Your email address will not be published. click above for image hints. Move the middle board to the left then use controls to jump. Brain out: Catch the rat. First, take out the box of cigarettes from the left pocket, then click and slide over cigarette to stop smoking. What is the answer to 4+5, All the above Answers are wrong answers, you have to give the correct answer. Upper two triangles make a new triangle. Ecco la resa dei conti definitiva tra Smith e Renzo, Brain Test 2 Smith deve scendere per affrontare Renzo, Brain Test 2 Renzo sta provando a fuggire in elicottero fermalo, Brain Test 2 Smith ha scoperto che Renzo ha posizionato delle bombe nei sotterranei di un grattacielo. Ora deve superare questo passaggio per pianificare la prossima mossa, Brain Test 2 Andrea deve trovare il modo di nascondere lo scalpello, Brain Test 2 Andrea deve scavare un buco con lo scalpello, Brain Test 2 Andrea deve raggiungere lo scalpello, Brain Test 2 Andrea ha bisogno di qualche amico per pianificare la fuga, Brain Test 2 Allenati con un po’ di pallacanestro per aumentare la tua popolarità, Brain Test 2 Andrea deve trovare un modo per proteggersi in un ambiente così pericoloso, Brain Test 2 Andrea è stato accusato ingiustamente e imprigionato. Brain Out Level 206 Solution (Click Here to get detailed Hints): Rotate/move the phone and the ball will follow the phone’s gravity. Put your phone facing down on the table to solve this level. The thief will get trapped. Don’t forget to use the mouse, move to ‘next’and right-click. Brain Out Level 191 Solution (Click Here to get detailed Hints): Zoom out on the monster to shrink it and make it small and less powerful and then put the monster in your pocket. It’s your turn! Bisogna svegliare Joe, Brain Test 2 Lui è il re! Brain out is a series of tricky brain teasers that are designed to improve memory, calculation, reaction time, attention to detail and many other important learning skills. Look closely. At first it is so hart for you to find out the way but you need to use your brain and think deeper you can find out the way. You will succeed. Rub the Aladdin’s lamp several times and then tap the book, only knowledge can you make you realize your dream. Prendilo, Brain Test 2 hanno preso un volo sbagliato! I serpenti possono sentire la loro paura, Brain Test 2 Anche questi lupi stanno lavorando per il re, Brain Test 2 i leoni stanno inseguendo devono attraversare, Brain Test 2 I leoni sono arrabbiati per l’incidente del cucciolo! Brain Out is a new addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers and different riddles testing challenge your mind. Put all Four remaining circles in a single turn, by clicking quickly in the same row. Bats sleep upside down. ], Brain Out Level 1 Answer, Solution & Hint,, Brain Find Level 123: Cockroaches everywhere, Brain Find Level 122: I haven’t been in a hot spring for a long time. Note: Bookmark this Page, you may need help in other levels too Or remember to visit from search results, to support me. Drag the items and make a skate by yourself. But I will tell you why: add a line at the sign “+” to make it into 45+545=550. Brain Out Level 85 : “How to pass this level” complete walkthrough includes solutions, images, video, answers. Try to drag the Orange square a little bit off the screen, so that its half part is hidden and a rectangle is formed there on the screen. Brain Out Level 141 (today is Zozo’s 16th birthday) Solution, Brain Out Level 142 Solution (Help Mark escape from the secret room), Brain Out Level 143 Solution (Pigsy was Captured by Monster), Brain Out Level 144 Solution (find out all the items), Brain Out Level 145 Solution (Picking Fruits), Brain Out Level 146 Solution (Make this Equation True), Brain Out Level 147 Solution (Find the Ping-pong), Brain Out Level 148 Solution (which one would you give up), Brain Out Level 150 Solution (How to catch the thief), Brain Out Level 151 Solution (Save the Egg), Brain Out Level 152 Solution (Help Dog to Win), Brain Out Level 153 Solution (make an Ice-cream), Brain Out Level 155 Solution (Protect the Rocket), Brain Out Level 156 Solution (find the fly), Brain Out Level 158 Solution (Catch all birds), Brain Out Level 159 Solution (Charger it), Brain Out Level 162 Solution (Knock out all the bowling pins), Brain Out Level 163 Find out the ping pong ball Answer, Brain Out Level 164 Answer (How many triangles below), Brain Out Level 165 Solution (No smoking), Brain Out Level 167 Solution (Bath the Cat), Brain Out Level 168 Solution (Find the exit), Brain Out Level 169 Solution (Squeeze the milk), Brain Out Level 170 Solution (Fill the bucket), Brain Out Level 171 Solution (Fill in the same number), Brain Out Level 173 Solution (Clear the monsters), Brain Out Level 174 Solution (Disappear the card), Brain Out Level 175 Solution (Five in a Row.

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