Thanks! I am still using the topper, though, because my husband likes it and it doesnt bother me. I assume my latex layer is glued, so I’m looking for suggestions as to what type of memory foam to layer on top. Typically we suggest our custom cut conventional foam and wrap it in plastic. Figure approximately 24″ diameter using a 3″ thick topper. I would like to perform surgery on this mattress and keep the good base foam (5″ of stiff foam, 4″ of slightly softer latex seem good). I have a question about the fabric you covered the foam in. What combo do you recommend? I just refoamed my sofa and it’s amazing. Making your own mattress has never been so easy! I am 6’2″ 170lbs wife I’d 5’10” 165lbs. What foam layer combonation would be best for a 280 lb body builder. Which would you recommend for side sleepers to relieve pressure or pain from shoulders and hips? I'm really curious on the heat issues I've read so much about. I forget brand but paid about $1800. What foams would you recommend for a very firm low-profile california king? I am a 170lb, 5’10”, 25YR old male. I’m looking for a feeling similar to the medium to plush feel that I had with a Serta icomfort memory foam bed (similar to the current Blue Fusion 200 or 300 model) that I had previous to the disaster that I own now. The 3M Super 77 can be used for that application. Thanks. Thank you for the video and any help you give me. My wife is 125 and a side sleeper with lower back pain. I was thinking I could get a good quilted cooling mattress cover to help. I’m considering for a travel trailer. This DIY version will give you all of the great benefits of sleeping on memory foam at a fraction of the cost, so head over to to place your order today. King size bed. Also, I’d like to make some for my toddler’s beds. My husband loved it, but it was just not firm enough for my back. I sleep mostly on my stomach and side. Totally going to do this. I’m 5’10, 175lbs, combo sleeper, and tend to wake up with a stiff back on a practically new, firm mattress I inherited and I’m just trying to find a low cost way to make it sleepable for me. Great work! If the base is solid or of the slats are spaced less than 2″ apart, you should be OK. Im looking to make a foam bed for my boat. i saw your video. 13” bamboo zippered mattress cover (Arizona Mattress – Build a 100% all natural mattress with latex, top to bottom, edge to edge by selecting layers of different firmness, and wrapping them in a natural quilted cover. How heavy is this in queen size? The remaining 3 inches needs some help. We like a med-firm mattress and are not all that thrilled with the heat from the memory foam. Once you know what your spinal problems are, you become hyper aware of your positioning. This is great information! We are 5’2″ & 5’7″ both around 230lbs & combo sleepers (side/back) – hubby has had several back surgeries & likes it a little firmer & I have RA & degenerative spine issues & like it a little softer… And we both hate being hot (meds & just being old lol) Excited to work with you! Please Contact Usfor more information on the best product for your needs. Do you have a link for those materials? I am a side sleeper, sometimes sleep on my back, 6’1 and 225. Ours is still going strong and it's been three years. So it’s no wonder that memory foam mattresses from Tempur-Pedic, Leesa, Casper, and other name brands are top sellers. DIY mattress is that source. What is the benefit of having the 1″ latex as the top layer? They discover they can build a mattress that  delivers a healthy sleep environment-built with natural components. Long post but I figured your answer might help others.

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