Digital mixing desks on the other hand can look very different from each other, each with their own unique set of functions for the user’s benefit. Oh, wait…. For most home studios however, you may actually not need a mixer but rather an Audio Interface. Click here to visit now! It is then captured by allowing the signal to vibrate the microphone capsule, and that energy is converted into an electrical signal that can be sent down a cable. it exists in physical space. Analog mixers (depending on how many inputs) can vary anywhere between £100 to several thousand pounds, whereas digital mixers will generally be at least £500+ (and usually have at least 12 inputs). The truth is, most mixing engineers actually use a hybrid system in practice. Turning your attention to the drums, you notice that the snare is lacking a bit of punch, so you decide to beef it up a bit using your 1176. Problem is, you’re out of EQ bands. In addition to having many more effects than analog mixers, some digital mixers even offer amp simulation, meaning that taking a guitar or bass amp to the gig might not be as necessary anymore. So unless you already have the gear or really want that analog sound (which a lot of people do prefer!) It looks very cool!). Analog will almost always be the easier to use for a novice, and for technicians that might have to work with lots of different desks. Usually the digital mixing desk’s motorised faders will be mapped to the faders in the software available, which doesn’t seem like much, but it really can make a difference in a recording session since it’s all linked together – especially considering moving a fader at a glance will take far less time than adjusting it in software. Sound after all does not exist naturally in 1s and 0s, it is a vibration that travels through the air, i.e. The last, and possibly most useful part is that these scene recalls can be saved to memory sticks, just another step to ensure that the show will go on no matter what. In an analog studio it’s a little bit more subjective – just like using the mixing desks live you’ll need to decide if you want your processing to be done within the one mixing desk, or if you want lots of hardware to do each specific job. Sorry, analog devotees, digital wins here too. But something isn’t quite right, the vocal track needs more presence in the 5kHz area. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. Should you mix in the analog or digital realm? Analog is generally what most people think of when they think mixing desk. Analog and Digital consoles, while essentially doing the same thing, work in a very different way, and this is what I will cover in this article. If you run out of bands (unlikely), you simply add another EQ plugin. Each of the 16 inline channel strips includes a Class-A Audient mic … On the other hand, if you’re touring with the same band, then having the option to save the settings as presets will probably yield much quicker results since you can simply recall those settings right before the show starts. Mixers should reflect that life, not reduce it. In practice, most people may not be able to really tell the difference between tracks mixing in the new fancy digital vs those in an analog mixer. Which mixer is better? The simple fact that DAWs typically cost around $200-500 where mixing desks are in the thousands is enough to make the point, but the fact that DAWs also come with a ton of free plugins at this price really seals the deal. You dial in a bit of presence and everything is sounding great. An analog mixer is different from a digital mixer! In the analog realm, this signal is then captured on tape by manipulating small magnetic particles which represent the waveform and can be read back by the tape player. This USB-equipped mixer has 10 inputs and built-in effects, perfect for those who are looking for a compact solution on… This one may involve doing some processing inside the DAW, and some using outboard gear. Only Astounded offer you free delivery on all orders over £40 to UK mainland addresses, Unit 18 Lake Enterprise Park, The pricing difference does make more sense when you factor in the amount of extra features the digital mixers come with, they will include lots of DFX which includes reverb, compression, digital EQ, gates, and more. Plug your source into the top, adjust your gain underneath, then finally fine tune the volume at the bottom. Learn more. Credit is subject to status & any other post CC approval checks that needs to be carried out. On the other hand, Digital Mixing consoles come with a lot more features, such as effects, but accessing them isn’t as fast since you have to select one channel and then add all the effects before moving on to the next one. Better even. All you need is a slightly new laptop or computer and a DAW for your digital work. Sure, we all love a great big mixing desk, some sexy outboard compressors and a solid spring reverb unit, but the reality is that this is out of the reach of many of us, professional engineers and bedroom enthusiasts alike. One last point to make is that dust and dirt can affect the faders and the knobs, which can make these mixers more susceptible to noise, and this doesn’t happen within a digital environment. Lancashire, LA1 3NX. Analog refers to physical equipment such as mixing desks, outboard compressors, an elaborate console, and effects. Click here to get in touch to find out more, Click here to Ask The Wizard for expert technical advice. No problem! For most live applications, I think that analog consoles win, especially if you’re using it to mix different musicians/bands over the course of the night. Depends on the mixer, but more than analog consoles. For a fast workflow, analog mixers tend to be better, while digital mixers are more versatile. Required fields are marked *. Click Here to sign up for our VIP Club Mailing List! There are many mixers that are capable of doing this, be it analog or digital, and some can also record to an SD card (some mixers can do both at the same time). They are just that good. You drop in an EQ plugin below and cut, filter, and boost as necessary. Compared with analog mixers, digital live sound mixing consoles are extremely flexible and incredibly compact. Best Home Studio Mixers; Analog & Digital, differences between an Audio Interface and a mixer. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Both ProTools and Logic (if not others, even better ones), come with a FREE 1176 emulator plugin that does an insanely good job. Inputs can be assigned to different channels. Good thing you’ve got an outboard EQ unit. Professional mixing desks can be seriously expensive, but the ASP4816 offers professional level analogue mixing plus big console workflow in a compact and more affordable format. then both analog and digital desks are just acting as a way to get sound into your computer. Signal processing is easy because each input relates directly to the channel it’s in line with, this basically means that if you plugged a microphone into input ‘1’, then the whole first channel on the desk will affect that microphone and only that microphone. Analog Vs Digital Mixers; Here are the Differences! Start by asking yourself what you want your mixer to do. That Urei 1176 we mentioned before? Digital mixers trumps analog mixers. In short, a digital console adds a lot more versatility but makes the workflow slower in most cases. Where digital mixers excel the most, at least in my opinion, is the remote-control feature; most of these consoles allow you to control the mixer with an app via an iPad or Tablet device, and you can connect multiple of them at the same time. Read also: Best Home Studio Mixers; Analog & Digital. All of the processes you apply in the box are a series of algorithms (again 1s and 0s) that imprint changes on the audio track to produce the desired result in your digital world!

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