endobj >> 478 0 obj <>stream /Resources 26 0 R stream Download or Downloading. /Pattern << << Ã����~��D���P o(� ��\�m�endstream ����L�p8,�H ��x��B�;�~`#���G1 x~O�c��EMB{M�B� _��WQ:kyVY�*h�T��mx�EfF�Q� e\�C��^� � ���^�76(Q���4�|x!js;�R a���Ųt�{{��pX�H[� o��9�v���׃E9b÷��/R������jd��w��/Ͱ���+�� y�z���)����Ռ+�m�7��/y�cs��+J�R�`y'�7���G�]�3E7?�X�� /Type /Action endobj >> >> PC Personal Computer PCB Printed Circuit Board PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect PCI-X Peripheral Component Interconnect Extended PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory C ard International Association PDA Personal Digital Assistant PDF Portable Document Format PHP Hypertext Preprocessor PIM Personal Information Manager PMU Power Management Unit /Rect [209.759999 687.919999 229.919999 699.439999 ] /Type /Annot /S /URI Monitor: The screen of your computer, which displays computer programs and the Internet. 7 0 obj Laptop: A small computer, consisting of a screen and a keyboard, which folds in half so that it can be easily carried. /Type /Annot >> >> ʂ�AVa|��lPAʁ /AIS false Terms relate to applications, commands, functions, operating systems, image processing and networking. x��� The operating system (OS) is the software that communicates with the computer hardware. /BitsPerComponent 8 First published in 1981, the last Edition (9th Ed.) Sign in. They are basically the same thing as human viruses. /Subtype /Link Printer Driver • A program that feeds data to a printer with the correct control commands for that certain printer Print Server • A computer, currently Print2, that manages one or more printers for computers on a network. endobj 27 0 obj >> Ÿ¬;<2©HşôYÿ6†Şs›5]Æ CG—Ÿ—ğgñw`!şr;6a^q*è÷wŞ Á�‡7LqP ”´ì`WÓÖu;͆âǸİ"ûn(Ù‹q8`G÷ÿ*ø–æ^ôn¡Zd£ réê�½W>kÔ¹R>«±0=®—æëraú¥¹Ñ_B. Operating System – Windows. /S /URI 14 0 obj [0 /XYZ 34.0799999 << /CSp /DeviceRGB >> /URI (computer_glossarygk.htm) h��WYo�8�+|LQdy�P���^��n�֋yPb5֑ [���P�%�9�.P�ù��ș�`�FL�@�'�s$�NaTLI�Q�,�0'����;� �{�c�Ø0�3)#p��GQ�Zb�+&�!w��ć�r�-S.;�b��| �u6c�X��� €†‡‹•Š›Å ˳ꅇ¯}�ì%:dJOGWø½Ÿ*œâ§%fG=�Í>ó¤ó Øù3HI”`ƒà³véğ‡¿«¬¯Éz@:ŒbAûA9Cxë=‰rx©Ííö¿}Uğ7ï'|ì)Âl…æJpŞÚ_jH¼äRº?ñMş¯g$€N„Tag�…T­j DôNÒå©w²_øm¡öŠeφ«º)سìy¥LÃw‡r$tJŒ4]Ÿ»E�Ñ¥ŒiLPóZ�m¨³.Àüx�ŸğgYæ¯x½²›è0…`G¸F~ºªÍ܉s[9#¤f‚æ•-ò >> /Type /Action /Type /XObject /Border [0 0 0] /CreationDate (D:20130525043210-07'00') /Rect [139.680000 754.159999 241.439999 765.679999 ] %PDF-1.5 %���� endobj /S /URI stream /Type /Action /Height 23 New definitions have been added in the fields of wireless technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence. /Rect [168.479999 687.919999 189.599999 699.439999 ] Each term includes a definition / description. /Subtype /Link /Border [0 0 0] Laptop: A small computer, consisting of a screen and a keyboard, which folds in half so that it can be easily carried. stream A computer is a device that executes a program or programs. h�bbd```b``v�� �i*�d� "}�"I`��R,�"Y��"Q`�|0,�l Y�U "��jA$�'i "����I�R.�e��)X�[ ��&FF�8� ���� �2 /Type /Annot In some cases a narrow de nition is given for simplicity sake. /Width 117 /F9 9 0 R {֩��>t�]�y�����@ٚ�RV�'\g]���}�`�uXp�,{����H?�9� ``��F1���9������$� ��LDgp�P��Ͱ���9�͋w����Y�dd�nL*J`����h�F�P_H30��0��C� �7Ef�^ ��� � t�KI << Applications, apps or programs can be thought of as electronic ‘tools’ for doing electronic jobs. >> << << /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB Mouse wheel: A wheel in the middle of most computer mice that allows you to scroll up and down a window on your computer screen. << /Border [0 0 0] /Type /ExtGState << |!�H�CP��{��!Đ�Wc$*�#� ɍ��e�V4i�������n���w��I���x|�g�=����� ���м��LOO�S����)�.��E�� �Y�Wٶa���m�!�����}����b���1[u�ѡ�ba.����T@��jضa�PS��*������';?22����B��nj�4Q�[� endobj << endobj 20 0 obj 15 0 obj /Title (�� O n l i n e C o m p u t e r G l o s s a r y - A t o C) Computer. 3. n. In computer security, a process used to verify the user of an information system or protected resources. endobj /Subtype /Image /XObject << /Subtype /Link /Subtype /Image >> endobj /Rect [85.9199999 687.919999 106.079999 699.439999 ] /Border [0 0 0] Computer shabdawali pdf, हिन्दी संगणक शब्दावली, Hindi Computer Terminology, Glossary of Computer In Hindi (कम्प्यूटर शब्दावली), Computer Glossary, basic computer terms and definitions, basic computer terminology pdf, computer terminology for bank exams pdf CPU. m�fP��`ίi��Y��� 7s��I3n�\U��o7qJ��R����Pu\�~�4�%���G p�.��� W R��� `�7!�#����G`��.��=}@�i�. A glossary of computer terminology Application (sometimes shortened to ‘app’) Computer software, also known as a ‘program’ or ‘app’ that performs a task or set of tasks, such as word processing or drawing. /Filter /FlateDecode x��oHq�/!읽h/����B�(� �J � �� !$ 10 0 obj /Type /Annot 456 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<29611BD73D247A45912B8B5BAA317C51>]/Index[429 50]/Info 428 0 R/Length 125/Prev 124769/Root 430 0 R/Size 479/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Spam mail is pretty much business or people sending advertisements of their get rich quick schemes or their products to try. /Creator (��) /S /URI /A << A download is a file, program or document that is transferred from one computer to another. /PCSp 4 0 R Basic Computer Terms and Definitions. 21 0 obj In computer security, verification that a message has not been altered or corrupted. /Border [0 0 0] 11 0 obj /Im10 10 0 R 8 0 obj

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