College Silchar- 788004 Assam CONTENTS y INTRODUCTION y OBJECTIVES y PROGRAMMES ABOUT PROJECT TIGER y LAST TIGER STATUS y TIGER RESERVES IN INDIA y CAUSES OF DEPLETION y MEASURES TAKEN FOR THE PROTECTION OF. However, Buxa has re-established its pristine status through habitat improvement measures such as canopy opening, plantation of palatable grasses and fodder species, ground water management, fire protection etc. Privacy Policy3. To establish Nature Interpretation Centres. 4. Conservation Process 4. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. About 1,827 tigers were recorded in the wild. Submit . The Project Tiger was launched by the government of India in 1973 in order to protect the existence of this royal animal in the country. The food of tiger comprises of deer, sambar, wild boar etc. INTRODUCTION Project tiger is a wildlife conservation movement Initiated in India in 1973 to protect Bengal Tigers. The project is administrated by the National Tiger … According to Project Tiger, tigers are believed to have evolved over 1 million years ago in Asia. Project Tiger has been successful in increasing the population of the tigers. By 1993 the number of Tiger Reserves had increased to 19 with the census reading (Table 4.54) estimating a total of 3,750 tigers out of which the Tiger Reserve population was 1,266 tigers. However, some alarming decline of tiger population was noted from some tiger reserves like Kanha, Manas. 7. Would you like to get the full Thesis from Shodh ganga along with citation details? Main objectives under the scheme include wildlife management, protection measures and site specific … 1. As the Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India, this project aims to stem the diminishing population of the big cats and work to increase their numbers. In the canals and rivers the salt water crocodiles thrive. It needs to get controlled by stopping all the illegal activities and smuggling of tigers. Environmental sciences. You can spread this information with everybody. • Project Tiger was launched by Kailash Sankhala in India in 1973. The natural habitat of tiger and its food habit. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Sunderbans is considered as the largest pro-grading delta of the world, consisting of small islands traversed by a net­work of rivers, canals and creeks. Conclusion: Project Tiger has been undertaken by almost all the national parks, and every park is putting an equal effort to save the tigers. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5fcb82279ad719b4 The film gained so much popularity in Asia, it managed to make its way to the states and win four Academy Awards, including best foreign film. We have to support the government in its projects for the protection of the tigers so that a healthy population of the tigers exists. Situated far south of West Bengal, Sundarbans have been formed by the Ganga-Brahmaputra river sys­tems. Greatest Tragedy 5. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. 4. Efforts also have been made to reintro­duce the extinct faunal species. Project Tiger: Project Tiger, launched in 1973-74, is one of our most successful conservation ventures in the recent times. Sariska National Park etc. If they encounter severe diseases then it should be diagnosed and immediate treatments are to be made. Around 23 tiger reserves (covering an area of 33,406 sq. Before publishing your Notes on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Drinking and driving are never a good combination. Your IP: Project Tiger has saved not only tigers but also saved other aspects of wildlife and endangered species. Project Tiger is a tiger conservation programme launched in April 1973 by the Government of India during Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's tenure. The number of animals present at any given time; reasons for their diminishing or increasing. kms. They made sure that the place that tigers lived in was also safe and secure. Moreover, they are aware that the investment under the India Eco-development Project is because of its unique tiger habitat. Conclusion. At present the Tiger Reserve has increased to 27, distributed throughout the country and covering a forest area of over 37,700 sq. If the decrease in number is due to poaching then constant vigilance is to be maintained to keep poachers away. The government set up a Tiger Protection Force to fight smugglers and ensure that people move from one place to other to reduce the number of conflicts between humans and tigers. Places of cover and shelter for tigers. The number has increased from 1200 to around 5000. It is fun to be popular, but will you have enough knowledge to go against your friend(s) if you fall into a situation where you have to choose? 6. * Nothing A little bit Some A lot. Project Tiger represents the country’s commitment to protecting wildlife and is recognised today as a conservation success story. Le Project tiger (littéralement de l'anglais « projet tigre ») est un projet gouvernemental indien lancé le 1 er avril 1973 et visant à protéger le Tigre du Bengale.Pour ce faire il soutient et coordonne des projets locaux afin de maintenir une population viable de tigres dans leur environnement naturel, notamment dans les Wildlife Sanctuaries. The new census of the Tiger population is currently being under­taken. recorded the highest population of 912 tigers, which incidentally was the highest density of tigers anywhere in the world. Writing extended essay conclusion maurizio virolifor love of country an essay on patriotism and nationalism. The core area (National Park) comprises 1,692 sq. The main initiative of this project is to save tigers. If you ever have to do a report on tigers you can just look at this website to get valuable information about tigers. The project aims at ensuring a viable population of Bengal tigers in their natural habitats and also to protect them from extinction, and preserving areas of biological importance as a natural heritage forever represented as close as possible the diversity ofecosystems across the tiger's distribution in the country. A tiger project campaign has been initiated by the Indian government in order to save tigers. • Such projects have ensured the pro­tection of the entire ecosystems, which have resulted over the years to an increase in the tiger population to more than double. We hope that our software can detect cancer in tigers easily, can save the life of tigers, can mordenized medical technology and can attract people to … Content Guidelines 2. It has been declared as “World Heritage Site”. Because of us, they lose their home just because we need to make paper, or they die because we need food. They are a important part in the Asian taiga. Essay example book. Tiger conservation initiatives and success: The first official estimation of the Indian tiger population was done in 1972. Project Tiger was launched by Kailash Sankhala in India in 1973. 5. India was facing a huge challenge in the conservation of Tiger, with only 1200 Tigers left in the wild, It was a great threat to these beautiful Big Cat. Join now. Project Tiger is a tiger conservation programme launched in April 1973 during PM Indira Gandhi’s tenure. W e humans are the main cause of extinction. The main objective of Project Tiger is to ensure a viable population of tiger in India for scientific , economic , aesthetic , cultural and ecological values and to preserve for all time, areas of biological importance as a natural heritage for the benefit, education and enjoyment of the people. The number of tigers is decreasing day by day which is a big issue in front of us. India and Bangladesh have drawn up strategies to work jointly for the cause of tigers and this could lead to more focused attention of the world.

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