The Puget Sound provides a great place for boating, and residents enjoy the cool breezes that come from the nearby Juan de Fuca Strait. There is one downside to visiting in the summer – the cold, damp, view-obscuring fog that blankets the city. If the fog gets too depressing consider heading out to other Bay Area destinations like Silicon Valley and Half Moon Bay. 2.) It’s the state’s center for agriculture, healthcare, and energy. We looked at average commute times to find those cities that offered the shortest drive to work. Just remember that the further you head inland, the warmer it will probably be. In an effort to make your decision less complicated, the CreditDonkey team has ranked the top Arizona cities to call home. If it did, Yuma - which is the closest part of the state to the Sea of Cortez - would be the most mild in the summer - and that's FAR from the case. There’s nothing like having fun in the great outdoors and not having to spend a pretty penny to do it. Stay at one of these 5 Kennebunkport Hotels (great for foodies). Did You Know: Sierra Vista dubs itself the "Hummingbird Capital of the U.S." but it's also a great place to scope out trogans, warblers and other tropical birds. The city provides locals with plenty of trails for walking and cycling, and the surrounding mountain ranges are perfect for hiking and fishing. Major corporations that have set up shop in Arizona include Bank of America, Intel and Wells Fargo. This town usually sees daily summer highs in the high 70s and nights get chilly in the low 50s! The Bay Area is an odd place when it comes to weather. Eating the same thing day after day gets old eventually, and trying out a new restaurant is a good way to wake up your taste buds. As the elevation varies between 5000-6000 feet, the summer temps stay much cooler than Phoenix, making it a popular weekend summer weekend destination. Close on your schedule. It’s located near the Great Smoky Mountains, which offer plenty of space for hiking, horseback riding, or kayaking. Marana ranks second on our list in terms of safety, and average incomes are among the highest of any city included in our study. Its average summer temperature is about 69 degrees, making it a comfortable city during the summer months. While the summers here are hot, especially around Phoenix and Tucson, wintertime brings cooler temperatures and a generous sprinkling of snow. Just east of Phoenix, Scottsdale is the most populous spot on our list as well as one of the largest cities in the state. …, We follow a quick and simple process that makes things easy for sellers: 1.) While the twinkling lights of bigger cities like Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson may be tempting destinations, Arizona is home to many a small wonder as well. For even cooler weather, head up into the surrounding Rocky Mountains, where high-altitude ski towns like Keystone and Breckenridge can be even chillier. Use altitude to your advantage and head out to Denver, where the mile-high altitude means cooler air and less humidity than you’ll find at sea level (which also means great beer). Crime is low and the average commute time is the shortest on our list. Whether your house needs minimal work or a lot, call us. Are there parts of Arizona that stay cooler in the Summer than others? CreditDonkey does not know your individual circumstances and provides information for general educational purposes only. Write to Rebecca Lake at When payday rolls around, you don't want to feel shortchanged. In addition to tons of pristine shoreline, there are great opportunities for hiking, rock climbing and wildlife spotting. Within 2 1/2 hours from Phoenix by car from, the drive to Flagstaff climbs from the desert floor up to 7,000 feet into the pines. When you click on the "Apply Now" button you can review the terms and conditions on the card issuer's website. Nicest areas to live in Arizona on a teachers salary, The following errors occurred with your submission. Retirees are drawn to the city largely due to its moderate climate and affordability. I agree with Greer or any of the White mountian area. Major corporations that have set up shop in Arizona include Bank of America, Intel and Wells Fargo. Unlike the winter months, Seattle summers are bright and sunny, making it the perfect time to go outside and explore. The raging heat of summer is upon us and right now it seems like most of the US is steaming hot. The biggest and most exciting is Summerfest, an 11-day music concert on the lake. Summer is here, and it’s a great time to be outside. Prescott would cut that time by about half. Nearly a quarter of the residents attended some college, and average incomes hover close to the $50,000 mark. Even if you're a diehard fan of the bright lights, you know big-city life can have its disadvantages, including high crime rates, high unemployment, and wages that don't cover the cost of living. Like the community but not the summer weather. The cost of living is relatively low, particularly for those who prefer to settle down in smaller communities, and jobs are abundant. Usually about 20 degrees cooler than the PHX area. Mark Twain never actually said, “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco,” but he may as well have. On the weekends, you can check out the local attractions or head over the state line for a visit to Joshua Tree National Park. Flagstaff is just a 2 hour drive from Phoenix, and thus, a very popular cool summer escape. Crime rates are low and commute times are short, and when the workweek is over, you can escape to nearby Las Vegas for a quick weekend getaway.

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