In accordance with FIG’s requirements, Premier submitted the project’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), covering the Phase 1 development activities, for a 42-day public consultation starting in January 2018. In doing so, our Corporate EHS Policy complements the Responsible Sourcing Principles of our Group Procurement function. Beginning January 2018, all of the electricity from our facilities worldwide You can change which cookies are set at any time - and find out more about them in our cookie policy. Figure 8: Intensity of discharges to air in 2018 (tonnes per thousand tonnes of production and tonnes per well drilled). While standards provide an operational framework, guidelines present an overarching outline of our company’s position on a specific issue. Only small volumes are reinjected. This increase reflects the inclusion of diesel use at the Catcher field, Holderness Offshore recommended Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ), Holderness Inshore Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ), particularly the stony reefs and geological clay ridge features, Souther North Sea Harbour Porpoise Special Area of Conservation (SAC), Coastal processes and sediment movement along the Holderness coastline, Bird colonies within the Humber Estuary SAC and within Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), Potential Sabellaria spinulosa biogenic reefs along the pipeline route which, due to their low quality aggregations, do not qualify as reefs, Micro-siting of the pipeline route to avoid crossing as many clay ridges as possible within the Holderness Inshore MCZ, Optimising the pipeline installation methodology to avoid multiple movements of excavated clays from within the MCZ, Committing to the use of vibratory, rather than percussive, piling methods for works along the beach to minimise noise impacts to Little Tern colonies in the Humber Estuary SAC and surrounding protected areas. SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, Merck Corporate Responsibility Report 2018, provisions for environmental impact mitigation, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building, and Nuclear Safety, nexxar - digital reporting evolved - Online Report, Performance of environmental and safety audits, Consulting for investments, process development and acquisitions. I am pleased to welcome you to Provident Financial’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report. We are a longstanding participant of the CDP. The assessment strategy is designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their achievement regarding the learning outcomes. In-class tests are scheduled/organised separately to taught content and will be published on to student personal timetables, where they apply to taken modules, as soon as they are finalised by central administration. This term stands for all necessary measures and governance activities to detect, analyze, handle, and mitigate security- and crime-based threats to the company. These compromised: All our operations maintain comprehensive spill contingency plans. 39 NOx, SOx and VOCs have been calculated on the basis of standard emission factors from UKOOA (now Oil & Gas UK) EEMS Guidelines for the Compilation of Atmospheric Emissions Inventory, 2002. This helps to protect employees as well as the tangible and intangible assets of the company. This provides information on the environmental performance of operations on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). Clingfilm, Foil, Parchment & Greaseproof Paper, Food Innovation Centre & Development Chef. All incidents are logged Group-wide and reported to the Executive Board every six months. The assessments address our: During this systematic process, we assess the impacts of our proposed activities, and consider how they can be reduced to a level that is ‘as low as reasonably practicable’ (ALARP). A breakdown of selected emissions to air is set out in Figure 7. other indirect emissions, such as transport-related activities and accommodation): 866 tonnes from global business travel and accommodation (2017: 666 tonnes), In the case of gas, exported, used by the facility itself as fuel gas, re-injected or, to the extent it cannot be put to any of these uses, flared, In the case of water (known as ‘produced water’), it is either re-injected into the reservoir to maintain underground pressure or it is cleaned, filtered and then discharged into the sea, an increase in oil in produced water at our Indonesia asset due to well workover campaigns, periodic back flushing of the produced water treatment equipment across all our facilities, 15 spills released 0.4 tonnes of hydrocarbons (2017: 12 spills/1.9 tonnes), 8 spills released 2.3 tonnes of chemicals (2017: 22 spills/12.3 tonnes), A release of brine from a well bore during well abandonment activities in Vietnam, A release of glycol from a pipeline umbilical in the UK, A release of sodium hypochlorite from ballast water caisson due to a failed injection line in the UK. Sign up for Email Alerts The report focuses on our current progress, documenting and assessing the work EHS has accomplished. The module adopts a case-based learning strategy that presents, after a lecture on the material, a case (often using videos) that offers direct application of the learnt concepts and ideas. The strategy was also re-positioned as Premier’s ‘Climate Change Strategy’ to support the more holistic management of greenhouse gas emissions as a whole.

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