Many of the city's trams terminate at Amsterdam Central Station. Amsterdam has 9 railway stations (see map), of which the Central Station ("Amsterdam Centraal") is the most important. Cuypers, who also developed the Rijksmuseum in 1885. All Amsterdam train connections are run by the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) and only a few lines in other parts of the Netherlands are run by other companies. Amsterdam Centraal train station or often referred to by locals as CS opened on 15 October 1889. Vul dan de velden 'van' en 'naar' in en klik op de … It is possible to buy travel passes for unlimited travel with trains, buses, trams and metros over a … Informatie over routes, reisproducten, tarieven, vertrektijden en omleidingen The green lines represent trains, the blue lines are ferries. GVB is de openbaar vervoerder van Amsterdam. One of the most popular parts of Amsterdam's public transport network is the city's reliable and frequent tram service. If you visit both during your visit to Amsterdam you cannot help but be struck by their beauty and their similarity. This website contains a lot of interactive theme maps and open geo data from the spatial sector of the City of Amsterdam Follow maps on Twitter or like our Facebook-page to stay informed of new maps … Click on the train icons to see the cities of each country and click on the routes (the lines in between 2 train icons) to see travel times. Amsterdam Train Stations. The station was designed by architect P.J.H. Amsterdam Centraal railway station. The train abroad An Amsterdam Travel Ticket lets you use virtually all of the city’s public transport on one ticket. It's an interactive map, so start clicking around and planning your trip! Plan mijn reis. Welcome at the interactive maps site of the City of Amsterdam. Your ticket includes unlimited travel with the Amsterdam Express bus (line 397) from Schiphol to every train station in Amsterdam. We use Google Maps® and Google Earth® to copy the buildings in real life. After that the building begun.. There are two tram 'stations' outside the front of Central Station – one on the east side, one on the west side. Wil je weten welk abonnement of kortingsproduct voor jouw vaste route(s) het meest geschikt is? We started out with a giant map we build with World Painter. Since then other people started to join to assist us in the biggest project in the Netherlands: Project Amsterdam on 1:1 scale. The Project was started by Vaterloader and MrARCO. Amsterdam tram routes and tickets. Train tickets can be purchased from counters at train stations, ticket vending machines (with coins or ATM/Credit cards) and via a website. A standard return ticket is only valid on the same day. Amsterdam train tickets. Maps Amsterdam. Visit for more information.

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