The chemical composition of the initial materials was determined using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES, Horiba Jobin Yvon Ultima 2) after digestion with hydrochloric acid. A.; Balcioglu, I. The samples were demolded after 48 h to ensure a sufficient strength for flat prisms made with binders that contained 80 wt% GGBS. )+6i���%��c@��h�8p�+�7��Ʀ�!���O�@�o�) ����b(��v!���`"O&���K��øή�6��Y��m���]�{1k�{��=���Oʊy���{DZ��-�kr=��TXd�yY��̽[Iȿ�n�R�i�S.Y��A�`�և^�f�"��A�}bY8������ci�a8�i���`��2@��sr��tT�'���Ղ���O=-c�#�s�qkgo �K�~Q��E���-$=�N��֪ի|^'� Chem. Appropriate technologies for the minimization of environmental impact from industrial wastewaters-textile industry, a case study (AZ. The raw data supporting the conclusions of this article will be made available by the authors, without undue reservation. J. Catal. Enhancement of biodegrability by continuous ozonation in Acid Red-151 solutions and kinetics modeling., Chem. The purpose of this study was to investigate the degradation of Congo red in laboratory solution which had the chemical properties of the rinse waters of textile manufacturing dye-houses and the samples with Congo red alone wastewater by ozonation and to optimize the reaction parameters such as pH and time which influence the efficiencies of total organic carbon, total kjeldahl nitrogen and chemical oxygen demand removal. Eng. Bioresour. In this contribution, the removal of Congo red from aqueous solutions by the material in the surface of hardened binder paste was studied in multiple exposure experiments. Discoloration and detoxicification of a Congo red dye solution by means of ozone treatment for a possible water reuse., J. Ozonation of landfill leachate: evaluation of toxicity removal and biodegrability improvement., J. The relative contents of several elements appeared to correlate with the specific surface area, indicating that they are preferably incorporated in phases with larger specific surface. J. Ind. The initial pH of the Congo red solution was between 9.5 and 10.0, a range in which the adsorption of Congo red on hydrotalcite-like LDH phases is not affected by small changes in pH (Shan et al., 2015). Article  Water Environ. (2014). An important group of them are azo dyes in textile industry (Van der Zee et al., 2001). Chemosphere, 46(1),109–113. Banat, I. M.; Nigam, P.; Singh, D.; Marchant, R., (1996). doi:10.1016/j.dyepig.2006.05.009, Weisburger, J. H. (2002). It was observed that its structural destruction occurs predominantly at higher pHs. Tax calculation will be finalised during checkout. A., (2002). doi:10.1180/minmag.2012.076.5.10, Mohan, S. V., Rao, N. C., and Sarma, P. N. (2007). Biological oxygen demand is declined in simulated alkalic and neutral samples respectively. Binders containing GGBS often exhibit an enhanced physical resistance to chemically aggressive solutions and their effect on concrete durability has been comprehensively studied in recent decades (Juenger and Siddique, 2015). Decolorization of mono-azo dyes in wastewater by advanced oxidation process: A case study of Acid Red and Acid Yellow 23., Chemosphere, 29(12), 2597–2607. The LDH phases hydrotalcite and Friedel’s salt as well as C-S-H phases exhibit a high removal capacity for Congo red over a number of dye exposure cycles. The amount of GGBS within the binder was varied from 18 wt% (non-standard cement, used here to study the effect of small GGBS proportions), 65 wt% (upper limit of CEM III/A, DIN EN 197-1) to 80 wt% (upper limit of CEM III/B, DIN EN 197-1) (DIN, 2011). 62 0 obj <>stream Among the major elements, the effect is most prominent for magnesium, indicating the formation of Mg-rich LDH phases. The chemical composition of the binder materials is shown in Table 1 and the mineralogical composition of the OPC is in Table 2. 78 (Part A), 71–80. The flat prisms then were stored in saturated calcium hydroxide solution to an age of 28 days to increase the degree of hydration of the binder. Expet Opin. Hazard. Decolourization and detoxification of textile wastewater by ozonation and coagulation processes., Dyes Pigments, 64(3), 217–222. Nevertheless, one of the main reasons for the limited usability of membrane distillation is the deterioration of membrane functions caused by membrane fouling and wetting problems that decrease the performance and therefore increase the operational costs (Lin et al., 2015). Electrochemical detection and degradation of textile dye Congo red at graphene oxide modified electrode. Degradation of methylene blue and Congo-red dyes using fenton, photo-fenton, sono-fenton, and sonophoto-fenton methods in the presence of iron(ii,iii) oxide/zinc oxide/graphene (fe3o4/zno/graphene) composites. Wagner, M., Decker, M., Zausinger, C., Beddoe, R. E., and Heinz, D. (2019). In contemporary wastewater management, many structures that are in direct contact with wastewater are constructed with concrete. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. The purpose of this study was to investigate the degradation of Congo red in laboratory solution which had the chemical properties of the rinse waters of textile manufacturing dye … Crystal structures of some double hydroxide minerals. Impact of textile wastewater pollution on the environment. Further investigation is required to assess the detailed relationship between wastewater composition and the phase assemblage in outermost layer of the surfaces of hardened binder pastes of different chemical and mineralogical composition. H��WKo�6��ЭRQ1��!�6I�1 BaSO4 crystals near the outermost surface of a hardened binder paste with high GGBS content (65_SO4) following exposure to (30 gl−1SO42−), obstructed by a thin layer of binder. h�b```"I9y>�c`��0p49jm*�00�&����2�G����kddd88Pu 20��i. 6, 79415–79436. In general, the decrease in the extinction at λ = 498 nm was equal to the decrease in the extinction at λ = 340 nm as expected for the removal of Congo red from the aqueous solutions. Selenite uptake by ca-al ldh: a description of intercalated anion coordination geometries. For the batch experiments the top 200 μm layer of each flat prism surface was carefully removed with a spatula following storage in sodium sulfate solution or calcium hydroxide solution. Azo dye decolourisation by anaerobic granular sludge. Technol. Hazard. Because of its functional groups, the color of Congo red solutions is pH-dependent. Ozonation of Congo red dye were carried out in a semi-batch reactor with constant ozone flow rate and concentration of 23 mL/sec and 13.6 mg/L, respectively. Eng. The small decrease in dye removal in the second exposure cycle and the increase in capacity during in the third and forth exposure cycles could, as in the case of portlandite, be due to the formation of small amounts of calcite by carbonation of the sample. Effect of dyes additives on the ozonation process and oxidation byproducts: a comparative study using hydrolyzed C.I Reactive Red 120., Dyes Pigments, 60(1), 1–7. Keywords: adsorption; congo red; dye; eggshell; isotherm. Drug Deliv. Biodegradation of selectedazo dyes undermethanogenic conditions., Water Sci. Eng. The reduction of chemical oxygen demand and destruction of the dye was more than 60 % and 42 %, respectively. Cem. Zhiqiao, H.; Shuang, S.; Huamin, Z.; Haiping, Y.; Jianmeng, C., (2007). 37, 118–130. (2017). T�U��t� -�wrG�Hs�5�C=�b��\�c^�ک��P_��t���ϡ���F2(�!��[v?�f#�#�H�~j��f]F�nuqdz |�`C{��7pqv���k:�R�|.�` �*� doi:10.1016/j.apcatb.2013.02.025, Zhu, H.-Y., Jiang, R., Huang, S.-H., Yao, J., Fu, F.-Q., and Li, J.-B. Congo red, which has a complex molecular structure with various diazo aromatic groups, is widely used in textile industry as an anionic dye. RSC Adv. These measurements were conducted after exposing the powder to the dye for periods of 30 min, 1, 3 or 4, 5 or 6, and 7 days. doi:10.1016/j.cemconcomp.2018.02.013, Matschei, T., Lothenbach, B., and Glasser, F. P. (2007). Right: portlandite (▲), calcite (■), gypsum (●) and calcium silicate hydrates (C-S-H) (♦). It can be deduced from the experimental results that: (a) the mineralization is very weak; (b) the reaction follows the indirect mechanism; i.e., the interaction of hydroxyl radicals with the dye and (c) the nitrification is rather predominant. Oxidative treatment of simulated dyehouse effluent by UV and near-UV light assisted Fenton’s reagent., Chemosphere, 39(15), 2767–2783. HG��e�����"�(�w� ->���)�;��$�БL��`��ayc�LZl_Ez#:3�t]���� i0������P;~� Most minor elements are higher concentrated on binder surfaces that have been exposed to sodium sulfate solution for binders with high GGBS concentrations (65_SO4 and 80_SO4). Ozonation of aqueous azo dye in a semi-batch reactor., Water Res., 35(4), 1093–1099. In view of the present results of the chemical analysis, the amounts of minor elements in the surface layer depend on the chemical composition of the storage solution rather than on the chemical composition of the hardened binder paste in the case of binders containing sufficient amounts of GGBS.

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