Sort By . MODEL #: FTG475. Camp Chef Flat Top Grills are engineered to bring people together over good food. Did we mention how versatile our Flat Top Grills are? The Flat Top Grill is good at one thing above all else—feeding people fast. Let any one of our Flat Top Grills act as the centerpiece of your back patio and enjoy an immersive cooking experience unlike anything else. The large surface area will enhance your cooking experience giving you plenty of room to work so cooking is done efficiently. inch surface allows you to crank out food for 50-100 people every hour—your party will never go hungry. Camp Chef is a brand name that’s made quite a few appearances on this website. per page . Our top pick for best flat top grill goes to the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill. $385.00. Included is an interchangeable flat top griddle making it easy to cook pancakes, bacon and eggs, sausage, and hash browns - all at once. Many propane grills have hot spots, but our line of flat tops heat food evenly due to our large griddle and heat dispersing design. No stone was left unturned in the design of this grill. Perfect for every size of … Cooking a lot of food is easy when using Camp Chef’s Flat Top Grill. Flat Top Grill 475. Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner all on one grill and avoid cluttering your kitchen or patio. They’re a reputable brand in the cooking community and they knocked it out of the park with their flat top grill. Three, four and six burner models disperse heat evenly across the entire solid steel griddle. 5 Item(s) Show . The large 600-sq.

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