A type of malware aimed to corrupt, erase or modify information on a computer before spreading to others. die Mails (pl.) For example, WannaCry Ransomware. It will typically encrypt files and request that a ransom be paid in order to have them decrypted or recovered. For example, your computer is usually part of a domain at your workplace. A piece of malware that can replicate itself in order to spread the infection to other connected computers. An umbrella term that describes all forms of malicious software designed to wreak havoc on a computer. For more information on Ransomware, check out our free Ransomware Guide. For example, Microsoft Office is an application software. Familiarize yourself with these 25 computer science terms to wow your classmates and teachers from day one. The capabilities include activity monitoring, collecting keystrokes, data harvesting (account information, logins, financial data), and more. A malicious application or script that can be used to take advantage of a computer’s vulnerability. Schalten Sie den Drucker ein. We’re here to make this learning curve easier by providing a list of the 25 most important cyber security terminology that everyone should know: A technology that allows us to access our files and/or services through the internet from anywhere in the world. system  s Systemsystem requirements  Systemvoraussetzungen pl. ), message (notice)  e Meldung (-en)  message window s Meldungsfenster, mouse (mice)  e Maus (Mäuse)  mouse click  r Mausklick  mouse pad  e Mausmatte  right/left mouse button rechte/linke Maustaste, online adj. Every industry has its own set of jargon, and computer science is no exception. Brush up on popular computer terms in German with this glossary. A form of malware that deliberately prevents you from accessing files on your computer – holding your data hostage. ), die Benachrichtigungen (pl. An audio or video clip that has been edited and manipulated to seem real or believable. An acronym that stands for distributed denial of service – a form of cyber attack. ), page(s)  e Seite (-n)   page up/down (key) Bild nach oben/unten (e Taste), password  s Passwort, s Kennwort   password protection  r Passwortschutz   password protected  passwortgeschützt   password required  Passwort erforderlich, paste (cut and paste)  einfügen (ausschneiden und einfügen), post (v.)  eine Nachricht senden/eintragen   post a new message  neue Nachricht, neuer Beitrag/Eintrag, previous settings  vorherige Einstellungen (pl. This attack aims to make a service such as a website unusable by “flooding” it with malicious traffic or data from multiple sources (often botnets). The most dangerous consequence of the popularity of deepfakes is that they can easily convince people into believing a certain story or theory that may result in user-behavior with a bigger impact as in political or financial. The words are in alphabetical order. See the Wi-Fi Alliance site for more. The following table lists down those abbreviations − Rootkits are especially damaging because they are hard to detect, making it likely that this type of malware could live on your computer for a long time. For example: We’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg as far as cyber security terms, but this will get you started. die Downloads, e Übertragung (email), download (v.)  'runterladen, herunterladen, downloaden, übertragen (email), email/e-mail (n.)  e E-Mail (eine E-Mail senden), die/eine Mail, e E-Post  email messages (n., pl.) sort messages  die Mails sortieren  unread messages  ungelesene Mails (pl. AW: (RE:), "at" sign [@]  r Klammeraffe, s At-Zeichen, attachment (email) (n.)  r Anhang, s Attachment, browser  r Browser (-), r Web-Browser (-), bug (in software, etc.) Technically speaking, it’s a collection of computers with large storage capabilities that remotely serve requests. Unfortunately, as long as computers exist, we are at risk of having our digital data compromised and manipulated. A type of malware that functions by spying on user activity without their knowledge. s Nutzerkennzeichen (-), virus  s/r Virus (Viren)   Trojan horses, viruses, worms  Trojaner, Viren, Würmervirus scanner  r Virenscanner (-). online, angeschlossen, verbunden, open v.  öffnen   open in new window  in neuem Fenster öffnen, operating system  s Betriebssystem (Mac OS X, Windows XP, etc. If we missed any abbreviation than feel free to tell us in comment box. MAC - This is an abbreviation for Macintosh, which is a type of personal computer made by the Apple Computer company. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, An English-German Glossary of Weather Words, English-German Food and Drink Glossary A-B, English-German Glossary: In der Schule (School), How to Write a Letter in German: Format and Language, Soccer Vocabulary: A German-English Dictionary, German Adjective Endings: Nominative, Accusative, and Dative Cases, Learn Synonyms in German - Deutsche Synonyme, A German-English Glossary of Popular German Abbreviations. ), spell check (a document)  e Rechtschreibung (eines Dokuments) prüfenspell-checker  e Rechtschreibhilfe, r Rechtschreibprüfer (-), start (program) (v.)  starten  he starts the program er startet das Programm  restart neu starten, subject (re:)  r Betreff (Betr. Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms for Older Adults This glossary for older adults was prepared by the National Institute on Aging. 1. ), log in/on (v.)  einloggen  he's logging in er loggt ein  she can't log in sie kann nicht einloggen, link (to) (v.)  verweisen (auf) accus., einen Link angeben, mailbox  e Mailbox (computers and email only), mailing n.  s Mailing (mass mailing or mail shot), mark (as read) v.  (als gelesen) markieren, memory (RAM)  r Arbeitsspeicher, r Speicher  amount of memory e Speicherkapazität  insufficient memory ungenügender Speicher  not enough memory to load image nicht genug Speicher, um Bild zu laden, menu (computer) s Menü  menu bar/strip e Menüzeile/e Menüleiste, message (email)  e Nachricht, e Mail (eine Mail)  email messages  die Mails (pl.) A collection of these infected computers is known as a “botnet” and is controlled by the hacker or “bot-herder”. A tool that allows the user to remain anonymous while using the internet by masking the location and encrypting traffic. A list of computer and technology terms starting with the letter C. tag n.  s Tag ("HTML tag" - not to be confused with r Tag = day), text  r Text   text box  r Textkasten, e Textbox   text field  s Textfeld (-er), text message  r SMS (see "SMS" for details), tool  s Tool (-s), s Werkzeug (-e)toolbar  e Toolbar (-s), e Toolleiste (-n), transfer, download v.  herunterladen (email, files), transfer, move (to a folder)  verschieben.

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