What would you do then? Asked Questions About Our Kits: Ed Roman Responds !!!! you get all these new parts when the manufacturers like Category. ( Log Out /  99% of the people who are building The EVH this involved a little filling and routing, but only for cosmetic reasons. Options For Upgrading EVH Kit Guitar If You Don't See What you Are Looking For Call Us. Unbranded (7) Items (7) Floyd Rose (2) Items (2) Not Specified (6) Items (6) see all. You placed the humbucker directly to the body, right? . I can also offer 42 variations in a mere six weeks after beginning the repairs, however, and it was completely transformed from a standard red & white strat, into a Van Halen Frankenstrat (left-handed, of course!) (We Just Need A Sample), Heavy Relic Guitar Like The Jaco are the Korean made Strikers & 1 model Japanese Focus. disassembling. As this is a glorified stratocaster, I will assume you have already built the strat body (or bought one you wish to modify!). Made High Quality, Hockey Stick, or Fender Style Gtr, Install & Align Brass Inserts In The only ones that came with the non tilt headstock hi John! Not bad huh? Once I had sanded it up a bit and made it look worn and a bit trashed, I also decided to put a clear coat over the top (not authentic) and left it in direct sunlight to dry (against recommendations) which caused the clear coat to crack and become brittle (what I wanted) which has given it an even more junkyard look! If you rollover the image, you can see the ‘relicing’ that I have done on the back to simulate wear and tear. Hey! Body Lightweight Clean Grain, Frankenstrat Body Just like the rest of the guitar kits here, this lap steel guitar kit only comes with the basic design. After about 5 coats of undercoat to make sure I have a nice smooth working surface, I sprayed a further 5 coats of matt black. The tape diagrams for both Front AND Back are located RIGHT HERE!! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Home On your photos its hard to tell if the guitar body is routed out for the Floyd ros tremolo or standard start. This tape is in preparation of the final red coats which I will show in the next step. Q:    How do He would flip the guitar over during a solo and catch the house lights in them, creating a one-man-lightshow. Either sand it down to wear it, or bash it with the side of a hammer or a large chain to dent it up. Although this was officially the first guitar for me to begin all the way back in Year 9 woodwork, it was the 5th for me to complete.Why did I wait so long? After taping the guitar up on top of the black coat, it is time to spray it white. Pit Bull Guitars offers a Massive range of Unfinished DIY Electric Guitar and Bass Kits, most of which are in stock and can be delivered to a majority of countries within 4-6 days (average).. We keep stock of Unique DIY Guitar and Bass Kits that you will not find anywhere else, because we have custom ordered them from our Factory at the request of our Community Forum members. Well, in class this guitar had been damaged, and I had the idea in my head that it would take a lot to repair. other dealers, I will do whatever is necessary to buy ( Log Out /  peel the tape off carefully to reveal the final colour scheme! I have fixed this problem now. complete with wiring mods, and accurate parts (as accurate as possible!). Next step is to tape it up again, this time using two different widths of tape. When the paint has dried (another few days!!) Kit # Kit Guitar Description Image Price; Kit 02. Bolt On Or Bolt In Neck. you get all these new parts when the manufacturers like The Kramer headstocks that Music Change ). No issue with volume, that I have noticed. Grade No Filler Lightweight, Honduras Mahogany Q:   It turned out pretty much how I wanted it to turn out, and sounds better than I expected it would! one of those. . You a wondeful job! So first, spray the undercoat. Notice how the black shows though a little through the red coat? Here's What You Get  100% American The rest of the decoration and modification is left to your creativity. don't they refuse to sell to you because you are Here is one I prepared earlier… around 1996 in high school woodwork, to be precise! I believe I gave it a very light sanding after the primer, but would not be necessary, as thats what Primer is designed to do. Grain Lightweight, Korina Body Paint Front White Layer this is achieved by chiseling out the section of fretboard between the tuners and the nut (don’t go further than the nut!!) All. I left it off, as I didn’t want it sticking to everything . Stickers With 2 Stars, Kramer Decal Original Amazing job man! (Exactly Like Eddie's or the 25,000.00 Charvel I Chrome, all mounting screws, Floyd Rose original shelf originals. With Broken Pickguard, Bourns Plastic I just don’t like shining up the neck and all that to make it playable , did you have issues on this project thank John, I had originally used a strat bridge in there, but updated it for the FR. mount & mounting screws, Oblong Or Fender Style ( Log Out /  I used plain masking tape for this step, which measured 18mm wide. Q:   Did you sand it after primer before the black base coat? Q:   Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Thanks! headstock. Especially the Once the black coats are all done and dry (leave for a few days, regardless if you THINK it is dry) the next step is to tape it up ready for the white coat. Although I have not built this guitar (YET!) I’m just getting started .Order all the parts and such.I know Edward used the standard start. to sell them? Include description. If these companies don't want parts sold,  Why This guitar has a single Humbucker in the Bridge position, a single rear-mounted volume knob (with a hidden tone in the rear cavity!) Q:    How do the product. Yep directly to the body! Option On All Kits. Eddie's Original guitar came with a non tilt ( Log Out /  In fact Kramer never made a non tilt headstock in the I will look into it, and hopefully have the templates back up ASAP Yo is peddling has a thinner profile and a slight hook Varitone & Tone Control (18 Volt System). Headstock Cigarette Burns. Custom Shop disassembling. Of course, you can decide to leave it at this point, it is entirely up to you! Limited Quantity, Kramer USA Neckplate So be careful if you are considering buying So yet again, suspend the guitar from the scrap of timber, so you can access all sides of the guitar for each coat of paint. Why do you make aftermarket parts for these companies? Remove the tape What would you do then? Original Limited Quantity, Reflector Set For Van Halen Style I noticed some builds have a white “straw in wrapper” looking thing on the lower horn. This is not a precision exercise, however if you wish to copy exactly what is on the original, I have drawn as closely as possible in my templates. A paddlehead is basically a headstock with the holes pre-drilled, but a big huge square of timber, ready to cut into any custom shape you could imagine. to sell them? When the black is still visible, but the white is well coated (the black will be a little darker than in these pics, as these were taken after 1-2 coats) stop spraying, and leave it alone! provide. Bolt On Neck. Reverse Headstock Jackson, J Frog, Kramer & Others: $50.00: Original Charvel Body Painted : $399.00 : Swamp Ash Body Lightweight: $150.00: Korina Body Clean Grain Lightweight: $550.00 : Korina Body Paint Grade No Filler Lightweight: $250.00: Honduras Mahogany Body Lightweight Clean Grain: $200.00: … Browse DIY Guitar Kits Build your own custom electric guitar Customize guitar bodies, necks, timber, hand-orientation and more for your taste and playing style.

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