Chikuma • Sardar NCC-1811 • CBS Entertainment | This site and its contents ® & © 2020 CBS Studios Inc. © 2020 CBS Television Distribution and CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Alnilam NCC-1830 • [28] These torpedo launchers were also capable of firing long-range probes, enhancing the Constitution class's sensor and exploration capabilities. 23 [1], The Defiant in a Tholian drydock facility. Type: Alcoves on either side of the landing bay provided storage for up to six standard Work Bees, and furnished all necessary recharging and refueling equipment. U.S.S. [6], In late 2268, Excalibur, Hood, Lexington, and Potemkin took part in the disastrous testing of the M-5 computer, which had been placed in control of the Enterprise. [11] [33] [34], By 2266, phaser banks were standard complement aboard this class of ship. U.S.S. (TOS - Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment comics: "Part 4", "Part 5" & TNG episode: "The Pegasus"), Their long-term missions meant that the Constitution-classes often missed out on upgrades such that, by 2270, their technology was considered ancient by fleetwide standards. 2250s ", Armen, M. (writer); Taylor, J. U.S.S. Its soul purpose was for the science of God creating everything; Theory of Intelligent Design. The refitted USS Enterprise over the Genesis planet. (TOS: "Tomorrow is Yesterday"), A model of a refit version of this ship present in a holographic simulation of Drafting Room 5 at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards had the warp nacelles rotated 90 degrees and included additional hatches along both sides of the saucer. They are the Iconic, sentimental favorite of both Star Trek Fans and Citizens of the Federation. 22 A raised platform in the center of the lower level floor featured a diversity of electronic entertainment. [26], A close-up of the refit configuration impulse drive, The maximum warp speed recorded for this class by itself was warp 14.1, achieved by the Enterprise due to sabotage to the vessel's warp drive system. Episodes featuring other Constitution-class vessels, or the Enterprise for other series, are listed below. As a result of a later phaser exchange between the Enterprise and two Tholian ships, a hole was created through the spatial interphase, pushing the Defiant into the mirror universe. A redesigned field generator matrix was mounted into the rear wall of the chamber aboard the refit configuration Constitution-class starships. U.S.S. Vesta (Aventine • Rademaker) • Beam: (TNG: "Booby Trap"), The Defiant, an original configuration Constitution-class vessel cruising at warp in the mirror universe, The Constitution-class of starships has been fitted with both lithium and dilithium reactor circuits in the warp drive assembly over its service lifetime. [29], Deck 14, the uppermost level of the secondary hull, served as the structural support strongback of the ship, and was the anchoring framework for the connecting dorsal and the warp nacelle pylons. (TOS reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual), The Enterprise-subclass, with one more launcher than the preceding series, had a move in the torpedo launchers to an outrigged tube control room at the separation between the secondary hull and the connecting hull. Some vessels of the Achernar series, such as the USS Constitution had port and starboard upper saucer phasers as well as a forward firing phaser on the lower saucer and upper and lower saucer torpedo tubes. They were designed for long duration missions with minimal outside support and are best known for their celebrated missions of galactic exploration and diplomacy which typically lasted up to five years. Musashi • We were really drawing a lot of our materials from that. U.S.S. U.S.S. Enterprise as its most famous craft. Galaxy (Andromeda (25th century) • Celestial • Envoy • Galaxy X • Monarch cruiser • Venture cruiser • Yamato dreadnought) • The design underwent several refits in its many decades of service. Tulan NCC-1777 • Wezen NCC-1842 • Crew: The primary and secondary hulls could separate where the connecting "neck" joined the saucer, allowing either section to serve as a lifeboat if the other was too badly damaged. The Enterprise en route to Starbase 13 after a saucer separation. Development of the Constitution-class began in the 2230s when key Fleet personnel, including Admiral William Jefferies and Captain Robert April, came to see the necessity of an all-purpose vessel that could explore space while protecting Federation interests and expanding its reach. All thrust and power systems were primarily controlled from this site, and it is also where the main dilithium crystal reactor was located. Operator: Main engineering was lodged on Decks 14 and 15. The Defiant was noted to use, with dramatic effect, its rear firing phaser and torpedoes located above the secondary hull's shuttlebay, as well as the upper saucer banks. The original U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 is of this class. This page lists Constitution-class starships from Trekmania. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture; Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; Star Trek III: The Search for Spock). Active: The Excalibur was severely damaged, with all hands lost. During normal storage situations, these shuttlecraft faced aft. Starfleet authorized its Fleet Yards in San Francisco to build two vessels, with Admiral Jefferies overseeing NX 1700 -- christened Constitution -- and Captain April supervising its sister ship 1701, as yet unnamed. Fresh water storage was located on Deck 8 in the primary hull, and Deck 15 in the secondary hull. Type: Nebula (Magellan) • [29], A spacious mess hall was connected to the ship's arboretum on Deck 21, and it was in turn connected to a galley where food could be prepared without the use of food processor technology. Alcoves on either side of the landing bay provided storage for up to six standard Work Bees, and furnished all necessary recharging and refueling equipment. The aft landing bay provided personnel in small craft with a means of entering or exiting the vessel, as did docking port on either side of the level. Deflector shields Eagle NCC-956 • Owner: The separated engineering hull, using the warp drive, could maneuver at up to .98c,[32] as well as at warp speeds. U.S.S. Decks: U.S.S. Ketoi NCC-1768 • The secondary auxiliary bridge enabled command personnel to control shipboard systems in the event that the primary hull was separated or suffered severe structural or control damage. The Defiant was noted to use, with dramatic effect, its rear firing phaser and torpedoes located above the secondary hull's shuttlebay, as well as the upper saucer banks. Constitution Class Size(And size of Starships in General) Discussion in 'Trek Tech' started by Jason Thyrion, Apr 22, 2018. Capella NCC-1809 • There were also port, starboard, and midship phasers. Forrestal • Each locker contained two suits. [34][35], With the Mark III specifications, two forward-facing torpedo tubes were mounted on Deck 3, and the saucer mounted three phaser banks: two mounted on Deck 5, port and starboard, and one mounted forward on Deck 11, with the Auxiliary Fire Control room adjoining the forward phaser bank. alternate reality created by Nero's temporal incursion,, FL-6 laser weapons (6 in 3 banks, port, starboard, fore), FH-3 phasers (6 in 3 banks, port and starboard or aft, fore), FP-1 torpedo launchers (2, fore or fore and aft), FH-3 phasers (6 in 3 banks, port, starboard, fore), FH-11 phasers (6 in 3 banks, port, starboard, fore), FH-11 phasers (8 in 4 banks, port, starboard, fore, aft), {USS|Yorktown|Constitution class}} (NCC-1704 or NCC-1717). This capacity of the Enterprise was described in The Making of Star Trek, although it was never utilized in the first series." (TOS: "Balance of Terror") Without the warp reactor to power the shields, the system was not very effective in protecting the ship. (citation needed • edit), Both matter and antimatter for this chamber were contained in a series of magnetic bottles, which were housed in pods at the base of the intermix shaft. Federation, Starfleet At least one other medical lab was located elsewhere on the vessel, and was used for biopsy, among other things. (TOS: "The Doomsday Machine"). Destiny (Nimbus • Oracle • Trident) • Republic NCC-1373 (FASA). In turn, Visual Effects Art Director Nilo Rodis adopted Probert's dimension as a yardstick for the multitude of newly-introduced starships designs on the size comparison production art, he had created for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, published in a Cinefantastique article (Vol 17 #3/4, 1987, p. 77) almost a decade later, and where the size was actually disclosed to the general public for the very first time. The impulse drive had two exhaust vents in 2254, and as many as eight smaller vents in 2265. By the 24th century, the saucer separation had become a routine maneuver with Galaxy-class starships having the ability to separate their saucers, and reconnect them. The primary hull would then be controlled by the Main Bridge, while the engineering hull would be controlled by the Auxiliary Bridge on Deck 19, aft of the main deflector array.

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