I just got a copy of Serve Yourself by Joe Yonan, a nifty book full of recipes for cooking for one. Rub 1 Tbsp of olive oil onto your pizza … And I must say that I respect your reluctant confession, since several years ago I was buying a frozen Pizza de Manosque at La Grande Epicerie when someone in the line behind me said, “Alec Lobrano! . Don't get me wrong. Oh, how am I going to make this and not eat more than I should? They will take about eight minutes. https://theresalwayspizza.com/balsamic-roasted-grapes-on-blue-cheese-crostini I, too, am a fan of potatoes on pizza. Heat the broiler in the oven and set the oven rack so it’s 5-inches (12cm) from the heating element. I have been promising my sister’s kids that we will have a pizza party, I think I’ll schedule it, sooner than later. Dissolve the yeast with a teaspoon of the honey in half the water and put to one side. I love the idea of pre-baking the crust on a cast iron skillet. @Darlynne, do you remember the name of that restaurant? We don’t broil–just use the highest baking heat, which sadly is only 500 C on my old appliance. You don’t need to upend your cast iron pan at all… A good technique is to put the oiled pan on the stove, slide in the rolled dough, add the toppings, turn the heat to medium-high and cook until the bottom is browned. :). I have had one crack on me in the past. ), Healthy Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (Eating Rules), Tags: bleu cheese blue cheese bread flour cast iron skillet cheese Chez Panisse farine fromage frozen pizza Jim Lahey Joe Yonan No-knead Picard pizza potato Serve Yourself yeast. Some people feel that you should proof active dry yeast, but with the long fermentation and the wet nature of this dough, the yeast will be activated during the long fermentation process without proofing in advance. Would that work the same way as an overturned Lodge cast iron pan? However I do like making dough (and kneading it) so may have to try this for the Artist and his daughter who has come over from Sydney, (maybe I’ll add a shrimp or two and cook it on the barbie……), Miam miam, David! I was a little anxious at first when I discovered our table was right next to the. Spread the potatoes on a baking sheet in a single layer and bake for 15 minutes or until the potatoes are cooked through. I look forward to your posts. The cast-iron-skillet method has to be given a try. All of the other ones are pretty bad, but this brand actually tastes like a real pizza and is easy to dress up with blue cheese, garlic, chorizo, capers, whatever strikes your fancy. really excited to try this topping combination. I’m anxiously awaiting the heat so I can start making chocolate sorbet. In addition the book has a few individual pizza recipes in it, all using a no-knead dough. . Preheat your oven to 200°C/400°F/gas 6. -I did try baking the pizzas on the wire oven rack with the toppings but found the bottoms didn’t get as crispy as I liked. I’m a big fan of starches, and when crumbled bits of salty-tangy blue cheese melt over a crispy crust covered with rounds of pre-roasted potatoes, I’ll gladly give up my place in line at any frozen foods store. Shape the dough into 8-inch (20cm) rounds on a lightly floured surface, then working one-by-one, overturn the cast-iron skillet and carefully put a round of dough on the upturned bottom of the skillet, using your fingers to nudge the dough to the edges and being careful to avoid touching the very hot skillet. i took it out of the oven, cut it up n bfr u know it.. half was gone! MARVELICIOUS! Elsie: Yes, in the notes I mention that a pizza stone works great for crisp-bottomed pizzas, although do check with the instructions to make sure it’s safe if you use the broiler. If you like it rare, you must be very attentive not to overcook, though, just like on the BBQ. I practically pushed everyone else out of the way to get to the plate. I use the skillet method also, but differently: I preheat the skillet under the broiler, remove it from the oven, assemble the pizza inside the skillet and then put the whole thing back under the broiler, as close as I can get it. By the way, I’ve had good luck with Joe Yonan’s book — I adapted a Spanish tortilla recipe from Gluten Free Girl who adapted from Yonan. The chili also looks really good, but I would scale that recipe up to make more than two servings (since I love chili, and it keeps so well.). (There, I said it.). Mar 3, 2013 - Blue cheese and grape pizza at Palo brunch! Yea.. it’s pretty legit. This post makes me so happy that the insane low-carb craze is over! By the time I get to the end of the workday, I don’t want to do something like make pizza dough. Although the start of the school year signals the unofficial end of summer for me, it actually still has a few weeks left… so don’t you dare even think about packing up that patio furniture yet. Christyna: There’s a variation in the book that uses spelt flour, but I just wanted to try it closely as written (although I did dial up the salt.) Bake each round of dough individually under the broiler until each is lightly browned and “set” – they will only take a minute or two, so watch them carefully. When I called Seattle’s Pagliacci Pizza to order delivery and they told me their special was a pizza with potatoes, I thought it sounded about as appetizing as a topping of jellly beans. Sounds great! Preheat oven to 400°F. The brand I look for in French supermarkets is La Pizza de Manosque. (And we used to take home leftover pizza dough at the end of the night when I worked in the restaurant, so it was especially easy to roll and bake a pizza on your day off.). From your choice of toppings, I guess you love a good cheese, onion, and potato gratin. Well. That same type of reasoning wouldn’t work with me since Hawaiian pizza is my favorite. Top cooked pizza crust (or naan or flatbread) with roasted grapes, crumbled blue brie cheese, and walnuts. Everyone loves the no-knead bread and even though I’ve tried it a few times and have a few qualms with the flavor (and suffered the wrath because of it…) it’s the recipe that Joe uses in the book and I’ve used it here because I’m always willing to give something another chance. I’ve actually been making a variation of that no knead recipe for my pizza dough(but I use some whole wheat) and I love it.

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