Even though the Scottsdale, Arizona area sees mild temperatures all winter long, scorpions and rattlesnakes still go into a sort of “hibernation” until March or April. Plus, occupancy being down during this time really comes in handy when you just don’t feel like putting on clothes after the spa. Well now that’s just pleasant. You can still go mountain biking through the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Airfare, hotel stays, and especially car rentals to visit Scottsdale in the winter cost far less than peak season. Seriously, the sun, sand, and salty prickly pear margaritas will have you forgetting it’s even December in the rest of the world. Ok maybe I spoke too soon – perhaps the number 1 reason to visit Scottsdale in the winter is the great weather. Even in the winter, Scottsdale still sees sun every day and temperatures hovering around 70°F. Head to Florida. Inside some sort of temperature-controlled desert biome, perhaps? All winter long you can still go hiking. The ho-hum holidays are played out. Add in the fact that you just saved a third of your vacation budget and maybe now you can try some relaxing on for size. On average, it is maximum 38° in august in Scottsdale and at least around 28° degrees. Everything about the weather and climate from Scottsdale – Average temperature • Sun hours • Change of rain • Weather forecast • Best time to visit Forget the family gatherings, forget cooking and cleaning and shopping ‘til you drop. No parkas necessary. Visiting Scottsdale in the winter, you can still do the things you’d do in other times of the year. February 5th to April 22nd. The number 1 reason to visit Scottsdale in the winter would have to be those low, low prices. Truly and utterly remarkable. My Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark II with 40-150mm lens + Google Pixel 3 The place is covered top to bottom (and then some) with Christmas lights and is a spectacle if there ever was one. You’ll pay a whole third less just by visiting Scottsdale in the winter. You can walk around in shorts and short sleeves and sit outside for dinner. In october there are 4 days of rainfall with a total of 26 mm and the it will be dry 27 days this month in Scottsdale. If your bank card is not accepted then you have the credit card that you can use. If this is a concern for you (and a legitimate one at that! See this site’s full Privacy Policy / Disclosure here. But whenever you visit… Gotta get, that, snow off your shoulder. Coach House is Scottsdale’s oldest tavern and gets all decked out for the holidays. The time zone of Scottsdale is America/Phoenix and the Greenwich time is UTC-07. All website content & images ©2014-2020 Ashley Smith unless otherwise stated. I mean, if indoor skydiving can be a thing, I should be able to do all my hiking, mountain biking, and miscellaneous other desert activities in the dead of winter too. (And watch this video!). Your email address will not be published. In march there are 3 days of rainfall with a total of 10 mm and the it will be dry 28 days this month in Scottsdale. You’ve been going to same house and doing the same thing for the holidays every. Like, crazy, Scrooge McDuck amounts of cash. You can drink margaritas outside on trendy restaurant patios and relax in the hot tub underneath a blindingly gorgeous sunset. To see an example, check out my jam-packed 4-day Scottsdale itinerary to see everything I did (and ate) during my trip there in December. (More on both of those in the link above). Considering all the snow you’re not shoveling down here in the Sunshine and Margarita state? The best time to visit Scottsdale in Arizona is from march until november, when you will have a pleasant till very hot temperature and limited rainfall. Let’s face it. Broke your back shoveling snow? There’s never an “off” time to visit Scottsdale. You won't have rain here anytime soon. Ice and salt are for margaritas, not driveways! On average, it is maximum 32° in may in Scottsdale and at least around 19° degrees. Scottsdale has the desert climate prevailing. Scottsdale has the desert climate prevailing. Maybe it’s because I’m an East-Coaster, but over here on this side of the Mississippi we just kind of think of Florida when it’s time to defrost. Winter in Scottsdale, Arizona is known as the “Secret Season.” During this time you’ll pay far less to visit the area than you would in, say, the spring (peak season). As it turns out, winter = cooler air. But yes, the weather in Scottsdale in the winter is great. I’m pretty sure that’s a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. (That is Arizona’s nickname, right?) Scottsdale is in a straight line at 8.466 km distance from London. Hot air ballooning over the desert is one of the most popular things to do in the Scottsdale area and I can attest to the fact that you do not want to miss out on this. The average annual temperature for Scottsdale is 18° degrees and there is about 528 mm of rain in a year. Below-zero temps got you down? Turns out, winter is the perfect time to visit Scottsdale, Arizona! Hiking in the desert is … Though they may come out to stretch if the day is warm enough, chances are you won’t see either of these during your visit to Scottsdale in the winter. All winter long you can still go hiking. I have charts! Also, check out my post on what to expect on your Arizona winter hot air balloon ride. (That sounded better in my head.). The best time to visit Scottsdale is in the spring when temperatures are pleasant for outdoor activities. In december there are 6 days of rainfall with a total of 18 mm and the it will be dry 25 days this month in Scottsdale. I just prefer when our meetings are scheduled. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love snakes. Regardless, and as always, all opinions, content, and photos are mine.

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