Athreos will fit well in many of my decks as well. Here you will find content to help you from the kitchen table to your first GP, and everything in between. The most important thing about Underworld Breach is that it doesn’t exile the cards you cast with it. See you next time with some sweet decklists featuring Theros Beyond Death cards! Flickerform comes to mind as a possible combo piece, as does Sundial of the Infinite. Add Doubling Season or Anointed Procession for additional shenanigans with the tokens, or use Yarok to double the ETB triggers and get even more value. There are some Enchantment-focused decks right now that play Suspension Field as their answer to Planeswalkers and I’ve not really seen it work to huge success. How to Spot Fake & Counterfeit Magic: The Gathering Cards, by... Eternal Masters Review for Tiny Leaders (Commander), by Mark Pinder. These creature tokens are Nightmares, which matters a little bit for the original Chainer, Dementia Master. If you’re jamming out enchantment tokens with Estrid the Masked or just relying on a lot of enchantments to make things happen, consider slotting Archon of Sun’s Grace into your deck. Another card that, while it could be a Commander, looks more like a hate card for 60-card constructed. Enigmatic Incarnation is a very weird card that demands a consistent curve in Creature mana costs, while also needing you to have a similar curve in the mana costs of your Enchantments. Let’s be honest – you weren’t playing Golgari Findbroker for the 3/4 body, right? But you’ll only see very few in a draft.That’s why this Theros Beyond Death Draft Guide focuses on the commons. In the original Theros block, we had amazing options to choose from including arguably one of the best control Planeswalkers in Elspeth, Sun’s Champion, the original version of Heliod and the one mana Oblivion Ring, Chained to the Rocks that – while underused – fits perfectly into any red and white deck. I want to play them in the prerelease and a few drafts first and get a feel for how they might work in my specific contexts. Theros Beyond Death brings us a Golgari Findbroker that also puts cards into your graveyard – Acolyte of Affliction will become a powerhouse staple in Muldrotha, the Gravetide and Yarok, the Desecrated decks. Well, I’m exhausted, but I’m also incredibly excited about this set. C&D SRC RT. Which Theros Beyond Death cards will you be adding to your Commander decks? Sure, your card quality is reduced a little bit and an opponent gets a free spell, but if you’re forging an alliance with someone, which happens in Commander fairly frequently, this can be even more powerful than it already seems. Erebos, Bleak-Hearted I’m a member of the Commander Advisory Group, an MTG cosplayer and Commander enthusiast. LEVELER?) As long as you’re doing some of that, you can get a marginal benefit from Nadir Kraken. It’s certainly more applicable in 60-card constructed, but it could make a dent in the right circumstance. You really need to have both halves of this happen for it to be truly glorious, so if you’re playing a deck that finds itself wanting to include Evershrike, Rise to Glory is the card for you. Theros: Beyond Death Spoilers 347/254 Show Text. I’m Shivam Bhatt, host of the Casual Magic podcast and member of the Commander Advisory Group. You can play this card in a “fair” deck, like I did in my Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath article, but people might not be hyped about it. And of course, thanks for reading. Colourless Maybe I’m taking on too big a challenge building around this and Uro. Commander is the format where you most here people say ”I’ll put this into my deck, it may be a 10 drop but it’s Commander so mana’s never a problem.” This is because of cards like the aforementionedNyxbloom Ancient, and of course Nyx Lotus. Do you agree? I won’t be reviewing every card, so if I don’t talk about one, that means I probably don’t see it as very valuable in Commander. I also won’t be reviewing reprints, so you can just assume I feel the same way about Gray Merchant of Asphodel as you do. Okay, Mire in Misery already existed, but that gives opponents the choice between an enchantment or a creature. Her CMC is 2BWU, and her ETB trigger creates two 1/1 cats with lifelink and trample. Eidolon of Obstruction That said, if it survives a turn cycle, it’s hugely powerful. That said, protecting this ungainly creature is worthwhile – especially on opponents’ turns, where you’ll be getting your card back. I’m hoping to pull off some shenanigans with Erratic Portal and/or Altar of Dementia. Green has been well known as one of the better colours in Commander because of the access to ramp and huge creatures. Josh: I’ve been playing Commander for almost six years. I feel like I’ve been building an aura deck with these last three cards. I’m not sure it’s quite worth the slot, but decks like The Scarab God may want to try it out. : This card’s not really about synergy, but it’s good all by itself. This and Leafkin Druid are similar in that you’ll usually want 1-mana accelerators before you want these, but if you’re leaning heavily into a theme and want more creature-based ramp, this Caryatid is here for you. If you’re doing that, you’re not getting a good deal relative to Dig Through Time in most circumstances, but Dig Through Time doesn’t have an amped-up Clash of Wills mode. I’m going to use the same rating system I used for Throne of Eldraine, as follows:. This is also your yearly reminder that Wastes is not a basic land type, so don’t start claiming that it costs 6 per attacking creature when you have Collective Restraint in play. Uro, Titan of Nature’s Hunger does two things I love and the life gain is the icing. If you combine this with Wavebreak Hippocamp, you can keep the engine running all game long (or as long as they live. That said, protecting this ungainly creature is worthwhile – especially on opponents’ turns, where you’ll be getting your card back. Nobody. As I demonstrated recently with my Ephara list, there have been plenty of improvements in blinking technology over the last six years. Of course, if you have a friend at the table who wants you to have more cards, you can strike a deal and get three cards all at once…. There was some excitement about a “Soul Sister” style commander, and I did build a deck for him in my weekly Commander newsletter, but I think Daxos might actually be better as part of a life gain engine in a deck featuring a more powerful commander that cares about lifegain. And we were playing Planechase, on the Eon Fog plane, so I had the ability to untap roughly infinite times. Theros Beyond Death, the latest MtG expansion consisting of 254 new cards, not only brings back some cool tricks from the original Theros set, but also introduces a cool new Escape mechanic.. As expected, the new Theros set is full of enchantments, auras, and enchantment … Need some inspiration for your pod? Magic The Gathering: Theros Beyond Death is here, and it brings with it a whole host of new cards for players to use as they flood the battlefield with aggressive creatures, powerful enchantments, and indestructible gods. Firstly, it makes your creatures cheaper, allowing you to cast bigger beefcakes faster, while (secondly) its activated ability lets you draw creatures or put other cards into your graveyard. It’s most likely just going to be an additional copy of Lab Man in most situations. There are also plenty of other creatures, including tokens, that can benefit from the buff, so don’t feel obligated to play combo here. That means you can fill your graveyard and recast something with a low cost or a huge effect over and over again. Thassa’s Oracle This card has enormous combo potential with auras out of the graveyard, which is a weird thing to say about a red card. Heliod, Sun-Crowned is an obvious choice, as is Oloro, Ageless Ascetic, but I’m hoping to get Daxos into a deck headlined by Tymna the Weaver or Karlov of the Ghost Council. Olivia: I’m really excited for Athreos, Shroud-Veiled, and Dryad of the Ilysian Grove is an incredible inclusion for a lot of decks. Maybe I’m taking on too big a challenge building around this and Uro. If infinite combos aren’t your thing you’re, looking more at a deck with a heavy life gain focus. As mentioned with Yawgmoth’s Will, despite its ideal use in combo decks, I find it very powerful as a way to reanimate creatures for value. I want to see someone sac. As a reminder, my focus is on social Commander rather than competitive EDH. This is also useful for fueling Escape or other graveyard mechanics. A reliable card draw engine in red? It’s probably worth dedicating other slots in your deck to cards that work with a build-around. It’s not the most powerful, but it’s a fun one. If you’re feeling less combo-oriented, consider a nigh-invincible Phantom Nishoba or a long-term combat lock featuring Spike Weaver.

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