What is the relationship between where and how a vibrating string is activated? But if you, like me, have the luxury to choose between them, I think the semantic expressiveness of the Apache Camel DSL, its ability to clearly communicate the intention of a particular integration flow, is an important competitive edge. These bridges between services and technologies are called routes. Håll dig uppdaterad, följ oss på Twitter. Spring Integration - Camel has messages, channels, and endpoints. This is where an Integration Framework can be of great help. Spring Integration and Apache Camel are both well-designed and highly capable light-weight integration frameworks. Integrating Enterprise Applications is challenging, but luckily the challenges are often well known and understood. In a much simpler way than Spring. In the Spring Integration Cafe Example, the integration flow looks like this: There are quite a lot of details in there (and the use of Java 8 syntax, which might not be familiar to everyone yet), but the key point here is the fundamental use of Gateways and Channels to implement the higher-level EIPs. As the other two, it offers a XML DSL: ${in.header.type} is ‘com.kw.DvdOrder’
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