This reviewer’s dog is not a fan: “I love this blanket. We love this comforter, but L.L.Bean has had consistent problems keeping this model in stock. Wrapping up in a great comforter should feel like enveloping yourself in a warm, plush cloud. Just note that it's dry clean only and the brand goes a bit overboard with its environmental claims – i.e. While we didn’t apply any hard-and-fast rules when deciding which to test, we did look for models that ideally met the following criteria: You usually get what you pay for, especially when it comes to loft: the under-$50 also-great pick from Utopia (at left) versus the luxurious upgrade pick from Feathered Friends. The fabric is made of lyocell, which means tree pulp is chemically processed to create a partially synthetic fiber. We found the Utopia to be better at regulating heat than the higher-priced down-alternative comforters we tried from Brooklinen and Snowe. Plus, its duvet covers come in a lot of the same interesting patterns as its bed sheets. Coyuchi’s more-conventional three-season duvet insert is a decent duvet with a 600-fill power rating. It has loops on each corner for easily keeping it in place inside a cover with corner ties. If you’re looking for an affordable comforter without sacrificing quality, this is a great item to consider.". But if you truly want to max them out, you should get a weighted comforter. Fill power and feather type: 700 fill power, white goose downConstruction: baffle boxCertifications: Responsible Down StandardSizes available: twin, full/queen, king. Nothing's better than sliding under a soft, fluffy comforter when you climb into bed. It has the ultimate fluffy feel that users say is like sleeping in a cloud. The tightly woven cotton sateen shell didn’t allow feathers to escape but was still one of the softest we tried and surprisingly breathable. Not only is this comforter soft and warm, it’s fluffy and lightweight — how is it possible? At a super affordable price, this down-alternative comforter is a great buy for winter. Plus, its noisy shell bothered us. Grab everything on your list without the crowds adding stress. Keep scrolling to shop our picks and find out! It isn’t fluffy and lofty like our picks because it’s essentially a slab of wool sandwiched between two outer layers of cotton, instead of a baffle- box construction of feathers or fill. If that’s the case, don’t just buy the first thing you see on Amazon. We love it!". Our testers found its weight pleasant to sleep under, but you can get something with a higher fill power and similar weight for less money. The style also includes built-in loops so you can easily attach a duvet cover. It doesn't use the most luxurious materials (polyester fill and cover) and there's a quilted construction instead of baffle boxes, but between its top-rated feedback, variety of options (12 colors and patterns plus eight sizes), and unbeatable price, it's worth buying if you're looking for an affordable comforter — Plus, it's machine washable in a large capacity machine. The White Bay Down Comforter is similar to the Alberta, but it has sewn-through construction rather than Alberta’s more desirable baffle boxes. As with washing sheets, how you wash your winter comforter will all depend on the material it’s made out of. Most comforters we recommend are filled with more down (standard is about 34 ounces), but the clusters (whose loftiness is measured by fill power) are less fluffy, usually around 600 cubic inches per ounce. A hypoallergenic comforter means no itchy eyes during a long night’s sleep. A comforter fit for the whole year made with goose down and a cotton cover, some would say Royalay has it all. The greatest islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports, and more — as voted by you. They felt similar to those of the Riley and other baffle-box comforters we tried, but considering that many people complain about down tending to shift, the reinforced baffles might help keep the down in place and extend the life of the comforter. The Linenspa all-season comforter is another inexpensive comforter worthy of consideration. That's a question in two parts. So a higher thread count means less breathability and more heat. The Feathered Friends comforter in the medium weight has a luxurious hand feel. It fit perfectly in my duvet cover and comes with loops on each corner and midway between the corners.”. What’s cozier than pulling on your sheepskin-lined UGG boots on a chilly winter day? It’s just as comfortable to sleep with as our other picks with more fill. We didn’t even bother sleeping under it. This happy customer can’t tell it’s not down: “Extremely satisfied with this comforter. Other times, it was only available in one or two sizes, rather than all four. Just note that it's one of the more expensive comforters you'll find; the king size costs a whopping $579. The type of down matters less than you might have heard. It has solid loft without too much poofiness, and a good weight that swaddles your frame nicely without making you feel like the Michelin man. (I have you covered here.). World's Best The greatest islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports, and more — as voted by you. We focused on using the comforters as most people would in their own homes: We put a cover on each one (in addition to using a top sheet) and slept in a bedroom where the average temperature was between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit most nights. The Target Warmest Down Alternative Comforter by Fieldcrest made us sweat profusely after sitting under it for 10 minutes. It is kind of an advanced bedding move, so maybe try a cheaper weighted throw blanket first before really dropping the dough on this one. But because the bigger boxes can also allow the down clusters to shift around, it’s a good idea to shake out your comforter to keep the down evenly distributed and fluffy. The baffles help keep the down lofty and therefore trap and retain more heat. What fans say: "I live in an area with extreme heat in the summer and EXTREME cold in the winter and this blanket is comfortable year-round. All sizes cost less than $50, so we think that this comforter would be a great choice for a child’s bed or a guest room. I am in a gorgeous, soft, luxe CLOUD every night. Thread count measures how tightly woven the cotton shell is. This is a thick duvet. Because we had many lighter-weight down-alternative options, we cut this one. My partner is starting to call it my ‘cloud’ now too lol. ), but for a cold climate — or if you prefer to save on your heating bill — you’ll likely want the Ultra-Warm option. We re-tested the Snowe Down Comforter in late 2019 after two years without testing it. It includes thoughtful touches like duvet loops, which help keep the comforter positioned inside a duvet cover with corner ties. It feels a lot cheaper than the high-quality ones from Snowe and Riley we recommend immediately out of the box. If you regularly find yourself cold, it may be time for a replacement comforter. This reviewer feels it’s worth the investment: “Feels luxurious and it’s also the first duvet I’ve ever owned. In the past year, L.L Bean has had consistent problems keeping this comforter in stock. These sheets from Coyuchi are velvety soft, as well as thicker and warmer than your average bedding. (If you want something a little thinner, but that still has the feel of a premium comforter, we also like Riley’s all-season down comforter.). It’s how badly do you not want to leave your fluffy feather nest when that alarm goes off in the morning? On top of feeling plush and cozy, you'll want your comforter to be durable, easy to clean, and well-constructed to keep the fill evenly spread out, night after night. Keep reading to find the perfect winter comforter for you! 90 $69.90 $69.90 We thought it looked smoother and more polished when folded back on the foot of the bed because of this. Wirecutter staff writer Alex Arpaia, who worked on the latest update of this guide, has covered comforters for the past three years. In 2020, we tested one wool comforter, the Authenticity 50 Comfort Temp Duvet. Don't take my word for it: Over 2,000 Amazon reviewers rave. The Bean is nearly as puffy as the Riley, although the Riley’s down clusters are larger. And, if you no longer like the color, print, or pattern on your cover, you can just swap it, instead of having to replace the entire comforter. Instead of goose down clusters, duck down, or some sort of hypoallergenic alternative, the comforter is filled with wool. Before making a purchase, though, give your existing comforter a wash and dry—you may see it magically return to its former fluffy glory. Excellent quality. For those slightly-less-welcome guests (like your significant other's random cousin who somehow visits four times a year), don’t empty your wallet.

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