C-203E dated 04.08.2020, Transfer Order No. 1300-EX dated 09-11-2010, The West Bengal Excise (Foreign Liquor) Rules, 1998, as amended upto 09-11-2010. Rules published under notification no. 1074-EX dated 1-11-2012, Sanctioned strength of Excise personnel, published under notification no.1075-EX dated 1-11-2012, Notification no. 1017-FT dated 13.06.2017, Notification No. Notification no. C-422 E dated 10.01.2018, Excise Directorate Order No. 815-F.T dated 21.06.2018, Notification No. C-198E dated 04.08.2020, Transfer Order No. 30-EX dated 12-01-2009, West Bengal Excise (Shifting of existing site or change of premises of Excise License) Rules, 2009 under notification no. Rules published under notification no. 1E-02/2007-08/C-322 80E dated 18-03-13, Order of transfer and posting of 106 Sub-Inspectors of Excise, issued under memo no. C-202E dated 04.08.2020, Transfer Order No. 11.02.2020, Transfer Order No. 1016-FT dated 13.06.2017, Financial Bids received against NIT no. Notification No. 931-F.T dated 11.07.2018, Notification No. 1038-EX dated 11-10-2012 amending the West Bengal (Foreign Liquor) Rules,1998, Notification no. 280-EX dated 18-03-2008. overview, Find out more about the leading platform for displaying green securities, An easy process to join the Luxembourg Green Exchange, Bring structured sustainability data into your investment decisions with the LGX DataHub’s data analytics features, Discover how to expand your sustainable finance knowledge with expert lecturers at the LGX Academy, Many different sustainable financial instruments are displayed on LGX, including bonds and funds, Your access point to data and information on Chinese domestic green securities listed and traded on SSE or traded on CIBM, Find out more about standards, frameworks, taxonomies and labels included in the LGX eligibility criteria, Learn how to meet investor demand for ESG information, Get access to a selection of green bonds displayed on LGX, Listing Substances Act,1985. West Bengal Ethanol Blended Petrol Rules, 2008 published under Notification no. BEVCO/Warehouse/07 dated 10-03-2017, Notice Inviting Tender No. Select Language. PONDICHERRY LIQUOR RATE DETAILS | வெங்காயத்தை விட குறைந்த விலை மது !!!! Last Updated: 18th May 2020 12:37 PM 28-EX dated 08-07-2008. Kerala BEVCO Wine Online Booking & Price list 2020. Provisional Gradation List of Sub-Inspectors of Excise, Half Yearly Departmental Exam (May 2013)for WBExS Officers, Circular no. 1E-03 /2008-09/C-305E dated 8-3-2013, Order of transfer and posting of 10 Sub-Inspectors of Excise issued under memo no. C-163E dated 27.07.2020, Transfer Order No. 11.02.2020, Amendment to the WB Excise Foreign Liquor Rules - Nft. 117(N)-Ex dated 16.12.2013, Order of promotion of 31 Sub-Inspectors of Excise to the post of Deputy Excise Collectors, notified under no.1025-EX/0/1E-24/11 dated 3-10-2013, Circular regarding preventive operations and monitoring to be undertaken during the ensuing festival periods of Durga Puja and Kali Puja, Notification no. C-340 E dated 17.01.2019, Notification No. 1175-EX dated 3-12-12 amending WB Excise (Selection of New Sites and Grant of License for the Retail Sale of Intoxicants) Rules, Amendment to the Excise Dept. C-176E dated 27.07.2020, Transfer Order No. 12.10.2020, Amendment to the Consolidated Rules made under Section 85 - 821-F.T. 1922-FT dated 30.12.2016, Finance Department Notification No. 877-EX dated 1-12-2011, Fees payable for the grant of licenses for the retail sale of liquor, Training of Excise Officers for the online processing of permits for the import of spirit for the manufacture of foreign liquor and country spirit, Order of transfer of Deputy Excise Collectors, published under notification no. 06.03.2020, Amendment to the Change of License Category Rules - Nft. 06.03.2020, Amendment to WB Excise Foreign Liquor Rules - Nft. 122 A dated 06.07.2017 for the Hiring of Warehouses on Lease Basis for WBSBCL, Notification No. Details at wtl.co.in, Online Processing of Requests for Import Permits for Spirits for the manufacture of Foreign Liquor and Country Spirit, Fees relating to Foreign Liquor Manufactories, Excise Duties & Pass Fees on Foreign Liquor (Beer), Fees related to Country Spirit Manufactories, Order of transfer of Superintendents of Excise, published under notification no. 21/10/2020: Amendment to Foreign Liquor Rules - 823-F.T. But we need to be judicious while moderating your comments. 115(N)-Ex dated 16.12.2013, Notification No. 300-EX dated 19-03-2013 amending Rule 32 of the West Bengal Excise (Foreign Liquor) Rules, 1998, Order of transfer & posting of 50 Assistant Sub-Inspectors of Excise,issued under memo no. good opportunity. 932-F.T dated 11.07.2018, Notification No. C-205E dated 04.08.2020, Transfer Order No. At present, the Corporation and Excise officials are not satisfied with the performance of the app. dt. 12.10.2020, Amendment to Foreign Liquor Rules - 824-F.T. overview, Instruments 2021 courses, accommodation, pricelist, dates and more. C-165E dated 27.07.2020, Transfer Order No. overview, Discover our broad range of information services, Learn more about our tool for dissemination of financial news, Your access point for filing, storage and consultation of documents, Discover our market data products range (e.g. 1610-FT dt. New rates of kerala beverages #കേരളത്തിലെ മദ്യത്തിന്റെ പുതുക്കിയ വില വിവരം is my new post. Embassy Summer Brochure 2021. overview, Market data & news 271-F.T dated 06.03.2018 regarding distance of sites from Highways, Opening of Financial Bid against NIT No Bevco/2018/12 and NIT No Bevco/2018/13, Excise Directorate Order No. C-169E dated 27.07.2020, Transfer Order No. 1309-FT Dated 12.09.2018, Notification No. 301 of Excise Directorate, Excise Directorate Order No. Rules published under notification no. 208-FT dt. 914 EX dated 5/9/2013 regulating recruitment to the post of ASI in the WB Subordinate Excise Service. C-180E dated 27.07.2020, Transfer Order No. Order of transfer of 8 Assistant Sub-Inspectors of Excise, communicated under memo no.1E-02/2007-08/C-126E dated 21.8.2013. On 21 July 2019, the new EU Prospectus Regulation, along with the new Luxembourg Prospectus Act, fully entered into force. 651-Ex dated 3.7.2013, International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Rules published under notification no. C-173E dated 27.07.2020, Transfer Order No. C-201E dated 21-11-2012, W.B.Excise (Reorganisation of Excise Administartion) Rules, 2012, published under notification no. 21/10/2020: Amendment to Country Spirit Rules - 825-F.T. 12.10.2020. 695-F.T dt. Sign up to our newsletter and receive regular updates and news directly from the stock exchange. Notification no. C-204E dated 04.08.2020, Transfer Order No. 22EG dated 22.08.2019, Extension of Detailment of Officers of different Cadres to different Revenue Directorates, Notice Inviting eTender for Internal Audit of Financial Control of WBSBCL Warehouses for F.Y 2019-20. Notification No 142-EX dated 24.03.2017, Corrigendum to NIT No. Kerala Beverages Outlets new Price List 2020 | New Price Beverages have the knowledge and skills. Alcohol | Liquors Updated New Price After Sales tax# Excise Directorate Of West Bengal is new for us. C-181E dated 27.07.2020, Transfer Order No. Detection and prevention of manufacture, distribution and sale of illicitly distilled, contraband, spurious or non-duty paid liquor. C-423 E dated 11.01.2018, Excise Directorate Order No. According to officials, though the trial run would be conducted on Tuesday, the formal launching would be delayed as they have to incorporate more changes and security features in the app based on the field results. Select Language. 07-EX/0/1R-9/05 dated 05-01-2009. C-134E dated 10.07.2020, Notice Inviting Tender for Outsourcing of Housekeeping Services at Excise Directorate, Empanelment of Start Ups upon evaluation of EoIs, Corrigendum to Notice Inviting EoI and Terms and Conditions, eTender for Hiring of Warehouses for WBSBCL at Hooghly, Nadia, Malda and Jalpaiguri, Amendment to the WB Excise (Country Spirit) Rules, 2010, Amendment to the Liquor Sourcing Policy of WBSBCL for 2019-20, Notice Inviting Tender for Hiring of Warehouse for WBSBCL, Order of Reversal of Officers of Directorate of Commercial Taxes on Detailment to Excise Directorate, Amendment to WBSBCL Liquor Sourcing Policy 2019-20, Financial Bid opening notice against Tender Reference No Bevco/2019/102 dated 25.07.2019, Excise Directorate Order No.

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