As mentioned in the Curry Leaf Buying Guide, make sure you have a space to store the plant indoors during winter months. As any infestation, the effects could be devasted as it could stop the growth of your plants. Deep watering once a week should be enough. The Curry leaf plant can be infested with bugs such as Scales, Spider mites, Whiteflies, Aphids, and Fungus gnats while indoors. Do not fertilize the young plant for the first 6 months. Your email address will not be published. If the infestation is heavy, follow up with a routine spray of insecticidal soap. I reside at Delhi, India and am a lawyer by profession. Your posts contain details with precision. You may find this Neem oil spray recipes for plants helpful. Remove stems that have lost the leaves. It needs full sun and moderate watering to thrive. Curry Leaf plant, or Kaddi Patta, is native to the tropical part of India and Southern Asia. If needed, lightly prune the plant to make the size suitable for indoor storage. how do I prepare a neem oil spray for my curry plant……It has aphids on it and spider mites as well. Hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 12, curry leaf plants are generally grown as potted plants … There are a few ways to get around this. 9. If still have question, please let me know. If stored inside, make sure the plant is not in the direct draft of the heat vent. Share the link of this article on your Facebook page or gardening group. Now I am trying to make growing of plants as a hobby and have planted a few more with herbal utility. homemade and other natural fertilizers for the curry leaf plant, 3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Curry Leaf Plant, 10 super easy steps for successful seed starting every time, Vegetable Garden Fertilizer Chart (Printable), How To Grow [Bell / Hot] Pepper Plant For Massive Yield, Best [Natural & Homemade] Fertilizers For Curry Leaf Plant, Scales, Spider Mites, White Flies, Fungus Gnats. I’m analytical by nature, an IT-nerd by profession and a gardener by choice. Start by removing old, yellow leaves. For the rest of the plant, even if the scales are gone, you still have the task of cleaning sticky plant leaves. Planting with Foresight Purchase resistant varieties of plants. Apply Neem oil soil drench with Peppermint oil at the surface of the potting soil. But make sure the spray doesn’t get on other surfaces like wall, floor or table. The sticky residue on the leaves and floor is what they secrete and is referred to as sticky honeydew. I have neem oil from India… smells horrible! Too often people only look at the top leaves. British mistook ‘curry’ to mean spicy/ spice (for, gravy is usually spicy and is called masala) and named the plant curry leaf/plant, and the name stuck. Curry Leaf plant, or Kaddi Patta, is native to the tropical part of India and Southern Asia. Apply a horticultural oil or soap to the plant – it won’t get through the scales’ armor but it will stop them from breathing through it. Harvesting. So, unless you have a specific reason to grow the curry leaf seeds, promptly remove the flower buds from the plant. It is impressive that you are placed in North Carolina and yet the posts are fit for Indian environment and availability of things here. My interest in growing plants had started with Curry Leaf plant as I wanted it for my personal use and therefore, this was my first plant. Work from the top of the plant downwards to avoid wiping dust onto clean leaves. I am actually living in Valencia Spain and last September i bought a curry leaf plant from Reunion island on a visit and it is about 10 inches tall.Since January it has lost its leaves and now its small branches too first the leaves becoming yellowish then a bit dark or brownish.Now i only have the stem ( small trunk) in photo nº 1 You may have to repeat these process every couple of weeks to get all the insects. (Look up the expected. About the Curry Leaf Herb The curry leaf tree (Murraya koenigii) is a small bush or tree that only grows 13 … Wait until you see flower clusters (which happens sometime in late spring). Curry Leaf plant loves full sun. Though the name suggests association with the Neem tree, actually curry leaf plant is a tropical tree of the citrus family ( Rutaceae ), such as lime. Sign up for our newsletter. Geography/History Since there are no natural predators indoors to control the population of these bugs, they multiply rapidly. The plant is older than me and I'm in my mid-20's. If needed, re-pot the curry leaf plant in early fall. Different parts of the word experience seasons during different months. This significantly slows down the growth of the plant. Alternatively, quickly jump to a particular section if you want to look up what to do during that season. Sick Curry Leaf (Murraya koenigii) Plants Answered by: Conrad Richter Question from: Venkat Nandam Posted on: June 10, 2003 I have two curry leaf plants (Murraya koenigii) which were given to me as a gift. Neem oil does not have pleasant smell. First, check to see if it is scale that is causing your sticky plant foliage. I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina (Zone 7b) with my loving family and my adorable dog Bowser. Cause of Sticky on House Plant Leaves. Fertilizers force the plant to put out new leafy growth, which is very sensitive to cool air. Curry Leaf Plant will die if it is exposed to the freezing temps. Curry Leaf plant or Curry Leaf tree is an easy to grow herb in your garden. It’s best to get rid of them if you can. ), don’t prune the plant in spring. It cannot survive cold weather without protection. Well, the sticky leaves on indoor plants could be a sign of scales infestation. Here is a list of tips to care for your Curry Leaf Plant during Summer. Using a soft cloth or cotton swab, apply 2 tsp. And that is present on the leaves. There you have it! The mold may cover an entire leaf surface or appear in spots, depending on the severity of the problem. Research the type of tree or plant that … For most of the Curry leaf plant owners, caring for a Curry Leaf Plant is nothing sort of caring for a pet! If the edges of the pot or area around the pot feel sticky to the touch, that’s a sure sign of bug infestation.

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