Plus, it's surrounded by the saguaro cactus-filled Tonto National Forest, giving vacationers easy access to hiking paths like Butcher Jones Trail should they want a break from the water. Can't-miss landmarks here include The Wave in Coyote Buttes North and White Pocket in the Paria Canyon. At this lake in central Arizona, visitors can spend their vacation boating, water skiing and kayaking. Plus, Lake Mead is considered one of the world's best freshwater lakes for scuba diving thanks to its range of depths. Apache Junction's location by the Superstition Mountains caused many people to come here in the late 19th century to search for gold. Source: PhotoTrippingAmerica / shutterstock. Originally some parts of the fall were fifty feet in height but the floods of 1910 destroyed some of the area. Source: Laurens Hoddenbagh / shutterstock, Lake Mead National Recreational Area, Arizona. Green Valley. The streets are lined with art galleries and visitors will find countless spa’s in which to pamper themselves. On the south side of Arizona lies the city of Phoenix… Beaver falls are notoriously difficult to access but once you arrive the … Travelers can hike or ride mules around the North Rim or raft the Colorado River to explore this national park. There are plenty of scenic drives to be taken here, and if you like camping then you can camp in one of the two allocated camping spots and enjoy a night of sleeping in a thriving desert. You will find Hunts Mesa along the south-eastern edge of the monument valley. The park itself covers a total area of 91,442 acres with over three quarters of it being a designated wilderness. Don't forget to also leave time for checking out some of the park's historical exhibits, such as those found at the Rainbow Forest Museum and the Painted Desert Inn National Historic Landmark. Although the pueblo structures were named after an Aztec emperor, the dwellings were formerly inhabited by the Sinagua Indian Tribe. Zach Watson|Christine SmithNovember 5, 2020. The buildings were abandoned after many Apache raids in the 19th century that killed a lot of the workers. Nature lovers can explore the town's 400-plus miles of trails on foot, by mountain bike or by horse before venturing to one of its lakes to go boating or fishing. Limited travel due to the coronavirus prompts airline and hotel rewards programs to make policy changes. In the southern part of Arizona you will come across Saguaro National Park. Keep in mind, though, that both areas require permits for hiking and camping. At the heart of the Sonoran Desert is the Organ Pipe Cactus national Monument. Take the 17-mile-long Valley Drive from the visitor center to see some of the Arizona side's most popular sights, including the East and West Mitten buttes, Elephant Butte and John Ford's Point. The creek is famous for its blue-green water, this is because of the high levels of calcium carbonate in the water that created the limestone around it. Outdoor enthusiasts flock to this central Arizona town to enjoy its stunning scenery. These unique rock formations are said to emit a healing energy from the earth, and it's an experience you have to feel for yourself to believe. Corral Historic Complex, as well as watch costumed actors reenact a famous 1881 gunfight. The name of the park comes from the giant Saguaro cactus that resides in much of the park. For architecture buffs, there's Prescott's downtown district, which features all kinds of early American structures, including Victorian-era homes and former saloons. The area is home to all kinds of wildlife, too, so keep an eye out for critters as you explore. Each year an estimated 1,000,000 people come to visit this astonishing site. Decide which vacation rental site is right for you using this comprehensive guide. A trip to Hunts Mesa will see you experiencing panoramic views of the sandstone formations that can be seen in the distance. Then, join a guided tour to the ruins. The name of the park comes from the giant Saguaro cactus that resides in much of the park. Its 700 miles of shoreline and 9 trillion gallons of water make it a massive hub for water sports like boating, fishing and water skiing. On Allen Street, where many of the town's saloons, shops and restaurants are located, you can check out historical landmarks like The Bird Cage Theater and the O.K. We have reviews of the best places to see in Arizona. This does not affect the quality or independence of our editorial content. If you enjoy learning about the paranormal, sign up for an evening ghost tour of some of Bisbee's historical – and reportedly haunted – buildings. From mountain escapes to quaint small towns, a blissful trip for two is right around the corner. Have a look at the 17 most beautiful spots in the state of Arizona! Many films have featured the red sandstone mesas and buttes found in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, which occupies land in both Arizona and Utah. In this more than 200,000-acre park, you'll discover one of the world's largest concentrations of petrified wood, plus rocky cliffs and animal fossils.

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