If you find yourself often riding on the nose of the saddle, it might be worth trying a zero-offset post as a way to let you ride in the body of the saddle more often. I’d consider any Shimano crank that’s Tiagra or above to be an upgrade over the stock FSA, but you’ll need a new bottom bracket as well (the FSA uses a smaller spindle diameter than Shimano). If there’s one type of bicycles that almost everyone loves – then that’s the gravel bike. $3,300$2,804. The clearance is just fine with the Cantu wheels. Another fantastic thing about this bike that makes you feel like gliding over pavement or dirt when riding is the excellent wheelset. This pairs up with the balanced riding position, putting the rider on an upright posture that delivers ideal comfort without losing any of the control. 2017 Diamondback Haanjo EXP Carbon Tire clearance is good for tires up to about 44c (actual width). Hey @Oblaph – Thanks for your questions. It’s worth the swap though, as from my experience, Shimano BBs spin smoother and last longer than the FSA BBs I’ve used. And when you add the super-fast Shimano 105 brakes – then you’ll enjoy excellent stopping power no matter what. The beautiful shaped stays terminate into tidy, elegant 12mm thru axle dropouts… Impressive. It will help you make your bike even more convenient. Only by filing some of the thickness off the rack leg, and using a very thin (pan head) screw could I get the lever to miss. Did nobody at Cannondale actually fit a rack to one of these bikes when testing it? Analysing The Key Stats From 191 Bikepacking Bikes: Drivetrains, Weights, Frame Materials, The New 2020 Salsa Marrakesh Touring Bike, The New 2020 Surly Bridge Club Off-Road Touring Bike. Did it end up being ok for bike packing after you resolved this problem? Ride quality is another highlight of the Topstone. Born to roll and roam. 2016 Kona Roadhouse and Sutra LTD @JM – Thanks for your question and congratulations on your new bike. At REI, we believe that a life outdoors is a life well lived. I would like to hear ideas to enhance the fit and ride of this beautiful bike. You could say this is the ideal option for any adventurer. I’m not finding the seat it comes with as comfy as other seats (fizik) I used to have on other bikes and a little stretched towards the handlebars. Having a sturdy frame with a shock-absorbent suspension fork not only offers the chance to enjoy a safer and stable experience – but it also makes the whole bike more comfortable to handle. The performance of the alloy Topstone 105 with the Cantu wheels makes a compelling argument for the latter option, particularly for folks who want a bike they won’t feel guilty riding hard and putting away dirty. The design and execution of the cable routing is among the best I’ve experienced to-date. Expect the Topstone 105 to tip the scales at around 10kg / 22lb. NEW SHIRT ALERT! Thanks for this review. Once installed, the Cantu wheels made an immediate improvement in the bike’s acceleration and overall feel on the road. Whether you’re a new gravel rider looking for adventure, or an experienced cyclist on a budget, the Topstone 105 is well worth a look. Other than the Shimano Ultegra shifting and braking components, it’s upgraded to some lightweight WTB KOM Light i23 tubeless rims and WTB Nano tubeless tyres in size 40mm. Not much changes from the regular version except for a different colour and a Fabric Scoop women’s saddle. $1,750. It’s well worth the money, and it totally wakes the bike up. Gear ratios … The 30-34t climbing gear gets you a 24″ gear which allows for a decent cadence right down to about 7km/h. The alloy frame feels stiff and efficient under pedaling, but it doesn’t ride harsh over fresh or chunky gravel. I require a saddle position that was more forward than the stock post would allow, and the stem was a change to reduce my reach to the bars slightly.

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