Thank you! I love starting my days by listening to this show. There are times I've gone to a shopping centre and I can't even remember what floor of the multi-storey car park my car is on, let alone where it's parked on that particular floor. It works for me every time. Are the Old-Gen Consoles Officially Dead? Then finding out that they don't fit once they're delivered and having to go through the massive effort to return them. Regardless of your lifestyle, you’re bound to experience these problems; but who cares. Thankyou! I feel like it really motivates me for the day and keeps me thinking positively. Like, Follow, and Subscribe... - This podcast is the perfect length and I love the variety of speakers. We bring you the good times. Traffic is just part of the ebb and flow of the roads, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. One of the most frequent – and most annoying – is when you have a tyre puncture. Stepping in dog muck. The good news? I’ve been listening to it every day for six months now and every episode has helped me improve and become better. If you were as busy a person as me, you would totally understand.". Publishing a new 7-minute episode every day, 7 days each week. 70 Everyday Problems That We All Know And Hate Ice cream melting over your hands Binders not clipping together Cartons not opening properly Video buffering Not folding laundry Bed sheet coming off mattress Needing to pee once you’re in bed Pencil’s not sharpening properly When … They'll thank you for it. The messages are uplifting and are my go-to when I’m feeling down or overwhelmed. great way to begin your day. Regardless of what position you are in in life, there are some things which nobody can avoid. However, there are few things more annoying than when your delivery gets lost in the post. Made even worse when one of your friends isn't listening or arrives late, and you have to give it out all over again. That way, you can at least have a, We all enjoy having a party on a Friday night. Then, if anyone finds out what it is, they can get into anything they like! So, when you’re hit wi. Most of us would not wish that our neighbours didn’t have a good time. Hello Clyde, I came across your podcasts and I'm in my second day of listening. Modern life is a daily struggle. In today's episode of 7 Good Minutes, we get tips and advice on overcoming some of the annoying problems we face in everyday life. Everyone gives out about their First World Problems. The advice, hit even harder. I love that Clyde gives access to the full length audios/videos. She sings, "These bananas/B-A-N-A-N-A-S." She does not sing, "These bananas/B-A-N-A-N-A-Apostrophe-S." Look to Gwen for all your grammar needs. However, with a little dedication (and maybe some research) it can more often than not be done. One of the major annoyances with having so many online accounts is the passwords. Worst case scenario: it happens just as you are about to finish an important project, leaving all of your work unsaved. Unfortunately, there is little that we can do about this – except hope and pray that it makes it here next time. These days, most of our purchases happen online. It doesn't matter how tightly you wrap them or what method you use to tie them up, little elves will crawl into your pocket, undo all of your good work, and then mess them up as much as possible. They've recently added a replay feature to the app, but the person gets a notification to tell them you're replaying it, and that's nearly as bad as screenshotting it. Life saver, “Thank you! Focused, helpful and succinct. ", "You've pressed one to have your face punched. Please stay on the line and the next available operator will be able to assist you in the punching of you face.". The only negative I would say about it is 7min is not long enough. It had nothing to do with my study habits or the fact that I'm not smart. Thank you :). It's only slightly less annoying than running out of printer ink on the very last page of your finally finished, 173-page screenplay about vampire-werewolves but, still, this will curl your toes. Getting change back on top of cash so they slide around on top of the bills. Perfect addition to my everyday. You might, and probably should, feel guilty about giving out about from time to time, especially with all of the real problems out there, but in fairness, some of these things are very annoying, superficial and all as they might be. 30 Everyday Things That Are Super Annoying. When all the switches are turned to ‘off’ yet there is one light still on. Everybody hates you. I just discovered this podcast and let me tell is off the charts awesome! And then having to sign in all over again on your phone, tablet and laptop. The good news? Such a great inspiration right away in the morning, Look forward to waking up every morning and listening to 7 Great minutes! You might even rearrange your bed, or lie on the floor, so you can scroll aimlessly through Facebook or some other website. All the trouble you went to find out this person's name, or go through your friends' photos until you find one that they are tagged in, and then they have the audacity to have their profile on private settings?! Thank you for adding light to my days with each and every 7 good minutes Of extremely valuable content that enriched our lives. Before, if you missed an episode of a show, you asked everyone you could to find out what happened so you wouldn't fall behind for the next episode. If you are lucky, the original one might arrive after you have complained. If you’ve enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to automatically get the next ones! Why should you be walking 10000 steps a day? My next step is choose a little 7 min job every day to do while listening ... maybe even sort out my garage ! This has helped me a lot in areas in my life. And of course the reason for the videos buffering is slow WiFi, which can ruin anyone's day. It's a little thing but it goes a long way towards hating you less. Junk mail. So on the rare occasions when you are watching live TV, not being able to skip the ads is really annoying. © All Rights Reserved - Awesome Inventions, 19 Every Day Fails That Are Incredibly Annoying, A little patience wouldn’t go amiss…or perhaps they need the, With The Hershey’s Donut Kit You Can Make Reese’s Covered-Donuts For The Holidays, 13 Photos Of Real Animals That Look Like Disney Characters, Krispy Kreme’s New Caramel-Glazed Donuts Are So Good, Farmer Finds Rare Albino Indian Flapshell Turtle That Looks Like Melted Cheese, Frank’s RedHot Now Now Has Boneless Chicken Bites Covered In Their Sauce. Thank you!! I promise you on all that is holy on this big blue marble, I would never let this happen if we lived together. There is more often than not a solution to these little worries. 7 minutes. Whether it is at home or at work – or even in a cafe – this is one of those problems which gets to almost all of us at one point or another. However, when things get out of hand it is a different matter altogether. Headphones. And when an ad starts to buffer, that's when you really start to lose your mind. Feeling good. Why?! It's called "String Cheese," not "Chomp Cheese." You better just hope your bedroom isn't in one of the dead zones in your house. Or how about when you go into the bathroom to brush your teeth in the morning and a phantom mangler has destroyed the tube? Instead, keep your passwords memorable, different – and yet related to each other thematically. imgur. Website. Pressure selling - people continuously trying to sell you something you don't want It's not a big deal. We all enjoy having a party on a Friday night. The toaster was having a bad day. I have listened to many more and none come close to the value I get when listening to 7 good minutes! Why Were Irish Kids So Obsessed With Inflatable Furniture In The 90s? Listen, I know I don't use you much anymore and, if I'm gonna be honest here, this is one of the reasons why. But you still have hours of stuff to do and you can’t leave the office and medicate for two hours.

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