First things first, don't get discouraged! I offered a variety of different canvas sizes and images, some of my own, some from the public domain, and many images that customers sent to me of their kids, wedding day, favourite places, etc. thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to hear from you. I feel a bit lost at what sites i can use for free. This business can be quite lucrative and if you plan well, it can provide year-round profit. Negotiate a sliding discount scale with them based on sales per month. Recently I have seen among most of the site and was delighted at the quality of print they delivered to their customers. Maybe im not looking in the right place. Or are your clients just sent prints? I am trying to find someone online but it's hard to do. I have been doing this for around two years now and am averaging about 80 sales per week! Canvas HQ has everything you want from a company offering the best canvas prints: clear, competitive pricing, low-cost (or free) shipping, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a long history of making customers very happy.They also have some perks you didn't even know were possible, like zero cost image retouching - even for adding or removing people and objects from your … I have been searching online for some time and can't seem to find any. Look at what your competitors are selling on eBay to get an idea of pricing, type of images to sell, etc. It is also one of the easiest businesses to start. What's next? You'll inevitably run into some snags along the way. There's a great business opportunity out there to sell beautiful prints like these to your customers without even needing a printer! After around six weeks of researching online, I eventually took the plunge and bought a refurbished canvas printer (a nice 42" HP plotter to be precise) for just under £1000. You can also go to some of the more commercial suppliers of images where you can pay per photo, although some of them require you to buy a different license if you want to use their images in a print run. To be honest, I had no Photoshop or graphic-manipulation skills at all and was just printing the images in the resolution I had them in. This means that our canvas material, inks, and methods all guarantee you a print … I have a number of different outsourcers I use, which helps when one is either on holiday or unable to cope with an increased workload. I keep looking online for royalty free images but to no avail. I was having a delema in searching online fir a canavs prouduction, I need to ask if there are printers that gives a textured canavas, Do you have names of company you use looking to start printing my photo be big help email g.marsh55@ many thanks, I was actually looking at setting up in a shopping centre or market on weekends, Interesting article - but it would be nice to know who you're outsourcing to! Thanks in advance. I was backed into a corner and had to agree to this. He arrived next day which was great; however, the two parts needed to fix my printer wouldn't be available for another four days! I soon decided to sell off all my printing equipment and outsource the work 100% percent. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Good times! Buy one canvas get a second half price, open Mon-Sun 9:00am-5:30pm Any information you may have to help me get this up and running would be more than helpful and appreciated, i do feel that when i ask people for information i have a lot of doors shut in my face, im finding it hard for peope to help steer me in the right direction. Thanks! Not only was I able to fulfil my customers' orders, I was still able to make a profit by outsourcing the printing.

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