Fire at wood carpet factory of J. W. Boughten & Co., Willow St. below Thirteenth. Yellow Fever. March 22. Total loss $220,000. Fire at furniture factory of John D. Raggio, Fourth and Reed Sts. In 1853 the Christian Brothers took charge of the boys' school. November 27. Course from below the Falls Bridge to Rockland, one and a half miles straight away. Emperor of Brazil and large number of distinguished visitors present; grand music by large chorus and orchestra. New building of Beneficial Savings Fund society, S. W. corner twelfth and Chestnut Streets, opened for business. In September 1918, cases of the influenza pandemic were reported at the Naval Yard and began to spread. November 7. October 22. New building of the Western Saving Fund occupied. The Darby Plank Road from Forty-ninth Street to the county line passed into the possession of the city by purchase. May 6. August 10. A grand Te Deum, in honor of the event, sung at St. Augustine's Church on February 26th. The p... Philadelphia International Airport has just reported that is back to operating after shutting dow... Talon Roller Coaster at Dorney Park in Pennsylvania is closed now because of a signal failure tha... Destination 360 is your friendly travel guide. It's the "City of Brotherly Love," and the "Cradle of Liberty." October 24. December 8. Reception in Independence Hall. Loss about $100,000. November 2. June 14. The Philadelphia won the first game, the visitors the subsequent game. Only a few persons, mainly members of congress and naval officers, were present, owing to a request for privacy from the Government. A newly organized Independent Democratic Committee reached out to residents. In the decades following the American Revolution, however, some coffeehouse ⇒ Read More, Published in Philadelphia in its first edition in January 1776, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense became one of the most widely disseminated and most often read political treatises in history. The Easton Treaty of 1758 brought short-lived peace to the region when the Delaware sachem Teedyuscung (1700?-1763), with support from Quaker leaders, obtained a pledge from the British to recognize Indian possession of the Ohio country after defeat of the French. American independence brought artisans new economic opportunities as the ⇒ Read More, University of PennsylvPhiladelphians embraced the study of celestial phenomena and bodies, such as stars, planets, and comets, from an early date. Fire in the spinning department of George Campbell & Co.'s Continental Worsted Mills, Twenty-first and Ellsworth Streets, caused about $25,000 damage, covered by insurance. ; junior four-oared gigs, Pennsylvania, 10am. July 16. October 18. February 24. To facilitate what became known as the Walking Purchase, he located an unsigned draft deed dated 1686—not a signed document—that he claimed as proof that the Lenapes had sold all territory that could be walked in a day and a half north from the previous boundary at Wrightstown. Philadelphia residents joined boycotts of British goods. May 18. Orphan's Asylum, corner Eighteenth and Cherry Streets, burned. Barrel manufactory of W. B. Thomas, 12th and Buttonwood Streets destroyed by fire. It had numerous iron and steel-related manufacturers, including Philadelphian-owned iron and steel works outside the city, most notably the Bethlehem Iron Company in the city by that name. Yorkshire, first inning, 51 second, 118; total, 169. Applegate's Place of Flying Animals was destroyed by fire. March 4. July 1. Several million people each year make a pilgrimage to see it, many dabbing their eyes as they gaze at it intently. Joseph F. Marcer, City Treasurer, sentenced to an imprisonment of four years and nine months in the Eastern Penitentiary and to pay a fine of $300,000.00. He established a republican government in 1682, and he arrived in November of that year, exchanging presents with the native tribes in a ceremony. After 1907, Boss Durham retired and his successor, James McNichol, never controlled much outside North Philadelphia. The process of training and culling weak dogs as well as the fights themselves have ⇒ Read More, For as long as people have inhabited Philadelphia and the surrounding area, dogs probably have been present, too. Distance, 1-1/2 miles. Permanent Exhibition formally opened in Philadelphia by President Hayes and ex-President Grant.

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