He single-handedly turned the Celtics from one of the worst defensive teams to the league’s strongest defensive teams. This allowed him to completely dominate the paint in an era where scoring from the inside was coveted. Duncan is so smart that he could easily outsmart just about any opponent that went up against him. Although this isn’t an absolute, Garnett has ranked the highest when it comes to some of the most significant NBA defensive measurements. His tenacity struck fear into his opponents and inspired some of the best defensive players in the NBA today. On defence Shaq was an absolute monster inside the paint. Even though Abdul-Jabbar, the No. The 6-foot-7 wing was an absolute pain in the neck on the defensive end. Today I will be going through some of the greatest defenders of all time in NBA history. At only 29, he is already a 2 x DPOY and 6 x All Defense. What made him special as a defender was that he didn’t rely on out-muscling opponents. Scottie Pippen is such an underrated player and has been playing in the shadows of the greatest to ever play the game. He has been doing amazing. He was also a great rebounder, and interrupted a lot of passes. Bill Russell kind of got the short end of the stick on this one. He won four NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards and averaged 1.3 steals and 2 blocks per game during his career. Regardless of how skilled the players are on the offensive end, without solid defense, there will always be the argument of ‘he’s not a complete player’. Due to injuries, Bill Walton doesn't have a large sample size. There are very few times where we don’t see the better defensive team win. Mitchell Robinson (born April 1, 1998) is an American professional basketball player for the... Daniel Richard Green Jr. (born June 22, 1987) is an American professional basketball player... Every Athlete Signed To Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports, Ranked, The Greatest UNC Tar Heels Basketball Players of All Time. Jordan is arguably one one of the greatest defenders at his position, shooting guard. There are only two players to ever win Defensive Player of the Year four times, Dikembe Mutombo is on that list. Dikembe Mutombo is the definition of a rim protector. List RulesVote up the best defenders in the league today. Each player will get a grade out of five in each category depending on their accomplishments. more like Hakeem "The Nightmare.". Here we will examine some of the advanced defensive statistics to see how these players rank against each other. The lower your defensive rating is, the better. I normally don’t hear his name much and honestly this has to change because Payton deserves to be respected. He gave offensive players fits nigh in and night out. Kareem averaged over three blocks seven times in his career, and that includes his first four seasons in which blocks weren’t recorded. It is crazy to know that Gary Payton is the ONLY Point Guard in NBA history to ever win the Defensive Player of the Year award. Let's identify eight guys who took as much or more pride in their work on the defensive end of the floor as they did with the rock in their hands. Rodman could guard small players like Gary Payton for example all the way up to one of the greatest centers of the game, Shaquille O’Neal. This stat illustrates Garnett’s excellence on the defensive end. Again he is the greatest player of all time for a reason. 2 Hakeem Olajuwon Manage Preferences, Ranking 70 Greatest 3-Point Shooters in NBA History, Ranking 10 Most Clutch Players in NBA History, Jonathan Isaac Meets with Pope at Vatican as Part of NBPA Delegation, Here’s What Dwayne Bacon Will Bring to the Orlando Magic, Orlando Magic Sign Free Agent Dwayne Bacon, Orlando Magic Re-Sign Michael Carter-Williams, Aaron Gordon Helps Sponsor the Magic and Amway Corporation’s Car Trunk Turkey Dinner Distribution. Mutombo sits at second on the NBA's all time blocks list with 3,289, and had three seasons of averaging four blocks or more per game. *Note that this is my opinion on the best defenders of all time and this list is most certainly arguable, so I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas if you have any in the comments. I would call Shaq a dominant paint defender, but there were drawbacks to his defence.

In the NBA, the league’s top defensive teams most of the time earn the championship honors and go home with the title.
Robinson even had some seasons where he ranked top 5 in steals. He is known to be such a great defender by some of his excellent defensive performances against some of the greatest scorers of all time. Wilt Chamberlain is known for this record, and it is overshadowed by his great defensive ability. Duncan may not have any NBA defensive player of the year trophies, but his 15 x all defense is the most ever. Kevin Garnett: 12 x All-Defense, 1 x DPOY. Gary Payton was also known as one the greatest stealers in NBA history as he ranks 4th on the all-time steals list with 2,445. In total Shaq won 3 all-defensive second teams, and he was number 8 on the all-time block leader list with 2,732 blocks. Gary Payton is a retired 6”4 Point Guard who played for the Seattle Supersonics. You just don't see too many people who can go out and shut down your favorite player every time they match up. Kevin Garnett is the best defender in NBA history. His finger wag after a big block has become an iconic statement in the game, and he was a four-time Defensive Player of the Year and six-time All-Defense selection. Duncan wasn’t gifted with some athletic ability to help him on defence, but rather he would use his size, length, skills and HIGH BASKETBALL IQ to outsmart his opponents. To score under 100 career long is extremely impressive. This impact allowed KG to earn a Defensive Player of the Year Award. Robinson also achieved the NBA All-Defensive Team eight times (4x first-team, 4x second-team). Garnett played his entire career with limitless energy and 100% effort.

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