…. Det Danske Bibelselskab  |  Frederiksborggade 50  |  1360 København K  |  mail@bibelselskabet.dk  |  +45 33 12 78 35  |  CVR: 62905115 | Kontonr. By clicking "I Accept" or by using our site, you consent to the use of cookies. As in this case, trading “Israel” for “us” is not simply replacing one word for another; it switches the concept. En af Bibelen 2020-oversætterne, Søren Holst, aflægger rapport. Q. In a statement released Wednesday, the Danish Bible Society said the accusations of censorship were “fake news” and said the translation, known as The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020, still includes numerous references to Israel. ". Report: Russia Will Vaccinate Minks to Prevent Coronavirus Mutations, Meet Trio of Petah Tikvah Brothers Who Ride EMT Ambucycles Together, IAF Pilot, Cadet Killed in Single-Engine Plane Crash, Israeli Epileptic Patient Gets Innovative Pacemaker to Manage Illness, Sderot HaYovel: Quality Housing in Central Jerusalem is Within Reach, HealthEat Delivers Precision Meals to Clients Who Know What They Need and Want, Rashida Tlaib Dog Whistles Dual Loyalty at Tony Blinken, Shin Bet Geolocation Sends You to Quarantine Even If You Only Spoke to Corona Patient on the Phone. New Danish Bible Ignores the Word ‘Israel’, Copyright © 2020 Christian News Journal. Alle personer i lejlighedskomplekset blev evakueret, og brandvæsnet fik slukket branden i lejligheden, inden den …, Efter nogle dages tavshed om sagen har Venstres næstformand Inger Støjberg tirsdag valgt at kommentere den kritik det vakte, at hun i weekenden tog ordene “dræn sumpen” i sin mund, da hun talte ved en …. While Israel remains G-d’s first love, the nations were never excluded from divine love; it was conferred on the world by the Messiah Jesus, who was a Jew, and his Jewish disciples. In addition, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of American published two documents, denouncing Luther’s antisemitic teachings (1994) and establishing good relations with the Jewish community (1998). til Stigende interesse i kolonihavehuse – hvad bør man vide som køber? All Rights Reserved, Israel Approves Housing Settlement Named after President Trump. The Danish Bible Society has been listening to the critique raised, and in a new printrun there will be changes in The New Testament where Israel undoubtedly refers to a geographical area such as e.g. Jan Frost presented the details of the fake Bible on his Facebook page. “Israel” and “the Israelites“ is still the name of the people of whom Jacob became the founding father through his twelve sons. The name Israel goes back to the beginning of Jewish history when G-d called Jacob “Israel” (Gen 32:28). Danish Christians protested vehemently. And Jonathan, Welcome You Home – The Walter Bingham File [audio], The Yishai Fleisher Show on JewishPress.com. Admittedly, the mode of replacement has been an attraction throughout history, for Christians and Muslims. The man called him Israel, because it means “God’s warrior”. 13 i tirsdag den …, 550 bilister nøjedes ikke med at køre bil, da de kørte bil i uge 47. I do not claim to read that language, so I have not been able to read it myself. The Society appears to be emulating the current social attitude that develops from the anti-Israelism of Muslim immigrants and that is picked up by other Danish parts of society. Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II is our patron. Is Egypt today the same Egypt we read about in the Bible? The Danish Bible Society is a non-profit, ecumenical and church-based institution. Christina J Moore | Misunderstanding the Middle East. The omissions occurred in a project entitled “Bibelen 2020” (2020 Bible) which was published earlier this year under the supervision of the society. The Danish Bible Society is a founding member of United Bible Societies (UBS). Is Greece today what it was in the days of Paul? Read more: Australian online media Eternity covers the debate. A: No, the words “Jew”, “Jewish” and “the Jews” are mentioned more than five hundred times in The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020. Additionally, according to Zechariah 8:23Open in Logos Bible Software (if available), we know this: “Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘In those days ten men from all the nations will grasp the garment of a Jew, saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”‘”. Hos Danske BOLIGadvokater oplever man en stigende interesse for køb af sommer- og kolonihavehuse. Why is “Israel” only mentioned once in The New Testament in The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020? Send besked via formular/ Afmeld notifikationer om nye artikler. The Danish Bible Society has launched a new translation of the Bible that removes the word “Israel” from the New Testament. How about the word “Israel” in The Old Testament in The Contemporary Danish Bible 2020? Hvis du fortsætter med at bruge dette site vil vi antage at du er indforstået med det. Trump and Israel: True Love or Biblical Obligation? The bowdlerizing of sacred history, as DBS does, brings with it the danger of developing idolatry. Recently, the Danish Bible Society published a new Bible known as “The Bible 2020.” It is currently only available in Danish but has already been reviewed by a few people. Foto: Niclas Jessen Politiet gennemførte i …, Flere internationale medier melder om skyderi ved en synagoge i Wien. Det er første gang siden 1992, at Bibelselskabet udgiver en ny oversættelse af hele Bibelen. This means that many things are translated differently than in traditional Bible Translations. About 60 references to the land of Israel have been removed from the new translation of “Bible 2020”. Vi ville gerne tilbyde hele avisen GRATIS! “Israel” is also the name of one of the two kingdoms that arose after the death of Solomon. Klik her, hvis du vil opsige dit abonnement. Let us turn, then, to the Lutheran umbrella organization, the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). This comes with high-profile disputes over dress codes (ongoing since 2005), Muhammad cartoons (ongoing since 2005), Islamism and terrorism (since 2014), and citizenship laws (since 2018). Hitler Would Be Very Proud of the Aalst Carnival in Belgium, Victoria Spartz, GOP Congresswoman-Elect in Indiana’s Fifth District: ‘God Is Our Protector and Strength’. In light of the critique raised The Danish Bible Society will carefully consider if specific verses in The New Testament need a revision. Læs mere: "Danish Bible that removed Israel is not antisemitic argues columnist" – læs artikel fra The Jerusalem Post. Publishing a Bible that erases Israel is sending a clear message to the Jewish people, “We the Christians do not think that Israel is important enough to remain in the Bible.” It is a short road between a Bible without Israel and a world without Jews. Upon His return, He will establish His messianic kingdom with His people among which the Jews will be the head and not the tail. The original recipient, Israel, has been replaced and robbed of its privileges. A: No. A new official translation of the Bible into Danish arouses wonder among religious people. If the Bible excludes Israel or at the very least redefines it, it simplifies the job of those who want to rewrite history. • Its publishers are guilty of double-standards: One of the main reasons given for the new alteration is that biblical Israel is very different from Modern Israel and modern Jews are different from ancient Israelites. Why are the words “Egypt” or “Greek” remaining in this new Bible? Regeringen forklæder sort skattereform som grøn omstilling, Israel er bedst for kvindelige iværksættere, Massiv opbakning til Trump bekymrer Demokraterne, Man kan ikke længere stole på et korrupt system, SSI’s forudsigelser rammer helt ved siden af, Socialdemokratiet øger fattigdom og ulighed, Mundbind på offentlige steder bør afskaffes, Mette F. burde erkende sit ansvar og trække sig, Regulært retsstatsligt kollaps og myndighedsovergreb, Demonstrationer mod regeringens brud på Grundloven, SSI er underlagt politisk kontrol og styring, Aftale mellem Region Hovedstaden og Tivoli forlænges, Bach-forestilling vinder stor international pris, Demonstration påvirker trafikken i København, RYSTENDE VIDEO! Therefore the word “Israel” in the Greek text has been translated in other ways, so that the reader understands it is referring to the Jewish people. Scan this QR code to visit this page online: ? How Would Biden Treat Israel, Iran, if He Wins? The principle of translating Israel as ”the Jewish people” or ”the Jews” will however be upheld where it is referring to the people. DBS Bible 2020 is an assault on the faiths of both Jews and Christians, and an attack on the history of the Jewish State of Israel as well as on the Jewish people. I am always very reluctant to write a commentary on anything that I cannot source beyond the shadow of a doubt. The reason why I am making an exception is that a myriad of news outlets and ministries have already expressed their concern about the new Bible. 550 fik bøder for at bruge mobiltelefon under kørsel, VIDEO: Wien under angreb, skyderi ved synagoge – 4 meldes dræbt, flere sårede, 78-årig dømt tre år og ni måneders fængsel, 33-årig tiltalt: Påstod han kunne slette andres gæld, De unge skaber forventninger om rekordsalg til Black Friday, Lokal redningstjeneste glæder sig over muligt burhøneforbud.

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