Generally feel satisfied with the service there, and they are very experienced and great quality. For other renovation costs, please contact us with details for estimates. With more than 30 years of experience in this field, Teck Lee Carpenters is able to produce durable furniture to suit your taste and requirements. We’ll discuss your specific requirements and show you samples of materials so you can make an informed decision. From picking up inspiration design style to customization according to their exact need, we assist in projecting the concept to achieve successful composition. Our story began in 1997. Our services at Lanson Exhibitions & Interior Worksincludes: Household: 1) Taking measurements 2) Custom-made cabinet furniture 3) Furniture designing and manufacturing 4) Transportation 5) Free price estimation service 6) Final installation Exhibition 1) 我们的服务包括: 1)居家 – 上门测量 – 家私定做 – 家具设计 – 运输 – 家私样本图片 -免费估价 -后期布置和安装 2)展览会 – 承接各式舞台 – 展览摊位木工 – 柜台设计定做 – 运输 – 各项工程估价 – 后期安装和拆卸, SIMPLE CLOSET (S) PTE. Select the design and colors that inspire your spirit, have a plan of where you would like your desired furniture to be built at, then arrange a discussion with us. Our custom-made wooden bathroom vanities will add a touch of elegance to any bathroom, large or small. Our goal is to build your dream home at an affordable price and to do that, we promise quality-controlled materials and superior expertise in craftsmanship. However, with so many imposters around, few people actually know what real direct workshop carpentry rates really are. We can design and manufacture your ideal furniture of entire home renovation. Direct-factory carpentry services provided by Soon Teck WoodWorks allow you to add a signature finishing touch, in terms of style and functionality, to your living or work space with quality customised furniture made and installed to the highest standards. Bathroom vanity We provide outstanding quality of carpentry to all our customers. Changing trends in interior carpentry design. This is why savvy home owners and business bosses are turning to carpentry services direct from the factory. We are a team of professional, energetic individual’s with talented designers and experienced project managers to guide our client’s through the flawless and timely execution of any residential/commercial project. Services Provided Customized Carpentry Works. We are the first carpentry workshop in Singapore to publish a definitive carpentry price guide online in 2011. Here are the types of carpenters and the types of carpentry jobs that they perform so that you can determine if a carpenter would be helpful for your particular carpentry task. We are also knowledgeable in Blum products and various surfaces such as Kompacplus and other quartz surfaces. We are able to take charge of your full renovation needs by helping your design and renovate your space to your liking. Look for the best carpentry services Singapore! UEN NO. With our own carpentry factory in Singapore , we are able to fabricate and install a variety of customized cabinets for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, TV console and many more. We are reliable and work with pride. You don’t have to be a skilled designer to come up with lovely designs. Feature walls play a role in calling attention to the visual centerpiece in your living room. Teck Lee Carpenters produces customised cabinetry and furniture as well as providing other renovation needs At Teck Lee Carpenters, we specialise in custom-made furniture and cabinetry from wardrobe to storage and kitchen cabinets for homes, product display showcases and shop facades for shopfronts as well as storage solution and furniture for offices. KHS Interior Works Pte Ltd is a group of carpenter to make your vision in reality. Keep everything in place and neatly tucked away with our clever storage options. OUR KEY SERVICES KITCHENS CABINETS CLOSET WARDROBES BEDFRAMES SHOE CABINETS CEILINGS DRESSING TABLE WARDROBES VANITY CABINETS STUDY TABLES TV CONSOLE / TV FEATURE WALL STAIRCASE POLE SYSTEM FLOORING DOOR DISPLAY CABINET 3D DRAWING ALTAR CABINETS LOW CABINET. Throughout your project, you can be sure that the carpenters who work on your project are dedicated to its success from start to finish. These cost savings are then passed on to you, so you get the best value when you work from us. As an experienced and honest business operator, we only promise what we can deliver! Although you can engage Interior Designer to do the design and to engage the carpenters for you, there are benefits of engaging a direct carpentry services where the carpentry companies can provide both the design consultation service and their in-house carpenters. I met renovation review’s direct Carpenter in Singapore a few months before to choose a walk-in wardrobe for my new house. Heng Lai Furniture Carpentry Contractor offers carpentry services at direct workshop rates. Key advantages of engaging our carpentry company include: Our home carpentry services can also produce financial benefits should you decide to sell your property. 38 woodlands industrial park E1 #05-01 S757700, © Copyright 2018 - 2020 @ Blackwoodcarpentry | Privacy Policy, 10ft Top Cabinet + 10ft Bottom cabinet + 10ft Quartz at $2888 ONLY, 3RM BTO - $1599 Suofeiya® is Asia’s No.1 Made-To-Measure Furniture Brand with over 28 million homes furnished worldwide! 5RM BTO - $2499, Kitchen and 2 Toilet Package starts from $18,888, 38woodlands industrial park E1 #05-01 S757700. With our in-house carpentry workshop located in Singapore, customers can be assured that we have all the tools to provide quality work at our disposal. Built-in wardrobes in a bedroom play a critical role in the design and feel of the space. LTD.Established in 2009, Simple Closet (S) Pte Ltd provides you a highly rated quality service for all your carpentry needs. To do a custom carpentry work, you would require both some form of design consultation on the carpentry work and the actual manufacturing or producing of the custom carpentry such as kitchen cabinet, built-in wardrobes, shoe cabinet, custom shelving or TV consoles. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you to create a stylish living or working space that’s highly functional and, above all, unique to you. As a professional and time conscious organization, we will ensure that every piece of furniture is finished with perfection and timely delivered to your doorstep. We aim for functional and stylish direct factory carpentry services for added assurance of quality workmanship. iCarpenter Direct Pte Ltd. 21 Woodlands Close, #08-37. Soon Teck WoodWorks’ custom-built kitchen cabinets and shelves come with a broad choice of attractive colours, and materials that replicate the timeless appeal of woods such as pine and oak. Range of Residential Project Services: Carpentry, Tiling, Electrical works, Plumbing and etc. 4RM BTO - $1999 Kitchen Cabinet & Counter Tops Carpenters. By cutting out the middleman and selling directly to you, you can get rid of the extra mark ups from contractors. We also work with interior designers, serving as the baseline supplier in the end to end process. The pricing listed refer to the average starting rates for common carpentry works. This means when you buy from us, you enjoy a price that excludes up to 30% in middlemen costs. Other reasons people hire our direct carpentry services include: Our direct-factory carpentry services will save you money on your customised furniture. Check out this video! We take pride in the quality of our craftsmanship. We partner with direct carpentry services companies to provide best quote for carpentry works. Let’s look at some of the most notable benefits associated with hiring direct carpentry services. We help you save by cutting out the middleman. 1. We always consider all our customers’ needs and listen to your ideas and have all the manufacturing capabilities to cater to your individual requirements and lifestyle. Final inspection – with you – of your installed furniture. When it comes to vanity cabinets, we are experienced in different types of doors which fit you needs. Tan Carpenters provide all carpentry services whether you’re upgrading your home or office. 53287554X COMPANY NAME EMS RENOVATION PRIMARY BUSINESS ACTIVITY GENERAL CONTRACTORS (BUILDING CONSTRUCTION INCLUDING MAJOR UPGRADING WORKS) SECONDARY BUSINESS ACTIVITY MANUFACTURE OF FURNITURE AND FIXTURES OF WOOD (INCLUDING UPHOLSTERY), Lanson Exhibitions & Interior Works specialises in manufacturing custom-made cabinet furniture for household/exhibition display. Committed to delivering quality work, Skywood’s skilled and highly trained team is experienced in developing innovative concepts that keeps to the working budget and time-frames.

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