I cut the pan and now everything sticks where the knife cuts are. I looked over at my stove and pan and there to my surprise was my $14 worth of pork loins ruined because the lid had shattered into a thousand pieces and what looked to be like a lid was only the metal top and the rim. This helpful Copper Chef cookware is furnished with a rectangular 2-piece roaster, which can substitute up to 14 different pots and pans. They told me to send them $19.99. Would he serve that slop in his own restaurant?? We have had our Copper Chefs for about 2 years! Lol, You own Every pan known to man, Really ? The small square pan is totally discolored inside and out, very disappointed with product. Just made the chicken right out of receive book it was I have the large round pan with lid ,and its great does what it says and works well on induction . Fahrenheit. They are amazing! Don’t know if this helps or not but thought I’d put it out there. I cook all the time and I use them constantly. At least then you can deal with C/S in America if something goes wrong. The pans all clean easily, no stains, scratches, blemishes, chips or any other issues. This is EXACTLY what happened to us! I use it in place of most of my pans. Your lucky the stove died, aluminum on induction can have worse results than just a stove burner failure, you can actually melt them to the stove top, or shatter the stove top, which really increases the cost to fix and risks of a fire, burns and electrocution …. I’d say try it. that I have always used, but I was wrong, everything I have tried has been very good. WHAT!!!! This is what makes your site and reviews bogas!!! I have have the copper chef square pan and love it. So, i got fed up and asked for my money back – they have an advertised 90 day money back guarantee – right? For those of u with sticking problems / question. I seasoned it and used it once following all the directions. So now I have a cupboard full of crap and am cooking with 17 yrs old camping equipment That came as a large set for less than $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine pans and lid are heavy and substantial. We do NOT have the technology to make entropy go away. I bought my daughter in law a set and she loves them too! I also looked for reviews and couldn’t find any other information. I have owned and used the large set plus added more to the original set purchased! just hit up a yard sale grab a cast iron pan for like $5 and you’ll never need a replacement, you can even leave it in your will for your kids… ( and it’s cheaper then the cost of shipping that junk back, just toss it in the recycle bag, and if it will make you feel better, you first take your cast iron pan and flatten that other junk pan with it, which is easy and very rewarding ). It cleaned right up only using dawn and a sponge. Not worth the stress. Lucky it was under an extended warranty. That’s why she called the customer service and asked specifically whether it was made out of copper/tin, copper aluminum construction. Well then, what the hell good is a pan that limits the type of oil you can use in a particular recipe?? Do not buy this product! Well, the instructions on the box call for 1/2 cup of oil, 1 1/4 cups of water and 3 eggs. Are you sure you had the Copper Chef brand and not the Red Copper brand? I just saw the infomercial and thought this seemed like a good deal. What a piece of junk. We are! I was going to make my dog and I some grilled cheeses before going to work but after reading all these reviews, Im afraid too. Seasoning is a myth that actually ruins modern non-stick surfaces. Good job every thing sticks to these pans, I hope the eggs held it together when it exploded …. It is nothing it says it is . Scratches were evident with the first use. I didn’t check the “copper” factor, but I will now after reading these comments. I use my pan alot and they work perfectly. I’m totally floored at any negative reviews of Copper Chef. I love my pans. Thank you again for taking the time to produce this review page. I use mine every single morning and love it. He tried making eggs on medium temperature, but they stuck and had a metallic taste. I did have a hard time cleaning the glass lid but I’d give the pot 4.5 stars easy. The other word “too” means also. They look like overcooked colorless mush! Copper Chef XL 11” Casserole 5-Piece Set is one cookware set that gives you the flexibility to perform different functions simultaneously. While performing the research for Copper Chef Titan Pan Reviews, we found that the product is 9.5″ Copper Chef Titan Pan with lid. ( And my recommendation to any one who doesn’t believe us is simple, buy them from a store like COSTCO, hang on to the receipt, you’ll need it in less then a month to return the item, when you see with your own eyes, what the posters here have said time and time again these pans really do suck. The commercial shows someone just wiping it out What a joke! I have check her inbox 2 days after she spoken to him, and she still haven’t receive any email statements or refund her money. This review is garbage. On the inside and outside. You people are horrible for making me stay on the phone for 30 mins. However they can withstand all the heat the oven can throw at them! I will tell ‘ll my friends and clients to say clear from this crap! It has some design flaws – Ashton who reviewed Copper Chef complained in his review that there are some good things about this pan but overall he is not so happy with its design. WORSE PAN EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry I did not research the product before ordering. Copper Chef Pro is an eight-piece heavy duty pan set that meets all your essential cooking needs. This round frying pan unit comes complete with a My recommendation, go to Marshall’s/Home Goods for quality cookware at great prices. You have to use them as directed! Decades of scientific studies prove it. I never got a recipe book or cooking info. I have used mine for several weeks, and have no problem. The technician who tried to fix my stove told me that he has seen this before. “Some people can ruin anything .” So in 2018 why can’t they make them to last, we do posses the technology, really we do, and they didn’t seem to have much of an issue doing that in 1918, but in 1918 they also didn’t operate businesses to go bankrupt, trying to take advantage of short term realized profits, and paid posters.. Also don’t “love” them to much as they will lose that loving feeling pretty quick when the coating peels off and then you might not “love” the after effects of what is really in the coating now in your body, and your Son’s body… Personally I’ll stick with real Copper that has been tin plated and Cast Iron it’s worked for Centuries and it will continue to work great for centuries, I don’t need some foreign company feeding me overpriced toxic junk that might only make it a month, and leave you with future health complications, but enjoy your chicken, steak, pot roast, bacon and soup, and I’ll keep on trying to ruin my cast iron that is older then me, I’ve even used a knife to cut things in the pans and metal spatulas and one even came out of a complete house fire and I haven’t had any luck yet.. Some thick reinforced Teflon coatings (such as Whitford’s Quantanium) can withstand blunt metal utensils, but no current ceramic coating can.

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