In a cathode ray oscilloscope, CRO, the electron beam is directed towards a fluorescent screen. The cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO) provides a visual presentation of any waveform applied to the input terminal. %PDF-1.6 %���� The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Introduction The following should give the student some familiarisation with the function and uses of the cathode ray oscilloscope (C.R.O.). {’�zqa�'���O��k�&��_�o߳` AȄ���&�g K��'F��y?���{_>���7�����������2����! 15 0 obj << �Ɗ��Z��%�[1k}馆z��T.Ev߈�D�4�f'O�D��\�S��� s�Db=\P��v�7��{� /Type /Page <> '��Ʈ�Z The CRO stands for a cathode ray oscilloscope. endobj 10 0 obj <> (PDF) oscilloscope.pdf | Amna Khalid - A cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO) is used to represent a waveform on an instrument and CRO provides best source as a digital instrument for representing and studying the waveforms. It can be said as an adaptation of … /MediaBox [0 0 595.276 841.89] J����$xC'~jG���~����s��8���=�����0�s�=qX{��k��y#��;^r�j�������qX�~9 ��WB&U���v�>xu�IHù���Epr�cP'�~�0N��")�^��8�C���F׵��$��w܏S[��A z��YV��%�Ҥ��h�Aw 2 0 obj /Font << /F45 6 0 R /F25 17 0 R /F15 9 0 R /F26 18 0 R >> �����N�SesN��pc8��ߨ|Y�}[@5 Where the beam hits the screen, the coating on the screen absorbs the energy from the electrons and releases the energy as light — a dot appears on the screen. <> [ 11 0 R] endobj endobj /MediaBox [0 0 595.276 841.89] O0̓��m5�h���,ԽtQV��G�!͛���|��j�.FA�$�"3���&N�N*�I��W���UZD|��t�X�7�p���;�sK0,�+4B>�����%ZD�Et�]+����M�S+Ycu�So�֩c�Hv�:&[RS�K[! /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] /Parent 13 0 R /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] stream 12 0 obj PRE-LABORATORY PREPARATION Review Secs. 15 0 obj The procedure will be devoted to refining your skills of using the oscilloscope, which are essential for this course. <> <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> endobj <> ",#(7),01444'9=82. <> >> endobj ]9my[IR^�*-�fE�_!$��`��� ������ݰ�2҇��\���/� i���Q_������ l��W����䌱_2�>#cD�(M>��r1�`�s�=�y� />!B* ڬu���a�'W?P��3 C [/y��؏��(�]D�z�+hd���5Ri�ݤ��KW����8��U,cq镏�5�z�v�#34�E�����!���ʾi���1�ھx1l���c��W��������\_LV[1"h#W��l1�2f�[x�2��Cm��x���> �ĉ�D�3�ɩ�u'L�Ӹ���Ќ|��>�iv�������@��8��LD�r&�;���*T�Z� <>>> that you are familiar with the basic operation of the cathode ray tube, which forms the heart of the oscilloscope. <> /Type /Page %���� <> C� �#y���T�����տ��#����L�^���o�71(��w�|I?U��Kdi��,�� M -�|�X�̲�"��+��H!�٨�x1�A4抍{N������/,��7���)���R�̯Ŵ��p {ڶ���u�j)̑�XԷ>u��n*���ԫ&�bN����Z@J�yX�T��'W�GaV�.�ŧ0G�8Z>.�V��������RD�a7��9��� ^������D�R����_�W��_{8���e_��a���w��T� �ŵ�?��h~h�cE��`P^�ǝ> �������-����� 2L&�uT��\W|S�����PJ�endstream /Length 375 14 0 obj << d��d�;�H U�M��}��+�[��f;�L�\+���*r��Y���~|�. The cathode Ray Oscilloscope or mostly called as CRO is an electronic device used for giving the visual indication of a signal waveform. stream The oscilloscope consists of the following major subsystems. 18 0 obj /Parent 13 0 R 14 0 obj xڍɒ۶�P�DUY4��'�v��T��s�IHD�"��x�>���f4�+��h��h�����I�U*,�t{8n�R�Y��y\�Eo͟A��������Fm#�� =����0�j[�7�l��+�6�h��& 16 0 obj << <> stream ~/r�����x���/���k���V%���־��]x�tj�'%x,�k�+�w�Y�BŇ>t=fT �bkj�����[1^�d�”��{�6�/{'6DmKnC��V��O�/B��������H`����ב!P@N�đ� endstream 1 0 obj 1 0 obj << %PDF-1.5 endobj We can analyze the waveform by plotting amplitude along with the x-axis and y-axis. ���k��4\K����f���u�)]-��}� � endobj �pճ��I�-N�A+��_A�o�s��+a����M��wj�z����RR.w.F��=I�I��H]���KP�I�E8Q��ɱ�i��k�O� T#����Z�eĿC�����I�ɤ�VO&IV�Y�飉���c��Va^$:M�6�G���F�I¥�H��G�r�̉@��]��Nm$��7�f'���o8>��6������;�SA؃�C�U?�;^����:Y�ߴY4�R��M~�i�=v[OZQ&Q��*G%��z�[/eYR)ycb.WZP���_Բ(s*���v�f1���)�Q7�s�q��$�P��(cM@ �� <> ~_G!�ә+��6�y���M��/=��5������煦;��4�e�l�U��l|\X*���)�y����X���>}���a��e�o;�#, fz�97d�L���l_͉Yn:-85���g=���ifQW�a�{���g����Ռ�����E��(�q�&Th�d��ʌm�b4J�N�lbGaR�圻���]h��'j�� �^TD�:��Аw�s`[-[�� E��ʌ�����ko��sg$,;6�鎼T�R5�b��Ð�}�.Ĝ�� 7�LO�;+����D�{��H���;ijS��@�2�欅�J�o nnj/��J�A���Й��O���h�H{'�l��c����;�Q���[or���|8Ly�8Qj����Ϛ#�#��q��s�����B�8N��#�P� �Uԕuh��Gr%��9N��ݎ(d /Filter /FlateDecode h��Y�n���yL�8�]�n���6l8K@=��ZbLq���ϩ�3\R���K���4�u�:��z֩�i�R�'��4Yq�25�)�:�� h���s�)��OOR�SƟ�s�J�ł=%C��S) ��A��IfhU���7O��ߤP��iR��ZlR�`�&586�њ��j3��,�%�R�"�2�V�Du*3�1��N���*��'���B�����4A@L �=A'���A���')%�D�Bh�/H�&�� ��ˆ��5��%� ��5e�\-�`��x˭��F�]f .9J*��^k6D(2���E�{�G��KBD(u�ȄGf��� 17 0 obj 2 0 obj << ���>�8 *H�m�GZ���J|�2��Q| > endobj 21 0 obj << /Resources 14 0 R )�L�=X����*��D�Z^_���55N|�9�$M^b�2�$>�nwѼ�, l#�G. /Filter /FlateDecode 9 0 obj >> endobj /Font << /F45 6 0 R /F15 9 0 R /F60 12 0 R >> �۠��Ivl��}0�]��2��i�V����@���ǡ��%CBrL"��.�+@���1(�[~_�1m�`D=�C!�I~� �d �����cXn��uٷa��G� �w���t����f� K���H$�u��H��=��,�*L���J������8�. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Controls •it helps to display the actual waveform of any a.c. applied across the Y-plates •normally calibrated in –s/cm –ms/cm – s/cm •gives the time required for the spot to sweep 1 cm horizontally across the screen. Consider a simple sine wave electrical signal from some source as in Fig. 8 0 obj electron gun The cathode ray oscilloscope. endobj endobj /Contents 16 0 R stream endobj >> endobj $.' ����ː��#0+vѳ�?�#�6�t��{r�qG"��� endobj ���� JFIF � � �� NExif MM * >Q Q %Q % �� ���� C A cathode ray oscilloscope is a very fast X-Y plotter that can display an input signal versus time or another signal. ��;�&,�ܨ�ܨ}��V�M�"�U��>�9���9ȆZ� Xa�T�$ l�zz+"^�`� �T5X�B�W�P,[� ��`eE9Ԋ0��x�[�@��Zڜ#�!���-���HT�%���-c#. �)�؋���("��F�5�?܅���1*J�M+u���L�!�N����l${�:(���f�U|�r��:Dw����6�-�<8����)d�f�i�k���h^p��)���[?  Cathode-ray tube(CRT)  Vertical amplifier  Horizontal amplifier  Sweep Generator  Trigger circuit  … 13 0 obj endobj <> endobj 1a. /Resources 1 0 R 960 0 obj <>stream <> endobj <> 16 0 obj /Length 2651 It is typically divided into four sections which are display, vertical controllers, horizontal controllers, and Triggers. >> endobj Time Base . endobj It is an extremely useful and the most versatile instrument in the electronic industry. 5 0 obj 8̊�O��è*�V���ê��"����tU���MnY�znP���8�2�Y��",�y ����bY9��(�H��Pc��ŸC��!��)N�0�*U�X�s��`��S���]����Zm�¸,��;�s-6kl=���5��Ԯ�Ǿ�(���9w�efr�J\�y^����;�t��>����E�_�B{U��}Ԧ�鱏iOV��{���y�ُ€�v{�;�F&��^aN��o�WA��q���#�#yG�/f$�s�A�R�a��Þ�x���p숿���V�~9v���I#�g��nj�G�e���I3�ǭCH:#۫ݥ�-�3�,��+���^f��k�}�A%���#E|ZTHvH.�C��r{��`W���yQ_GY)Ƀw��k�ޚ�n�� x�}�Ko�0���>:�����Z�rjE����"�h�����PZE(Z���7�gX���yI�s�e��.g"�hs�y+��Tq2/��$ �ܠ� ��0��N|���ȕ0r,�vy&�q6�].w�f���^޷b"^�fi��� ���Ku��"O�B����욵f��eQ��m᜶l+�83� �=B�y � �z��H� �NH^����b�aAX�Yr0���cԞ�L-k�6�Q�9Re��Q�C�:��K���X���ZU˶��d�u�+ᬆH����S;��5QL�2�U B�'Ѿ����3�˸����A��>��_4�3��� ����#�U� �c��#��eA=��ϗ����nO���g��endstream >> 11 0 obj B�)���-�\���ݗ�"�8��c�L>3cT�kM_JZ�nɓJ�|t[,�Wt���9i_ Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) Definition: The cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO) is a type of electrical instrument which is used for showing the measurement and analysis of waveforms and others electronic and electrical phenomenon.It is a very fast X-Y plotter shows the input signal versus another signal or versus time. 3 0 obj << endobj �Y�d"K$�X|{�v'�֛�6�͛ɻ�&/�}�\՛M���d�ܔ�O�ò�7˺��m�7�覮7���[v���]M��&7���M��g��O�,�A��Ly�����Y��������dӟ��>�ޯ�g���H�Xu~���TX�? 6 0 obj xڍYK���ϯ���V����6�09d�E_��2m#K^=���ק���$���^,�H���W�?�?��K�?$YX�ˇ��CG�>�����7x>��SZ��]���Q/ �h#,��+m�jC�m\���kA��k��㧄)8G4zXk�����X�z�������/�$c0)%y(�x~:&9L]�GY�U�E� �$}�_��f ������ǰPn��p�Y��.���Y�����{�]:�T�5\K&��NF�ޣ�`d�>����Q���N6�f�~���ͯ4����h+��'��I��r��~,�=���:�́�Hy&�Z:�����i_�^������;���� ���Q���ף�Qju@'%n]Љ���� ��ӂOx���� �IC�BpP�,B�f��r�H���\-��r˱���X �� 7 ��� ��������5R�n��P�D�i A Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) is an instrument generally used in a laboratory to display, measure and analyze various waveforms of electrical circuits. 7 0 obj /Length 2271 3.1 through 3.3.1 and 3.4 of Reference 2, paying special attention to Sec 3.3.1 and 3.4. uRnϛ�(�4��6���>�{j��o�1�o�E��4�b�%�)P��>FJ��/�)ؠ�G�pk����*��Pb�~�����0β�>֡V�v����S���l����8 ~�w M�����,x�۫`���e���7��#D��~�(%����*�E`F;� ����' �S�Ҧ;�. endobj >> 4 0 obj endobj endobj Most of the oscilloscopes are used the probes and they are used for the input of any instrument. ]�Ϯ�%�k ��զ�=�Q�3�/+E݊-긭����'�±b�Ź�3_Lk�$����� �g�_��1��Pi�SŖ���J|i�� /Filter /FlateDecode �� �0���Z�|�������̨[5[� h]bt�^�ӡ�}�ap��7�Iw�v 3 0 obj ]�A:��ƂRP��>�s�,2�y�D:oMj+�Qh >> "�ypd F�Q��k?�n?~�O�[$�5��vw���t|�z������{|��J|��s���I�o{�#�9@M�b��ѫ�#W�0NON�!_4����Ưoܢ"c��R��3�G)끋�b)y����{�#XDj�/ ��b�NiɅ�D]8\�\kC�׽����\׳�/�Wl������\R�C)G/�1�٥:��#���+c�):Ǣ�3���zt�E=��J���ɟ�m�~�/��Z-�)j�hJ�����)�0�"�߿�kP�����+ɘ�-��9�"�q����%^Y!蹅)��KPP9GE���G�7� �:Ŭ�$kʌ9��N!~�/U��pc\��I�:J��D���3 x��X[s۶~���Ɏ x;��L�ĭ;iON�9}H�@S��F&Q�����. stream /Contents 3 0 R CRO is widely used for trouble shooting radio and television receivers as well as for laboratory research and design. <> <> %PDF-1.4 0˷,G [FԘ|!BD�^� ����^0�����-iU��+�k9�eb\��BSf��5����X��-ұ�Ԕ�(�U�740��m�9��Y��#�� ΅�4yǻ���i�g5�W���/��E�B`�*jy�%b�K(�GQt����N\��ۛ�

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