Algebra II Quotients of Rational Expressions, Problems with the quotient property of logarithms, Difference quotient (i know this is right) but it is telling me otherwise, Algebra II Simplifying Radicals Using Product and Quotient Properties, Tricky difference quotient problem i am stuck, Limit of a function with absolute value of polynomial in a quotient. Problem 1-2 Evaluate and write in standard form \( \dfrac{1-i}{2-i} \) , where i is the imaginary unit. The simple interest earned by a certain amount of money varies jointly as therate of interest and the time (in years) that the money is invested.

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