The two specimens above is the 6th versions. Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography. Made in the Typo 2 class in ProDiseño. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. This is a type specimen created for one of my favorite typefaces, Bodoni. 8.7k. In 1988, Adrian Frutiger abandoned pure circles and strictly even stroke weights and introduced a new geometric sans serif typeface, known as Avenir. As an introduction to type, this project gave the opportunity to showcase the design, history, and unique features of a typeface. I learned a lot about typography and space with this project. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Realizado para Diseño III, cátedra Gabriele. This specific type specimen book is very interesting to me because the simplicity of the only using letters in the entire book, yet the letters are used to create patterns and eye catching features of the text. This was the final project for my typography 1 class at the Kansas City Art Instiutute. The first version of the specimen. The requirements was to select a typeface and create a specimen that displays th Read More. After finishing this project, I have found myself using this typeface all the time - it is so verstile. Discover more of the best Dever, Elizabeth, Specimen, Yellow, and Color inspiration on Designspiration, Pete Rossi for In Pursuit of the Question Mark SUr le thème rouge, parce que : ? Through prior lessons in color, document hierarchy, and typography, we aimed to create a type specimen poster which portrayed all of this information in an organized manner. I chose the typeface Avenir. Mise En Page Typographie Modèle De Catalogue La Conception De Publication Design Typographique Inspiration Typographie Dessin De Référence Design Éditorial Plaquette. Saved by shambhala (@shambhala). AVENIR TYPE SPECIMEN. – Commuincation in Graphics. Follow Following Unfollow. ( Log Out /  I chose the typeface Avenir. 7. Violaine & Jérémy specialise in design, typography and font creation, and recently committed to started a bespoke type foundry. FADU / UBA / 2013. Create a free website or blog at Our class all individually created a typeset pangram card were we had a partner to simplify the choosing of paper and ink as well to assist one another on the press portion of the project. Owners. 0. Avenir is one of my favorite fonts, and I think this type specimen book’s design is an accurate representation the more modern and contemporary design of the typeface as well. Mar 27, 2013 - Type Specimen book that I created for my typography class. Need Hints For Good Fonts? Mounted version of the specimen. Les Graphiquants est un studio de création graphique à Paris fondé en 2008. Direction artistique, Graphisme, Design, Typography, Photography, Artistic Directors, Visual identity, Signalétique et sites web. There was a total of eight revisions. The second version of the specimen. Follow Following Unfollow. Published: December 18th 2015. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Univers Font Catalog (2008) Univers Font Catalog. Avenir Type Specimen. The Violaine & Jérémy studio recently launched a fantastic new font offer - the VJ-Type foundry. Tools Creative Fields. Close. This is a specimen book I made for the typeface Neutraface. After finishing this project, I have found myself using this typeface all the time - it is so versatile. ( Log Out /  They type that I chose was Avenir, which means future in french. I learned a lot about typography and space with this project. 260 . Try. Klimb is a beautiful project designed by GRÁVITA which has been featured by Mindsparkle Mag's best selection of modern Design. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This one was created to illustrate the Avenir typeface.

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