This trademark information may not reflect the name change from Apple O’s to Apple Jacks. Almond Joy is a candy bar that replaced the Dream Bar. A: While there are many cereals out there, Apple Jacks main competitor is commonly thought to be Froot Loops. Clones: Apple Clones are a limited edition of Apple Jacks that include red triangle cereal pieces in addition to the normal typical green and orange pieces. po.src = ''; Another slogan for Apple Jacks that has sometimes been referenced is “A is for Apple, J is for Jacks”. : racing - barbie - shooting - parking - sonic - cooking - tanks - thing thing - bike - dragon ball z - games - recess. Apple Jacks Cereal Straws: This spin-off features cereal-like straws that you could dip into milk and sip. Oreo O’s is a breakfast cereal that tastes similar to the classic Oreo Cookie, but this is in a cereal form. The cereal first featured a mascot named " Apple guy," This changed in the 1970s, as the mascot became "The Apple Jacks Kids," who are most known for the jingle," "A is for apple, J is for Jacks, Cinnamon-toasty Apple Jacks!" The first use in commerce date for that trademark information shows as September 13th, 1965. The party name for this trademark is currently the Kellogg North America Company. if (form1.q.value == '' || form1.q.value == 'Games search') { form1.q.value = 'Games search'; form1.s.disabled = true; } This version of the cereal was marketed as having the same “Jacks Taste” and as not having an apple or carrot taste. About Us Privacy Policy Terms Of Service Contact Cookies Policy. Apple Jacks taste mainly of cinnamon and sugar. A: It does appear that Apple Jacks are vegetarian. The most well known slogan for Apple Jacks Cereal is “We eat what we like”. Kellogg's Apple Jacks Apple & Cinnamon 12.2 Oz. Sprite has managed to do the same thing with its green color, something that was carefully chosen. (function() { This recall was for Apple Jacks cereal 17-ounce packages dated between April 10, 2011 and Jun 22, 2011 and 8.7-ounce packages dated between Jun 3, 2011 and Jun 22, 2011. The commercials now focused on the relationship between a jolly Jamaican cinnamon stick, "CinnaMon," and a sinister apple, "Bad Apple." Made by Kellogg’s, Apple Jacks was first called “Apple O's” when it was first introduced into the United States in 1965. else { form1.q.value = 'Games search'; form1.s.disabled = true; } Definitely sugar.” The “We eat what we like’ slogan used to promote Apple Jacks in many commercials has been viewed as a play to the realization that children have influence over family buying decisions, and a nod to parents often just getting kids what they like. The commercials featured the phrase, "We eat what we like," completely disregarding the idea of health. Apple Jacks is a cereal made with apples and cinnamon. Apple Guy had a brown hat and a striped bow-tie. The following Information is for a 29 Grams serving of original Apple Jacks Cereal with no milk. My games. Apple Jacks has had many different mascots over the year, with some being forgettable, and others more memorable. The answer is yes, as surprising as it may seem to some, Apple Jacks does in fact contain apples. Apple Jacks Cereal was invented in the 1965 in the United States Of America. William Thilly was the only one to show up for the interview, and the executive he met from Kellogg’s had promised he would bring back someone from MIT, so Thilly was hired for the job. Read more information about them here! Apple Jacks cereal is crunchy three-grain cereal with a distinctive taste and smell, made with apple and cinnamon. You can decide what cereal is the better of the two, but it is clear that both cereals really do hold a special place in peoples hearts, a fondness often developed in childhood and refined into adulthood. % DV = Percent Daily Value. } (Not that people seem to care that it doesn't) You can read more about the ingredients in Apple Jacks if you’re curious by checking further down the page. A: Not really, in fact that was the basis of one of the cereal’s taglines. Q: Has Apple Jacks Cereal been discontinued? You can buy Apple Jacks online and have it shipped to you via various online sellers if you cant find what your looking for nearby. The trademark information may not reflect the name change from Apple O’s to Apple Jacks. Originally Apple Jacks only contained orange colored cereal bits when first released in 1965, including after its name change in 1971. This edition of the box has the words “Apple Jacks” written above the word Caramel and is close to the center of the box, the words “Kellogg’s” are near the top of the box, above the name of the cereal. A trademark filing for Apple Jacks showing the filing date as November 30th, 1965. Apple Jacks cereal also introduced a replacement to the green Apple Jack cereal bits in a spin-off product that included blue carrots as a replacement. border:1px solid #7F9DB9; Apple Jacks cereal sometimes has depictions of its mascots on the box. This review is for the original Apple Jacks Cereal. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); function start() { Sometimes if your looking for a harder to find edition of Apple Jacks Cereal you may not be able to locate it in the stores around you, although you may be able to buy them online. You can see a list of stores that may sell Apple Jacks below, and can also see offers below from online sellers if you wish to purchases the cereal online and have it shipped. font-size:12px; “Sweetened cereal with Apple & Cinnamon” is printed on the box. The straws were edible and could be eaten dry or with milk. Commercials were used to convey a healthy image. (Information taken from and last updated in 2019). A: No, Apple Jacks Cereal is still made and sold as of the year 2019. Here are some commercials about Apple Jacks To watch: 1994 Commercial for Kellogg's Apple Jacks Cereal. Apple Shooter. A: Apple Jacks Cereal was invented by a man named William Thilly. This edition does not contain any green cereal pieces. Apple Jacks cereal is somewhat simple and tame for some, lacking bright colors or powerful blasts of flavor that other cereals may have, but Apple Jacks does have a respectable fandom, perhaps for its overall pleasing taste or familiar colors. Apple Jacks with marshmallows was also released, as well as a limited edition spin-off called Apple Jacks 'Crashers' released in 2007, that included a change to the shape of the cereal’s O pieces to have a stick-like structure running through them to represent a cinnamon stick of flavor to correspond to an advertisement of a cinnamon stick going through an apple in the commercial for the brand to represent Apple Jacks cinnamon apple flavor slogans. The term was used in at least one commercial for Apple Jacks and the saying apparently has stuck. Apple Jacks has had a number of changes and spin-offs over the years. Other variations of Apple Jacks cereal have been made, such as in December 2003, when Apple Jacks released a spin-off that replaced the green color cereal pieces for blue carrot shaped ones. Q: What was the original name of Apple Jacks Cereal? The taste of Apple Jacks is similarly hard to describe, but it’s not one of apples. There are few cereals that provoke nostalgia like Apple Jacks and Froot Loops. Apple Jacks currently has its default product as O shaped green and orange cereal pieces, although when Apple Jacks was first made only orange color cereal pieces in the shape of an O were included. You can sometimes find special varieties of Apple Jacks on sale at stores, though they are not as easily found as the original version. Apple Jacks has been reported by ( to be one of top 4 most heavily marketed cereals in supermarkets, similar to its close counterpart Froot Loops.

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