They could claim payment for gigs booked while they were still in the group. The Partner who leaves voluntarily shall pay the cost of calculating the assessment to determine whether there is, or is not, a Partnership net debt. PRIORITY OF PURPOSES, OBLIGATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: With regard to the following priority of purposes, obligations and responsibilities, the undersigned Partners hereby agree: 1. Partnership net profits only pertain to Partnership incomes (incomes generated by Partnership activities) and not to incomes which have to do with non-partnership revenue streams such as songwriter royalty incomes, etc.. 5. And if, at the time of dissolution, the Partnership is entitled to royalties or owned property that is generating income or royalties, the Partnership shall by a majority vote either establish an administrative trust or designate an individual (for example, an accountant), to collect and distribute the royalties on an ongoing basis to the band Partners according to their respective interests. Save or view the generated HTML document on your computer. And if a Partner, due to other commitments, is excused from performing via a majority vote of the other band member Partners, the Partner excused shall be responsible for arranging and paying for a replacement that is acceptable to the other Partners. This written notice must be delivered to the Partnership at the address of the Principal Place of Business for the Partnership as listed herein. Set aside a few hours together without distractions. Members from both bands spent hundreds of millions of dollars for a judge to determine what could have been determined from the outset in a good agreement. Internet Explorer At the time appropriate the Partners may, by a unanimous vote of the Partners, elect an accountant (or accounting firm) to solely provide accounting services for the Partnership or to provide accounting services for the Partnership as a part of the management team. Any and all Partnership net profits shall be distributed equally or distributed in proportion to each Partner’s capital contribution if capital contributions have been made, the only exceptions will be where the exceptions are specifically stated and set forth herein or where the exceptions are specifically stated and set forth by a unanimous vote of the Partners. Have not done nor will do any act or thing that might hurt the Partnership, or that is in opposition to this Agreement, and. If the band breaks up and the Partnership hereunder dissolves according to the terms described in this Agreement, and no new Partnership (which contains a majority of the Partners who were Partner band members under this Agreement immediately prior to the break up) is formed to continue to use the Band Name, all band members shall lose all rights to use the Band Name except that the band members may use the Band Name to show their musical credits or to show their previous affiliation to the band. Any assets remaining after payment of debts will be distributed to the Partners in the same proportion as were the distribution of Partnership net profits. Each band member Partner is responsible to make arrangements for their own personal leave of absence if they have day jobs. Without a Band Agreement in place, any one member of your band might be able to stop you from using the band name if he/she chooses. 5. support JavaScript or has it disabled. but the Partnership may, by a majority vote of the Partners, transact business in any and all other places and have an alternate, additional, or substitute office as may from time to time be agreed upon to be in the best interest of the Partnership. COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP, ROYALTIES AND FUTURE INCOME: The dissolution of the Partnership shall not affect the rights in and to the copyrights owned by the Partnership. Each Partner shall nonetheless be expected to devote such time and attention to Partnership affairs that the fulfilling of this Agreement will be their first priority with respect to their artistic and commercial activities in the entertainment industry. 7. 25, 33.33, etc.). The books shall be kept on a fiscal year basis with the fiscal year ending on December 31st of each year. “Net Profits” shall mean the total gross income of the Partnership which is received by the Partnership as a result of Partnership activities less all debt service, interest, principle on loans made to the Partnership and all other cash operating expenses and expenditures of the Partnership (rent, supplies and equipment purchases for the Partnership, equipment repair costs, promotion and advertising costs, travel costs, office expenses, utility and telephone costs, freight costs, audit fees, taxes, professional services fees, etc.). Talk to club or other venue owners, record labels, radio stations, or other music industry associates in regards to setting up anything for the band where promises are made or where the payment of money is mentioned. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS: All copyrights of musical compositions that are created and written by the band member Partner writer(s) shall be initially owned by the Partner writer(s) and not by the Partnership. You are reading this message because your browser either does not All deposits and withdrawals from this checking account shall be made by the person(s) designated via a unanimous vote of the Partners and in accordance with the methods and general policies regarding the Partnership finances set up by a unanimous vote of the Partners.

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