i so enjoy having choices of condiments, especially when they're homemade. I just bought some awesome XO sauce from Taiwan and couldn't stop eating it with plain white rice! XO sauce is a spicy seafood sauce that originated from Hong Kong. Having tasted this, i know i'd love to have a jar at my disposal anytime... Posted by  Anonymous, at 1. Posted by  Judy, at At least when we make it we know our ingredients are real ya? Posted by  Hazel, at Contact. black, her chocolate dark and her food spicy. Right, right? Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 250 milliliters (1 cup) vegetable oil, or just enough to cover all the ingredients, 75 grams garlic (about 20 cloves), finely chopped, 75 grams red shallots (about 6), finely chopped, 25 grams fresh long red chilies (about 6), seeded and finely chopped, 15 grams dried long red chilies, seeded, soaked and finely chopped, 7 grams dried birdseye chilies, finely chopped, 5 grams roasted shrimp paste (belacan; see note), 2 tablespoons dried shrimp roe, crumbled (see note; optional), 2 tablespoons sake or Shaoxing wine (optional). We've sourced some of the finest sauces and condiments from all over the world for you to buy online. anncoo: The sauce is easy to make from scratch, hope you'll like it once you get around to trying it! I am so bookmarking this. I always want to make this myself, thank you for posting. 24/05/2020. The product is from China, sigh... :D, Posted by  PickYin, at I need to make another batch already. Posted by  PickYin, at From Korean sauces and condiments like anchovy sauce and kimchi, to Mexican mole pastes and Middle Eastern preserved lemons. This premium quality XO Sauce is made from thefinest selected ingredients. Dec 13, 2013, 2:24:00 PM. Great clicks .... the sauce looks tasty and the colour is so vibrant... Wonder if it will be the same if I substitute jamon with beef rashers? XO Sauce Adapted barely from Tony Tan's recipe in the Australian Gourmet Traveller November 2009 Issue. OMG, best XO sauce I’ve ever had. 6. IASA Anchovy Syrup Colatura di Alici di Cetara is definitely on the pricier end of the fish sauce scale. From £2.75, Regular price Excellence for stir-fried with seafood, meats, vegetable and tofu. Dec 13, 2013, 2:12:00 PM, Hazel: Unfortunately I can no longer find this noodle stocked at the local supermarket. One great way to add that special flavor to your meals is to use the best fish sauce. Foodtasteguide.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Knowing that, makes it even more of a pleasure to enjoy the rich, complex flavors this fish sauce brings. This brand turns up in nearly every search for the best fish sauce. At first I thought of using store-bought sauce but then I thought - this is ridiculous, I'm already going into the trouble of making bakchangs, why not the XO sauce as well? I would love to try making this. Blog Reads        We have Indian curry sauces & pastes, sriracha sauce, Japanese soy sauce, Chinese sauces for dips, marinades & stir-fries, mustards, pickles and chutneys. Here’s how: When we took the plunge into comparing a wide cross-section of the fish sauces on the market, we were pleasantly surprised to find this Italian colatura di alici (juice of anchovies) topping our list. Your email address will not be published. Versatile but expensive to buy if you go for the good XO sauces (there are plenty of cheap versions) it is surprisingly easy to make. Posted by  anncoo, at It's very addictive though, I suggest doubling the recipe otherwise your jar will be gone very soon! For those watching their salt intake, however, it is best to use XO sauce sparingly because it is high in sodium. saving fast/mad consumption, how long would this last in the fridge before going rancid? Feb 2, 2012, 11:23:00 AM, how come I missed that part... time to check my eyesight :( Thank you... will try soon. We just didn’t realize it! Jun: XO sauce is a very Hong Kong thing, even in Malaysia and Singapore it is not widely consumed (not to mention quite expensive). Beef rashers as in beef bacon right? Toasted sesame paste, stir into hummus or use as a base to sauces and dressings, Spicy, hot, spreadable cured salami from Calabria, Sweet Japanese rice wine used in soups, marinades, dips and dressings, For salty-sweet soups, vinaigrettes and sauces for white fish, Sweet-sour syrup widely used in Middle Eastern salads, dips and stews, Hickory liquid smoke - great with pork butt, ribs, or brushed onto a steak before grilling, Delicious with seafood, in a pork bahn mi or with Chinese steamed buns, Intensely aromatic North-African style chilli paste, Brings instant umami richness and slow-cooked garlicky sweetness to dishes, Umami-rich red miso paste for soups, marinades and glazes, Base of Japanese soups and dipping sauces, Pixian douban or doubanjiang - famously hot chilli paste for mapo dofu and fish fragrant aubergines, Sumiyacai is key in dan dan noodles & dry fried green beans, Similar to Japanese miso- brings big umami flavours to Korean soups and stews, The most famous Japanese soy sauce - in a larger size, Aromatic lemons popular in Persian & Moroccan cooking, Traditional Chinese rice wine for drinking or cooking - with rich sherry notes, Sweet Indonesian soy sauce used in nasi goreng, Bring deep, citrus flavours to a chicken tagine, and add slivers to tabbouleh or tzatziki, Essential Lebanese and Middle Eastern ingredient, Hot chilli bean paste for Sichuan mapo dofu and fish fragrant aubergines, Kewpie, or QP, mayonnaise – the most famous Japanese brand, Add fabulous depth of flavour to your dishes in seconds, Umami-rich mouth-tingling Sichuan-style chilli oil, stirred through with black beans, For dipping sauces, pork and duck glazes and stir fries, Made from 100% date juice, its natural sweetness pairs well with roasted vegetables, or goats cheese, Coarse-textured rich sesame paste, used in Chinese & Japanese cooking, Ready-to-use paste for making nigiri sushi, or eating alongside sashimi, Salty, spicy dipping sauce for Korean ssambap lettuce wraps, High end, key condiment for dipping sauces and dressings, Light & thin soy sauce, fantastic for dipping sauces, Gives colour and flavour to slow-cooked, red-braised dishes and marinades, For traditional, brightly-coloured Mexican marinades and sauces, Sweet & mellow with balsamic notes - ready-to-use in sauces or spread on fresh bread, Contains real jalapenos in adobo sauce - delicious in stews, soups or for enhancing homemade sauces, Stir into rice, use in a panko breadcrumb crust, or as a savoury garnish on noodles or a congee, Naturally fermented soy sauce, the favourite of top Chinese chefs, Spread on crackers or stir through pasta for intense olive flavours, The original oyster sauce, with natural extract, One of the purest soy sauces, made from only four ingredients – with a longer fermentation time, Traditional Chinese flavour combination for braised dishes and stir fries and marinades.

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