Q:  The brand name is very different and no longer says “HA”. I am using Nan optipro someone bought me Nan perlagon . After 6month im giving lactogen stage 2 because my baby doesn't like the taste of nan2. 21k 13 13 gold badges 51 51 silver badges 61 61 bronze badges. Indeed, the test x!=x is true if and only if the value of x is NaN. The new packaging design and name will affect NAN OPTIPRO HA 1 Gold, NAN OPTIPRO HA 2 Gold and NAN OPTIPRO HA 3 Toddler There is no change to the formulation. If your baby is already on a formula, alternating between the old and new formulas may help with this transition. Vee D asked 3 months ago. Babies are more likely to have lactogen than nan. Thus i had the query. If you think your baby has sensitive skin, you need to read this and take this quiz! If you have any questions related to the pricing and/or discount offered in a particular listing, please contact the seller for that listing. Trending Questions. CERELAC Baby Food ... Nestlé NAN SUPREME 1, Starter Infant Formula Powder From Birth – 800g. Q: The stage 1 and stage 2 product no longer say “Gold”. Can i mix NAN SUPREME 1 with NAN AR(anti reflux) in ratios like 3:3 or 2:4 ? 900g. Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 3, Toddler Milk Drink From 1 Year – 800g. Vee D asked 3 months ago. Add to basket. A:  We are changing the brand name from NAN OPTIPRO HA to NAN Supreme to improve the distinction between the ranges in our portfolio, making it is easier to find your brand on shelf. Nan optipro one has a special protein-based formula. Q: I have bought NAN Supreme instead of NAN OPTIPRO. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? NAN HA has a higher concentration of Vitamins and minerals and I think it has HHA and DHA (I stand to be corrected)but some babies can fidn this too rich (like my son did) he was on S26 Gold and it gave him cramps etc but S26 didn't. Nan can be recommended. Tell us which option best reflects your child's progress When i exclusively went to formula i noticed my baby had terrible wind and was very gasy. Nutritional level has just little differences. Difference between nan optipro and nan ha. They both are Nestle brand. More. A: NAN Supreme is a partially hydrolysed formula from cow’s milk, whereas NAN OPTIPRO is an intact formula (non-hydrolysed whey/casein) from cow’s milk. NAN Lactose-Free Infant Formula is specially formulated to help with the nutritional needs of infants suffering from lactose intolerance and diarrhoea. Yesterday gusto nanaman niya magmilk pinilit namin siya. His poo's… Read more, My baby was put on this in hospital, so i decided to continue it when we got home. We strive to make positive contributions to society - for the farmers who grow our ingredients, the communities where we live and work, and the planet. Nan HA Gold is Hypo-allergenic, which helps to reduce the effects of allergys like excema. Hi, My son is 5 months old.I am giving him NAN PRO 1 as milk supplement now. We have tried to answer some of the questions you might have below. Press alt + / to open this menu. NAN HW in general is OK kasi hypoallergenic milk sya. The new packaging design and name will affect NAN OPTIPRO HA 1 Gold, NAN OPTIPRO HA 2 Gold, NAN OPTIPRO HA 3 Toddler, and NAN OPTIPRO HA 4 Toddler. NAN SUPREME 1 is nutritionally complete for healthy infants from birth. Nestlé NAN OPTIPRO 3, Toddler Milk Drink From 1 Year – 800g. A: There has been no change to the formulation. Add to basket. difference between nan pro and nan optipro: Nan sensitive is for babies with digestive issues or they can't digest cow based formula. No answers. It can be used from birth to 36 months. For this to work we first need to find the model of the computer we want to apply the drivers to. What's the difference between Nan Supreme and Nan Optipro? Which stage is your child currently in? My translation of the Nido ingredients was first the powdered milk, second a corn product, then the next 3 was some form of sugar.

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