Akash Senapati She also did better against War Thor than Unworthy Thor did and did better against Mangog than both Unworthy Thor or a depowered Odin did, fought Annhilius for hours, fought a depowered Odin to a stalemate with each of their punches sending them 200 million miles away, broke through a door made of vibranium and adamantium with her bare hands, maniuplated the red spot of Jupiter which is several times larger than our own Earth. Thor isn't on par with Supermans strength either. May 27, 2020, 4:22 pm. You can be crap at controlling someone and that still wouldn't affect their durability. Every writer is a fan of some character, some of them get the chance of writing the characters they are fans of, so are we suppose to dismiss every Hulk feat written by Greg Pak and Peter David? Akash Senapati The Hulk's resistance to harm has extended to the point where he can withstand a zero point detonation of a nuclear weapon. Because he fought Heimdall? Gladiator was heavily weakened because before that he fought Heimdall. Blue Marvel attempts to bullrush the Hulk. 1. That's not exactly true. by the hulk is super strong but the bm has his powers and more. Because not all of Jason Aarons run is stupidly written? I don't think it's an outlier considering that BM has 100 comic appearances. What the hell???????????? It manages to convince Banner and Hulk to head back to civilisation in order to seek out the doctor. But one of the least talked about versions of the Hulk is Blue Hulk. Either try to explain together with me the most realistic scenario in which BM wasn't shown fighting Vision or don't bother using that feat at all, because the only 2 scenarios are. Blue Marvel thinks he's won. Also that's not PIS, what you are describing is CIS and every character has it and it's not something that you can remove from them, because that's what makes them the characters they are in the first place. Yes and he could have done same thing in hands of different writer. But my opinion on the latter has improved a lot, so I'm not sure about the outcome. When I'm looking at a battle between two characters, and it doesn't specify otherwise, I want to know who wins the fight, not who wins an artificially-limited-to-brawling fight. And thats what BFR is for the most part, you running away from a fight with your opponent by removing them from the battle field. It is clearly outlier. what is to stop bm from just punching the hulk into orbit? November 6, 2020, 11:59 am, by Bruce Banner has been the Hulk for many years now. BFR is a legitimate tactic against otherwise unstoppable bricks, and is frankly just as good for any mission involving a fight with one that doesn't require you to actually assassinate that brick. There is absolutely no reason for BM to appear at the start readying to fight Vision only to run away when everyone else engages him. Jane lost to the same Vision that stomped all of the Avengers and then some, in that stomping even Blue Marvel was included but he got stomped off screen so yea i wouldn't take that too seriously. You can't just cry PIS at everything you don't like. In the rare exceptions that the character punches someone into orbit that they can defeat either way it's used as a showing of how powerful the character is, like Hulk throwing FFF to the Moon, Hulk DIDN'T NEED TO throw FFF to the Moon to win, but the writer used it to showcase his overwhelming strength. But if you want to play this game, Ben could outright knock Galactus off his feet back in FF #49 and throw him on his ass in FF #122: Not to mention, Adam didn't even do it alone - he had help from Photon and Captain Marvel, so it's not even an individual feat. BM wins. You might think BM is above Ben and i would understand why you would think that seeing as BM was introduced as a Thor/Hulk level superhero, but unfortunately his feats never really reached either of their levels, not consistently at least. He got overwhelmed off-screen, show me that he wasn't? you really have no answer to the battle field removal tactic. It is at this point the Uni-Power bonds with Banner and the Hulk. Who Embodied A Better Bruce Banner Mark Ruffalo Or Edward Norton? In terms of strength Heimdall is almost on par with Thor and I can`t understand why Gladiator couldn`t get weakened after their fight. DCAU: Batman: Death in the Family To Be Like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch! However, Wiles works for A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics) and the company is full of people seeking the Uni-Power for nefarious purposes. Who has he legitimately blitzed? Akash Senapati Whenever it bonds with another being, that being earns the title of Captain Universe. User Lists: 0 #1 Edited By Khanquest7. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Uni-Power’s benevolence has caused Wiles to devote his life to benefiting humanity. Same logic. Charged up Ms. Marvel so she accessed Binary state. [16] He has also been able to resist Jovian atmospheric pressures. Let's see what happened when Ultimate Hulk fought Hulk 616. Pokémon Reimagined As Marvel Superheroes. Anti-Man (his equal) was going to literally vaporize earth. in a comic book that's how that fight would go. Current Hulk vs Current Blue Marvel Win by KO, incap or death Lmao. Hercules is nigh-featless against planetary level characters. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Akash Senapati Or Superman getting KO'd by a whistle? @azmoddan: dude he has punched the sentry into orbit. Hulk is also faster in combat than BM, who literally has no combat speed feat. Where was he heavily weakened? In cases that i mentioned previously young Nova, Jane Thor, JL, etc... they all needed to remove their opponents because it was the ONLY WAY to win, since beforehand all of them were getting stomped by those characters. Genuinely, what speed showings does Blue Marvel have that make him too fast for Hulk in a fight? Forgive the the harshness, but you don’t know what your talking about, and it’s getting boring seeing this kind of thing constantly. @iceheart_30: They surpass my ass. that would be like the hulk not using his strength in a battle and only using bruce banner's intelligence. Hercules or Jane? November 24, 2020, 8:19 am, by didn't Sentry come back and 1 shot him... the same Sentry who has lost to people like Hercules and Red Hulk. There is a reason Immortal Hulk went through every Avenger out there and slaughtered them and they couldn't even move him with their best punches, let alone send him into orbit, or KO him. @iceheart_30: Based on their superior feats. BM barely has hundred appearances and still got plenty of high-caliber feats. Blue Marvel is utterly unimpressive in every sense of the word. As for Hercules he has fought a decent amount of planetary level characters which include Hulk, Thor, Firelord, Sentry, Destroyer, Surfer, Atum(well not much of a fight there but he was able to stagger a character that neither Thor nor the Hell-lords could even make themselves aware of his presence). He wasn't weakened from that fight at all, he was bleeding from his shoulder a little but he wasn't "weakened" in the way you make it seem. That wasn`t screen off , Blue Marvel only appeared at the start of fight and didn`t join it. IMO they are every bit as good as BM himself, they definitely surpass his in pure physical strength though. And he beat her via his specific skill-set, which Adam doesn't have access to. November 11, 2020, 2:43 pm, by Heimdal is almost on par with Superman in strength???????? But one of the least talked about versions of the Hulk is Blue Hulk. @kal-elol: no, he was always strong enough to compete in these matches, but the CV denial is just too stronk. She didn't even want to fight him, she was confused by who he was or what he wanted and his orders were to bring her in so the excuse of he was only meant to bring her in doesn't hold up when he was shown fighting her in the first place. Anti-Man busts energy opaque shield which was capable of containing supernova explosion.

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