Call for an appointment: 931-624-5761 If you see pollution in the river, don’t let it go unreported. The Cumberland has been highly commended for its customer service and its community involvement at the Mortgage Finance Gazette awards, held virtually on Wednesday 18 November. The primary sources of fecal pollution in the upper Cumberland River drainage at this time were (1) improperly operating municipal WWTPs, (2) package treatment plants, (3) bypassing lift stations, and (4) illegal (straight pipe) discharges of untreated waste from private homes. TN 37143-0247 615 353-7805 email: savethecumberland Save the Cumberland Web Page. Join the Cumberland River Compact as we dive into Creek Critters and how we use benthic macro-invertebrates to determine stream health! The Cumberland River watershed covers more than 18,000 square miles located in portions of southeast Kentucky, north-central Tennessee, and western Kentucky. UPDATE: The Cumberland County Board of Commissioners voted Monday to extend public water lines to Alderman and Gray’s Creek elementary … The main stem of the river begins near Harlan, Kentucky and stretches for 697 miles before spilling into the Ohio River near Smithland, Kentucky. 1. West Fork Red River - (Red River Mile 1.2) - Mouth to Mile 7.4 (Head of Slackwaters of Barkley Lake). If you have any concerns about the quality of your drinking water, don’t hesitate to test it as to better understand if there’s a problem. While this is a major concern in today’s day and age, don’t overlook the fact that there are many problems with pollution in rivers across the country. ��u���Bb�z�&e 3Me ���jL|]�L���/. Despite that, homebuilding there is booming. 1951, No. h�b```� �������bL, �T�I��7��� ����٣y�5��m�8���:K�1� ͻ7?�ѻ�.��"��nC΂��M�\���Z4���r�Q�T��P�&��9��Nl���D4��[����z��@�B�ޟ�P�b���^��0h_ ����tYH31$|�1p30h��, q&10={��H � ��z� In 2015, the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation notified some local homeowners that recent tests detected hexavalent chromium – which is commonly found in coal ash – in the water. 0 Coal ash has the potential to seep below the pond, which results in groundwater contamination, If a wet-storage pond wall fails to hold up, large amounts of toxic waste can reach the local area, which includes the Cumberland River. The toxic coal ash produced by the Gallatin plant is disposed of in wet-storage ponds, but that doesn’t tell the entire story. Indeed, primary production can reach as high as 2079 mg C m-3 d-1 in the Changjiang River plume region, mostly induced by high rates of riverine nutrient supply (e.g., Gong et al., 2003; Gong Furthermore, the installation of a whole house water filtration system may be just what you need to put your mind at ease. From campaigns to plant more trees, to adopting a stream, to sustainable agriculture, we work tirelessly to provide resources for change. The mission is to protect the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers from pollution via enforcement and education. Problems and Pollution Associated with Rivers, Especially the Cumberland River, on Problems and Pollution Associated with Rivers, Especially the Cumberland River. H�|W�n�H��C��#s�6��&H����&[R'$�a�R4_?����b)�4,���T����^��bP��+z�h6�EJ�0J���(��&�l��2����dM�m�*�\�}S[�`���呞D���F���⇍��\���F|FS�> g� 9���/~��������‚Q܇����0���?�$S�ӽ��Jׅ���7�W��"�e�|�g:A0�L]���>ñM�E��Q��V�t���q�/�m6R�F�%}F�6�����T����-% �}.��[�(������-}ߨ&_����mc�6_8�׎�1�w8�}N�k)�=�P�m.�O5��t0�������TW��E�w�`2�� g�3l��S E� Nonpoint Source Program, EPA Section 319. In the mountains along Martin's Fork or near the gap in Middlesborough, the largest town in the watershed for the falls. The Cumberland River Board was constituted by the Cumberland River Board Constitution Order, 1951 (S.I. The City of Gallatin lists TVA’s power plant as a primary threat to its drinking water supply, which is withdrawn from the Cumberland River less than one and one-half miles downstream of the leaking coal ash pits. ��0$ڱ ��� 9���tcQ�6�p��Gɥ��c0���U��Ux� The Cumberland River Board Area was defined by the Cumberland River Board Area Order, 1950 (S.I. What are the common contaminants in Nashville water? Throughout the Cumberland River Basin, we partner with organizations and other entities looking to positively impact our water quality. With all of these concerns, several conservation groups have stepped up and filed a lawsuit against the Tennessee Valley Authority. “These unpermitted discharges, or ‘seeps,’ consist of contaminants that leak … directly into the Cumberland River.” Tests by both the TVA and independent labs … If a wet-storage pond wall fails to hold … h�bbd``b`�$N F#k�u H������`c`d��(� � � � Cumberland Fossil Plant is a pulverized coal-fired power station located west of Cumberland City, Tennessee, USA, on the south bank of Lake Barkley on the Cumberland River.Owned and operated by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), it has a gross capacity of 2,470 MW, and is the most powerful power station in Tennessee. SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Dirty Dozen, an annual report card on the health of waterways throughout Georgia, says there are still serious … High fishery yield is normally supported by high primary production and abundant food sources from lower trophic levels (Caddy, 1993; Xu et al., 2004). 174 0 obj <> endobj ABOUT THE UPPER CUMBERLAND RIVER WATERSHED. What are the benefits of drinking more water? When most people think about pollution, the first thing that comes to mind is air quality. Tennessee Riverkeeper is seeking to reduce sewage pollution in the Cumberland Valley, … Red River (CRM 125.3) - Mouth to Mile 76.5 (Prices Mill Dam). Box 247 Pegram. 180 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5A5A92AED12B68CB02728ABA07DAA83B>]/Index[174 10]/Info 173 0 R/Length 50/Prev 187713/Root 175 0 R/Size 184/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream This is just one example of how pollution can impact rivers, which can in turn impact drinking water quality and the health of local residents. 1950, No. The Gallatin plant, located along the Cumberland River near Gallatin, Tennessee, has been a target for environmentalists for years. “Sewage is one of the biggest pollution threats to the Cumberland River. Gass Blvd. There are two problems with this method of disposing toxic waste: The toxic waste output and storage at the Gallatin plant has become a major concern for local residents, as many of them rely on water from private wells.

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