The small pack size makes it an ideal choice for backpacking. The Economy Burrow is custom made, and starts at 140$ for a 5°C / 40°F quilt. j/k Thanks for all the research and great results:). October 31, 2018 Mariah Comments 26 comments. Go ahead and contact them! I’ve gone backpacking a few times but had no idea that quilts were a better sleeping option. The blanket is insulated with PW700 Featherlight Premium Insulation that uses a unique air trapping wavelength pattern. Weight: 1 lb. It’s great for summer camping and maybe late spring. When the temperature is cool, you can cinch the quilt around your shoulders using a drawcord. They offer higher quality, attention to detail, and more customization options, often for less than you’ll pay for comparable products in big-box stores. I will share this article with my wife because she would be the one choosing the one she likes Thank you for sharing. Many have found the 20º Revelation Quilt to get cold at around the mid 30º range. They tend to weigh a lot less because there’s less material and the biggest reason for me is because I toss and turn a lot when I sleep. This thing gives warmth to weight ratio similar to some high fill power goose down or duck down. But it could be anywhere from 11 to 28 ounces. The down insulation is protected by a D ripstop polyester shell. is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The fill is an 800 fill power down which, is also water-resistant. You can also use corner pockets to wrap the quilt around yourself. Pros: Good warmth to weight ratio, compressible, affordable, easy to pack and take along, Cons: Not machine washable with agitators. Since this is a budget category, you should not expect a premium feel. Well, there are a number of reasons. The best backpacking sleeping bags all use this standard. Whoohoo! Backpackers who have gone with the Cedar Ridge LeConte Topquilt rave about the excellent service received from Warren at Cedar Ridge. A polyester taffeta lining wicks moisture to keep you dry and feel comfortable against your skin. Also, if you use a compression sack, you can get it even smaller than that. These look like an ideal solution to that problem! The StormLoft quilt has vertical baffles that run most of the way down the quilt and the foot box has horizontal baffles that run all the way around. The StormLoft quilt is an affordable and reliable option for backpacking and hammock camping. The material is a 20D ripstop nylon that has DWR coating, which makes it water-resistant. Yes, sleeping bags do tend to make me feel trapped. They will replace or repair your quilt if there are any leaks, rips, or failures to meet your expectations. At Cedar Ridge we feel like the equipment you buy from us should be an extension of yourself. It may be on the heavy side, but it will give you value for money. The quilt is lightweight because of the 650 fill down insulation. Pros: Ultralight, versatile, very soft, and comfortable. Downsides to Down. All that being said everyone is different and everyone’s comfort levels are different. It is great to know that your backside would still be protected, if you are using a quilt. It does not take a lot of space in your backpack. With the quilt inside the stuff sack, it has a diameter of 6.5 inches and a height of 11 inches. Also, if it’s cinched down properly, you’re not going to roll off your pad.
For those who are on a budget, the Bessport Survival Sleeping Bag will work great for you as well. 12 oz.Rated to: 20°FFill: 800-fill DriDownDimensions: Fits up to 6’Pack size: 13 x 7 in. Your quilt can be easily ventilated by folding the top down, loosening the side baffles, or kicking a foot or arm outside the quilt to create a draft. The quilt is made of a 10D ripstop nylon so it’s super lightweight and soft. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for this comparison and heads up about using quilts for backpacking as the consensus recommendation. This comparison is great help, I have a son, who wants to walk from Indiana to California and this review is going to really help me chose a Christmas gift for him. Weight: 1 lb. Pros: Nice built-in hood, warm, fair price. It keeps you warm and cozy when reading a book, lounging, telling stories around a campfire, and more activities. It is large, lightweight, compressible, and measures around 80 x 54 inches (~77 x 51 inches when fully lofted). , Top 10 Best Camping Quilts in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Camping Lanterns in 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Camping Lights in 2020 Reviews. It does not cover normal wear and tear, accidents, lost or stolen items, improper care or cleaning, or negligence. You can check out the current lead time on the home page. It’s overwhelming, to say the least! When you get something that is custom made for you, and is exactly what you want/need it will become your favorite piece of gear. If you want to, you can snap this together and use it as a sleeping bag. Most travelers have the best camping quilt to improve their relaxation during a trip. 2 oz. Temperature Rating: 0º-40º F versions available, User Reported Comfort Rating: Users report the temperature rating to be very generous. The Corus has full-length insulated side baffles and the foot box is shaped to wrap around the bottom of a sleeping pad to eliminate drafts and keep your feet warm. It is made of a durable 20D ripstop nylon that blocks wind and cold well and the 400g synthetic insulation keeps you warm and comfortable throughout the night. Also, there is a button snap at the top and there’s another button snap just a few inches below that. Adding a quilt to your sleep system quiver expands your options for camping year-round. The StormLoft quilt is an affordable and reliable option for backpacking and hammock camping. It doesn’t bother me that they have a longer lead time and it makes me happy to support a 100% USA sourced company. It’s not the quilt that’s making you cold, it’s the low R-Value of the pad and allowing the ground to suck the heat right out of you. Hope to see you around the site again soon. There are additional weight savings in the quilt not being enclosed like a traditional sleeping bag. This top quilt is versatile. The generous shape also means you can use it as an over-bag to add additional warmth to another one of your sleeping bags. Quilts allow more versatility and adjustment for different weather conditions. Whether you are a lightweight backpacker or thru-hiker, these budget backpacking quilts are the best sleep solution for you. It’s a completely enclosed sewn-in foot box. All Cedar Ridge products are handmade in Tennessee, and all materials are sourced from US companies. It is clear that any one of them would be an excellent choice for your next sleep system. The material is also safe for machine washing. It is good to know that it also comes with a warranty. If you are using this in a tent with a sleeping pad, they also include a little elastic strap that is made to slip around your sleeping pad. It measures around 78 x 52 inches when fully lofted. You can choose from the zipper and drawcord, a flat sewn – boxed foot box, or a lofty, fully insulated foot box if you’re expecting extra cold conditions. All three were topquilts as opposed to more traditional sleeping bags. However, this lead time is subject to change. I know they make some pretty compact and lightweight mummy bags, but I hate feeling constricted during the night. I’m a ground sleeper so I’ve just been using it in my tent with an insulated sleeping pad. We had a labor day sale that pushed them out a bit, bit we will hopefully be lowering them soon. Many backpackers reported that UGQ is no second-rater when it comes to customer service as well. The quilt is insulated with 800FP PFC-Free Dridown water-resistant insulation. Your son has an awesome goal, he is surely a two foot traveller. Outdoor Vitals also sells an under-quilt that you can use in conjunction with this. One of the main reasons I made the switch to the quilt is because I do toss and turn a lot when I’m sleeping at night on the trail. One of the most common sleeping pads I see a lot of hikers using on the trail is the Therm-A-Rest Z-Lite. Mummy Vs. Rectangular Sleeping Bags: A Comparison, Best Walking Shoes for Rainy Weather 2020. 4 oz.Rated to: 32°FFill: 650-fill-power NIKWAX Hydrophobic downDimensions: 79 x 49.5 in.Pack size: 10 x 7 in.

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