It's a step in the right direction, just a little clunky. It seems that yes - we DO have a different perception of the word "Chapter", because I have only 1 .MPG file which is divided into 6 chapters of about 25 to 30 minutes each. Maybe if your file still has cover art DVDStyler fails in its bitrate calculation. After this, you can enjoy your video with subtitles added. May 17, 2018 09:00 / Updated by Jenny Ryan to Video Editing. I attach a projectfile (DVDStyler 2.3.5) for this case (MOVIE.MKV has chapters every 4th minutes so it needs to be more than 20 min), If you want the files I use you can download them from. It should look like this: 0:00,4:24.10:43,25:52,45:12,1:07:23, etc... Next: Load your video in DVDStyler and then in the video properties, copy and paste the chapter list onto the line where it says chapters. Certainly can't hurt to give it a try using the "just generate" option when burning the project, so that you can first play the video_ts folder from the hard drive before decided to burn it to blank media. Thanks Motim, Hello, Select capacity of your DVD: 4.7 GB (Single Layer DVD) or 8.5 GB (Double Layer DVD). Kirby. Thanks for the suggestion. As I understand you, you have 3 files say, C:\DVD\INTRO1.MP4 Finally you can enter a title for DVD menu and select a template. added small story file 236 KB size, 44 kb/s data rate, two background images, all this to make a dvd and add subtitle as described. If you selected 'preview', a preview will be started after creating of DVD (but before burning). Copyright © 2003 - 2020 Alex Thüring. I recently started using DVD Styler to accomplish the main particular task of customizing the bitrate to be lower than many programs allow, after trying DVD Styler a few times in past months and giving up on it because of its at-times oddness and confusing difficulty due to missing explanations of what different options mean and what is OK and what is not OK. Drag the desired movie clips (left-click, hold, and drag) onto the Titleset Manager at the bottom of the program window. DVDStyler is a cross-platform free DVD authoring application for the creation of professional-looking DVDs. Now you have your video all set out in the DVD, you can add in your subtitles. The chapter times in the VideoReDo file are based on the various markers on the time line, cut points, equal intervals, etc, as determined by your settings on the Tools>Options>Chapter Marks screen. This is what I do: Watch the video and note where my chapters should be. Perhaps we have a different perception of the word "Chapter". Cheers and hope this will be very helpful to some folks, The other 6 instances would be used for playing just the particular chapter by editing the start and end times for each. You can edit all the menu items as you proceed anyway, or choose a theme from the left. Jan 31, 2007 #3 [Caution - This message contains scenes of ignorance] I'm afraid I have no idea whether my Chapter Marks are set to I-Frames, they are wherever VRD puts them. Still have more questions about DVDStyler? It's really a bummer when almost the only way to figure out what so many things mean and what they do require so many Google searches because of the help info of the program being very little. Not sure. Chapter 1 is created by default. See where it says chapters, Styler inserts a chapter every 10 minutes by default. If your project only includes the one title you could simply create 6 buttons on a menu page within the same titleset, then setting the button properties for each button accordingly per the below. I stand corrected. An I-frame is the only type of frame that is complete. Then you can load your made subtitles into DVDStyler for your DVDs. You must change that to your actual chapter stops – starting with “0” as the first chapter. When loaded the movie into the program it created 2 chapter-menus with 16 buttons. Chapters In DVDStyler. 4. Click on the green plus sign to open a standard operating system file explorer, or you can click on the file browser tab on the left hand side. Open DVDStyler you are presented with the project template screen, where you can choose from a number of templates to set up the DVD size and menu appearance. Button5 (Chapter 5) -> Properties\Action\Jump to: "titleset 1 title 1","chapter 5" Button1 (Chapter 1) -> Properties\Action\Jump to: "titleset 1 title 1","chapter 1" It is Free software distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Do we know whether the VRD Team read this forum, or do I need to e-mail support to get this point clarified? Can't stand the lowsy interface of DVDStyler? You must log in or register to reply here. All Rights Reserved. If you want hardcoded subtitles use the "ass" or "subtitles" filter. Just a thought here - maybe DVDStyler needs a "Play all chapters" option. Here is some more info. More interestingly, DVDStyler support you to add multiple subtitle and audio tracks, so you can easily add external subtitles to video in DVDStyler. DVDStyler est un programme conçu pour créer un menu pour les DVD vidéo afin d'apporter une touche d'originalité aux disques. and you want to use 6 chapters for MOVIE.MKV ? Click on the 'File Browser' tab on the left side of the program window. However, assigning chapter points to buttons can become somewhat confusing, partially because it is done in two separate processes. But MOVIE.MKV is one Title with one post-command for the title - not the individual chapters ? Edit the button properties (action, title, color, font, etc) by double clicking on the button in the Menu Editor and changing appropriate properties. I don't use that app, but are your chapter marks set to I-frames? Motim. Thanks for all the help. This is because when a video is loaded via the File Browser, it will automatically create chapter time-stamps using the Default Chapter Length in the program options, and that's the list of chapter time-stamps that will be in the video's properties.

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