Armor of Agathys 5e. Warlock; Components. Casting Time 1 Action, Range Self. Level: 1. A level 6 slot spell with a high intelligence creates 30 temp HP, 30 Ice damage to all melee attackers, and an arcane ward that has some where in the neighborhood of 15-ish hp. About ; Layout ; Membership ; User Guide ; Help Docs . All the time, while using this Armor Of Agathys spell a protective magical force always surrounds you and also manifesting sort of a spectral frost that covers not only you and your gear too. Player's Guides DnD Spells. See All Spells In The Hardcover Guide, Here . Book: Armor Of Agathys. Duration 1 hour. If the temporary HP granted by the spell is lost in any way, either by being knocked off by damage or replaced with temporary HP from another source, then Armor of Agathys doesn't do thorns damage anymore. April 22, 2020. D&D 5th Edition A Basic Wiki. This means that if any spell/feature works differently to the standard rules, it will spell it out pretty clearly, rather than having to analyse what words are used in what context. Trust Triumph Gaming Guides to bring you all your D&D spells, and guides. Spell Description. You gain 5 temporary hit points for the duration. The highest level spell slot a Warlock gets is 5th, so at most, Armor of Agathys will give you 25 temp hit points. Casting time: 1 Action. School Abjuration. Still nice, and I like Armor of Agathys, but the spell isn't quite as powerful as you calculated it. Class. Recasting Armor of Agathys refills the ward (at level spell slot) by 12 HP, and gives you 30 more temp HP. [Spell level] x 5 temp hp and the same for damage isn't super stellar... unless you play an abjuration wizard. Word to the wise, Armor of agathys only really shines when you have some that works with it. Armor of Agathys. Range: Self. School: Abjuration. Armor Of Agathys. V; S; M; Materials Required A Cup Of Water. User Guide; First Time User ; Quick Reference; Creating Pages; Editing Pages; Navigation Bars; Using Modules; Templates; CSS Themes; Contact . Spell Details. Casting Time: 1 action; Range: Self; Components: V, S, M (a cup of water) Duration: 1 hour; At Higher Levels. A level 7 Warlock spell slots are 4th level, so at the level you would get 20 temp hit points. Armor Of Agathys 1st-level abjuration. Site Manager; Edit Top Bar; Edit Side Bar; CSS Manager; Recent Changes; List All Pages; Create account or Sign in. View all the details you need about Armor Of Agathys. The armor of agathys spell does prevent damage (this is what the temporary hit … Keep in mind that the attack actually has to hit you for the creature to take cold damage, so there's some synergy with spells/features that give you resistance to damage. The hit points/damage is based on spell level, not Warlock level. As far as how long the visual effect lasts, that's up to the player and/or DM. Once you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, both the temporary hit points and therefore the cold damage increase by 5 for every slot level above 1st. A protective magical force surrounds you, manifesting as a spectral frost that covers you and your gear. Infernal 5e (5th Edition) Language for Dnd . For the precise duration, you are doing gain 5 temporary hit points. 1st-level.

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