Map showing portions of Alameda and Contra Costa counties, city and county of San Francisco, California, carefully compiled from official and private maps, surveys and data Relief shown by shading, hachures, and spot heights. Contra Costa County General Plan Land Use Map; Wisconsin Mound Soil Absorption System: Siting Design and Construction Manual by James C. Converse et al., January 2000; Wisconsin At-Grade Soil Absorption System: Siting, Design and Construction Manual by James C. Converse et al., January 1990; FAQs What do I need to install a septic system or water well? Provides background information on Contra Costa County and sets the stage for the General Plan goals, policies, and implementation measures. The City of Martinez provides maps through CommunityView™ Maps, a Geographical Information System (GIS), which provides detailed information about properties from a geographic perspective. CalEnviroScreen 2.0 information, including a detailed description of indicators and methodology is available at the OEHHA website. All of the EJSCREEN indicators are publicly-available data. Find the zoning of any property in Contra Costa County. We also review applications for building permits on lots served by OWTSs. A soil profile starts by excavating a trench with a backhoe usually 7 feet in depth to expose the soil layers. Benching is required at 3.5' for safety. If you cannot access CommunityView™ Maps and need information about a property, please contact the City of Martinez at 925-372-3500 or visit City Hall, located at 525 Henrietta Street. If you are thinking about making any improvements to your home or parcel, and you have a septic system, you need to have your plans reviewed by Environmental Health. OnTheMap is an online mapping and reporting application showing where workers are employed and where they live with companion reports on worker characteristics and optional filtering by age, earnings, or industry groups. The minimum distance from the well to the septic tank and leachfield is 100 feet. The information displayed by CommunityView™ Maps is provided by Digital Map Products and is not maintained by the City of Martinez. Senatorial Districts. Contra Costa County, CA ... You can customize the map before you print! CCMAP provide site specific information, including General Plan Land Use Designation. provides a large collection of online real estate maps of Contra Costa County, CA so you can rapidly view parcel outlines, address numbers, neighborhood boundaries, zip codes, school districts and, where available, the … Septic System Contractors or "Registered Installers" must possess a State of California Contractor's license (Type A, B, C-36 or C-42) to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, improve or replace an individual system, or many of the components of an individual system. Old steel tanks, thin, rusting steel or rotting homemade wood tank covers are at risk of collapse. These areas represent the 25% highest scoring census tracts in CalEnviroScreen 2.0. The purpose of the Contra Costa County General Plan is to express the broad goals and policies, and specific implementation measures, which will guide decisions on future growth, development, and the conservation of resources through the year 2020. The septic system consultants or "Registered Professional" must be a State of California Registered Environmental Health Specialist, geologist, Civil or Soils Engineer. Here you will find the Ordinances and Regulations for wells. Can I get a Map of the County? More than a property search tool, The PropertyShark maps were designed with your complete search needs in mind with more than 80 map layers developed to give you a comprehensive library to search in. Grease pumpers are regulated by the State. Cities and Towns. Bacteriological test performed by a California State Certified laboratory. Below are links on how to start that process. Wells: The Land Use Program protects the groundwater of the county by reviewing the plans for well designs, issuing permits for the construction and destruction of wells and soil borings, and conducting inspections during drilling to make sure wells and soil borings will be installed or destroyed in a way that doesn’t contaminate the county’s groundwater. A septic tank that is no longer in use may pose a safety hazard. For information regarding connecting to public sewer, click on the links below: Step II: Apply for septic tank abandonment permit How does a turn-key waterfront recr... Northern California recreational paradise just a short distance from the San Francisco Bay Area for ... LORI ABREU - Cell: 925-216-6317 - The curb appeal on this home is purely majestic. The AcreValue Contra Costa County, CA plat map, sourced from the Contra Costa County, CA tax assessor, indicates the property boundaries for each parcel of land, with information about the landowner, the parcel number, and the total acres. This Element's goals and policies include the need to preserve, conserve and efficiently manage open space within the county. Department of Water Resources Disadvantaged Communities Mapping Tool. Custom home being sold "as-is" with fire damage. This page shows a Google Map with an overlay of Contra Costa County in the state of California. Contra Costa County is located in the state of California in the United States. A well driller must posses a current C-57 (Well Drilling) License and be approved to work in Contra Costa County. Taxable property includes land and commercial properties, often referred to as real property or real estate, and fixed assets owned by businesses, often referred to as personal property. Downtown Overlay District EJSCREEN users choose a geographic area; the tool then provides demographic and environmental information for that area. Martinez, CA A new well that has been permitted and approved by the Environmental Health Division requires: (a) four hour pump test to determine if the well can produce at least 3.0 gallons per minute sustained production rate; and (b) a water bacteriological test to determine if any Coliform bacteria are present. Through the soil profile, evaluation of the soil layers will indicate the suitability of the soil for a septic system drainfield and direct observation of the pit show evidence of shallow groundwater levels or other limiting layer. DFIRM Flood Map and FIRM Panels Seller has plans for home restoration. Contra Costa County Property Records Search Links. Existing Well Contract with a licensed well driller, who is approved to work in Contra Costa County. Property Lines  Septic System Process (each step requires an application), Design of Onsite Wastewater Treatment System, Monitoring Program (if an alternative system). The area is mostly residential—although many San Francisco businesses have moved here to avoid high city taxes—and affluent, and consequently considerably more conservative. Diablo Foothills. Zoom in to parcel level, then click on a property for details. Contra Costa COUNTY The City of Martinez provides maps through CommunityView™ Maps, a Geographical Information System (GIS), which provides detailed information about properties from a geographic perspective. For more resources visit the City's downloadable forms webpage for permit applications, ordinances, residential setback information, etc. Wells and soil borings that require permits from Environmental Health: water wells, dewatering wells, monitoring wells, cathodic protection wells, geothermal wells, piezometers, inclinometers, soil vapor probes, CPTs, and soil borings including geotechnical borings. EJSCREEN simply provides a way to display this information and includes a method for combining environmental and demographic indicators into EJ indexes. Our valuation model utilizes over 20 field-level and macroeconomic variables to estimate the price of an individual plot of land. The permit application must be signed by a licensed driller and include a plot plan drawn to scale. Here are helpful links related to Land Use. C CMAP - Contra Costa County's Department of Information Technology (DOIT) hosts online mapping tool. Aerial Color Photography  A list of laboratories can be obtained in our office. The County has Land Use authority only for the unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County. Editors frequently monitor and verify these resources on … Land Use Map 1 - Current: Large - 40" x 55" PDF, 47MB. Major Districts in Contra Costa County. Click the map and drag to move the map around. Parcel Information  A registered installer doing business in Contra Costa County must have current verification of worker's compensation insurance on file with the Department if any employees work on system construction. The Contra Costa County Property Records Search (California) links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Contra Costa County public records.

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