What about the cover image? Remember that mission called “What Pride Had Wrought,” where you go into the Elven temple? For all we know, Flemeth isn’t actually gone. In order to continue the romance past this point (or after the quest had been completed in order to begin romancing him), you must either encourage him to stay off lyrium, or assure him that you’ll find a better way for him to defeat his addiction after defeating the Elder One. You certainly can’t complete the game without starting at least one romance (even accidentally); and no matter whether you’re aggressive or a pacifist, there’s going to be someone you can successfully get into bed. We know that the orb that Solas gave Corypheus was probably a “foci,” an item used to channel the power of the Elven gods. Presumably Solas wants to go into the Beyond to do something with the Elven gods… but what? You can’t romance Leliana in this game like you could in Origins, but Harding is the much sweeter, shorter version of the Left Hand, and it’s almost adorable when she jokingly(?) The scenes you do get are cute, but they’re constantly overshadowed by Blackwall/Rainier’s lies and the past that keeps coming to haunt him. And, depending on how you read other things that happen in the game, you could easily dismantle it. For the most part, being gay isn’t a big deal in Thedas. To get this ending, players must take the following actions: This will reconcile the couple and give Elves greater visibility and status in Orlais. I know I should read stuff in-game but that’s just something I can’t bring myself to do. How’s that for a happy end, battling demons together both figuratively and literally, and making it out as a family (with a new dog)? The idea that perhaps dragons and the Elven gods are related isn’t so far-fetched, is it? The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle: the Dread Wolf, aka Solas, is not perfect, as he is a real person, and as such was capable of doing awful things. Players lose court approval by committing a faux pas in dialogue, and court approval drops like a ticking clock any time players are exploring unauthorized areas of the castle. However, you can have plenty of fun with the witty rogue and pull pranks with the side benefit of raising morale. Her inspiration often comes from the history and folklore of Ireland. This is something that he has a personal stake in, not just because the world’s understanding of Elven lore is so wrong, but because some of that lore includes stories of his supposed malefocense. What I can say is that many players believe that this Cole dialogue, uploaded by Abbie B., which only happens after you beat the game, is related to Solas: People are making this assumption because someone seems like someone is speaking through Cole, and the lines are delivered in the same way that Solas speaks throughout the game. Collect blackmail material against Gaspard, Celene, and Briala. With that in mind, let’s reconsider the Dread Wolf. This is not what he wanted. Instead, players spend most of their time playing politics and uncovering several plots by Celene, her cousin Gaspard who claims the throne is his, and Briala, Celene's jilted Elven lover and former advisor. Assuming the Dread Wolf locked away the Elven gods to help, and assuming that plan to make things better for the Elves ended up backfiring, Solas’ worry makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it? Here is one fable, called the Courser and the Wolf: “You know what the Dalish say to their dogs? Even as a Dragon Age fan that’s been playing since Origins, the ending to Inquisition — or more specifically, the post-credits epilogue — left me scratching my head. To me the point is, Flemeth has an old God soul & so does Solar & now whatever Flemeth is controls Solar body & we have a set up for big things in DA4. It makes him think that the modern elves aren’t his people, the ancient ones are. The fact that Solas seems impressed with the Red Jennies and their goals of disrupting nobles is notable. Going to the bedroom will result in Dorian following after and propositioning you sensually. However, unlike Dragon Age 2 where you could get several of your  romanceable companions  into  a big polyamory, the romantic options of the Inquisition are a bit pickier. To get this ending, players must take the following actions: Cullen and Cassandra both appear to favor this outcome. He came to the beast at dawn, and saw its strength, and knew it would slay him if he fought it. You may now be asking yourself: what the hell just happened? ButI think it’s worth it in the end, and she’s  great to have some steamy fun with in the meantime. He tried to use his orb to unlock the Eluvian and let the elven gods back into the world, but he was too weak when he awoke. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. With this context, the ‘rebellion’ thing about the Dread Wolf make sense: if the gods were terrible people, then someone would have a good reason to try to seal them away. Maybe it would help to consider what the Dread Wolf wants. Congrats! Heck, Solas apparently gave the orb to Corypheus! After she interrupts your battle you can again break off the romance or confirm it, sharing another kiss. This is a difficult ending, as it requires players to open a specific Halla door in the palace and perform a few extra tasks in the ballroom for it to work. In order to officially start your romance with Dorian, after going through his quests and supporting him every step of the way with him and his father’s relationship he’ll imply there’s something interesting waiting in your private quarters. Maybe lyrium is alive. The Inquisition must intervene. Steam is high for sure for Dorian, but I didn’t find quite as much romance as I did steamy/funny/flirty, though there were moments. Solas is elven for pride. If it weren’t for the duel I’d say this is more of a cute relationship; a bit of an innocent crush before breaking up in the end. Doing so, rather than requesting Briala be rewarded, will result in Outcome 1 instead, with Celene ruling alone. Additionally, the ending players see hinges on whether they choose to allow Duchess Florianne to attack Celene, speak to Florianne themselves, or order Cullen to have her detained, and how much court approval the Inquisitor has. At the end of the night, the player has one final choice to make: they can decide whether they want to be alone to think about their decision, go straight back to Skyhold, or be held by or share a dance with their love interest. Once you ask however, she’ll tell you that she likes you and doesn’t want to share. Their mandate is to kill the archdemon tainted by the blight. I have to admit here, I have a little bit of a type. Here’s one conversation, uploaded by Laurie Jacobs, that only happens both if you romance Solas, and if you take both Solas and Cole out on missions: Cole says Solas is hurting from an old pain.

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