The Griptilian was my first high-end EDC knife I ever got, served its purpose flawlessly, I work freight at a Scheels and this knife will raise hell on boxes, I even dismantled a wooden crate with this blade, really putting wear on the blade but a quick run through a sharpener and its back to work. BladeOps, LLC retails blades from many different manufacturers, such as Benchmade, Boker, Buck, CRKT, Kershaw, Gerber, MicroTech, ProTech, Smith & Wesson, and many more. I am not sure how Benchmade could have done the Axis lock on a knife this slim without reducing its size, but that seems to miss the point; why does this need to be an Axis lock in the first place? Made of good quality materials, and has one of the smoothest actions of any knife in this price range. Its got great materials, great texture, great design, and that great axis lock. Of course it's going to be amazing! Its a $20 difference. Not perfect, but damn fine. There are currently only two variants, the orange handle uncoated version (533) and the white handle coated version (533 BK-1). Great knife, holds an edge, easy to maintain steel, and I absolutely love the AXIS lock. This knife has done an amazing job helping me out. If no contact can be made, your order will be cancelled. benchmade 485 valet axis lock gent knife, m390 knife, g-10 handle 5 out of 5 stars (3) 3 product ratings - BENCHMADE 485 VALET AXIS LOCK GENT KNIFE, M390 KNIFE, G-10 HANDLE This is a great knife. Is the term "AXIS" itself patented or the lock? This Axis Lock by Benchmade features a satin finished clip point blade with dual thumbstuds and a notched thumbrest. I have a Doug Ritter version with S30V steel for the blade material. $263.50. The B:W is 1.88 which is among the best ever seen on this site (though still sort of the Al Mar Hawk record holder). That is the sign of a truly great knife—it still lines up after a disassemble. #2 It's kind of a fat knife in the pocket. The MBO looks like a knife is supoosed to look. The pocket clip is excellent. I love everything about the knife - action is butter smooth, lockup is rock solid, handle material feels stout - except for the factory edge. In fact it is so complex that for decades it was just an accepted fact that Axis locks have slop. I have used this knife for everything from food prep to construction and camping chores. I have edc this knife for about a year, it has been with throught alot of stuff but I have still loved it. only complaint is a bit of up and down play and the clip isnt secure to the handle and clicks around but overall a classic and plan on getting the mini. In my mind, that is a shame because the Dragonfly is the best Spyderco of all time and one of the best five production knives ever made (how is that for hyperbole?). Awesome edc, it's a little chunky but it is so light weight and feels amazing in the hand and when it needs to be sharpened the steel takes a nice edge. This knife takes everything I’ve thrown at it and no matter what it keeps working perfectly. The philosophy at Benchmade is simple - "Make it cool, make it solid, make it happen and definitely make it Benchmade". quality still great but smaller. The lock makes it easy to deploy and close with one hand. This is the best rendition of the Axis lock I have seen and the Axis lock, aside from its sluggish deployment, is one of my favorites ever. With Benchmade it is, I'm in construction so I'm gonna but this beauty through the paces, then send it back to benchmade for a sharpening, and tune up. Folding knives have proven to perform time and time again over the years. Blade Material: 154CM Stainless Steel The original AXIS lock itself is now no longer patented, but the AXIS Assist still is. In addition, you can create your customized knife Griptilian on the Benchmade website of the company, by itself, under almost all aspects of knife! Custom web development by NP Group. TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER AN INLINE KNIFE WITH LASERMARKING USING 3 DAY AIR SHIPPING. USPS Express International shipments with declarations greater than $200, incur an additional $15.00 fee for postage/insurance. I will be the first man to ever admit I have smaller hands than the next guy. And of course for those who like to stand out - this knife also has a premium version, for example, with a special coating of the blade, or released in limited edition. (I of course know Axis lock is a type of lock for folding knife). Bought mine from a buddy of mine for a great price. Today, Benchmade offers 38 knife models that utilize this special mechanism. The MBO and the 555-1 are readily available and truly great. It doesn’t have insane edge retention, but it is still a nice balance of traits, especially now that it is not as adverse to stones as it used to be. Still, a simpler version would be nice for those of us that do disassemble stuff (Nick’s fault). I edc this knife every single day I can. I didn't necessarily like my para military 2 so I bought this one as my second high end knife purchase end it still gets pocket time 10 years later. That is it. Clean it, ensure there is no oil where the axis lock contacts the tang, and allow it to break in. Like its big brother the MBO embraces the new “high tolerances” Axis lock and the result is a dream knife for Axis lock and Benchmade fans. This sucker just disappears in your pocket. It has also been the only of my numerous Benchmade knives to have any sort of lock-stick I loved the Bugout but the MBO is just a better version of the original—slicier, easier to carry, and a good size. It has great ergonomics and a comfortable grip on any postion. It came sharp and took an edge easier than any other knife I have ever sharpened. What's not to love. AXIS in all caps is the proper name of the lock. The only downside I've had with it is that my axis lock keeps sticking when opened. The knife’s Axis lock is 25% smaller than a normal Axis lock, and the result, when coupled with such a slender handle, is a knife that can feel fiddly when closing–not ideal timing. Home The Benchmade Griptilian is a no-nonsense daily carry knife that features strong and lightweight textured Noryl GTX handles. Add to Cart. As it is this price range is competitive and crammed full of knives with the openly comparable and superior S35VN. The grip is fairly big but very grippy. Sheath Material: Sold Separately Class: Black, Benchmade 525SBK Mini Presidio AXIS Lock Knife, Black Combo Blade, Smith & Wesson Military and Police Knives, Benchmade 5220S Auto Presidio Ultra AXIS Lock Knife, Combo Satin Blade, Benchmade 5220SBK Auto Presidio Ultra AXIS Lock Knife, Combo Black Blade. I carry this knife everyday, it holds an edge really well and it handles virtually any task i throw at it. A couple of personal preference complaints, #1 The handle material, feels like plastic although its light weight and durable. And it is a very aesthetically appealing knife, a knife that looks like a knife should. Handles feel plasticky and cheap, but I have had no problems whatsoever. In contrast, the DFII has about as simple a design as possible. Didnt hardly use it at all for about 6 months. Built with a drop point blade built of 154CM stainless steel (58-61HRC), the 525SBK finishes the combo edge blade with a BK1 tactical black coat. Razor sharp and extremely tough. However, the price for the mini is a bit up there despite its shorter length. In the end, despite the higher price and inferior steel I don’t feel like the MBO is a significantly worse knife. With all the advancements in knife technology that exists today, sometimes it is best to stick to the basics. The 154CM blade takes a sharp edge quickly. BHQ to the rescue. Oh, man. Orders placed by 3:00pm EST will be shipped the same day. So here are some irrational reasons why this is not an open-and-shut case. Other than that it's an exceptional knife for the price! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Blade is not centered. Benchmade Griptilian AXIS Lock Folding Knife 3.45" CPM-20CV Satin Sheepsfoot Plain Blade, Gray G10 Handles Look no further. This is my go to edc. I’ve wanted one for years and couldn’t be ass up the deal. My review sample was purchased with my own money (out of the space bucks account). This knife is honestly great. Need a axis lock everyday carry knife? I got a Bencmade Griptillian in 154Cm with a coated blade and it was a trooper, the steel was amazing for any task I threw at it. Blade Style: Drop-Point; Ambidextrous Thumb-Studs AXIS Lock. The DFII, in contrast, is unconventionally beautiful, like Winona Ryder, I suppose. Been cut more than one by that. However, they are now my go-to for any and all knife-related purchases so here is where I will leave my review. The Axis US patent number is 5,737,841. Best knife for the money in my opinion. What exactly is AXIS? Les deAsis, Benchamde President, noted that they called it that because he believes "the tactical knife concept is going to spin around this mechanism.", (You must log in or sign up to reply here. It's a good knife. G10 is nice, but I think that would make me give it a five star review. Overall Length: 7.12" Great steel. Maybe one day I'll buy G10 or micarta scales, then it'll be a 5 star knife for me. Use the convenient thumb stud to open and close your manual-opening knife with ease. It is an amazing price and a great knife that you could always depend on and know that it will work and do the job amazing.

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