I prefer locally produced fresh grapes from the March harvest. Harvesting and processing. It is like cooking without fire. Cover it with a cloth mesh and wait for the magic to happen. If we are using wild yeast then the nutrients should be added on first day itself. However, starting out and buying the right equipment can be expensive. Hops from all over the world in pocket friendly sizes. The attempt here is to initiate our hobby and not to make snobbish sommeliers (an expert in wines). Collect the must (fresh grape juice). Crush grapes in primary fermentation container. It is widely used in industry and is the most preferred method. Hence we move to secondary fermentation. another preservative to kill yeast so that we can back sweeten wines. Stir in yeast nutrient and yeast. A large potato masher to pulp the grapes or a screw juicer, Airlock and a cloth to keep the bugs away. Two vessels. More complicated recipes exist that include pectic enzymes, potassium sorbate, metabisulfite, acid blends, hydrometer, measuring specific gravity, testing sugar levels (brix), and testing acid levels. When 70% of the sugar is fermented (from the brix level reading), it is time to transfer the wine to secondary vessel. Please note we don’t carry any distillation equipment. Temperatures now can be lowered to ~13oC to aid in clarification and mellowing of harsh flavors. If we are using table wines then some citric acid or mallic acid or tartaric acid addition is required to maintain the acidity. (Optional): A hydrometer (1.0 to 1.2 specific gravity or triple scale) or refractometer to check the sugar levels. Making the White Grape Wine Pick the grapes, remove from stalks and place in a sterilised food grade quality brew bin. BRIX is the jargon used in the industry. Do not box yourself in stereotypes but be a trailblazer. Indian taste buds prefer a bit stronger alcohol with a sweeter finishing taste. Amateurs can keep the fermenter in a tub and fill it with ice before leaving for office in the morning. The average cost for a bottle is around $7. Bottling day. Big corporate entities are given importance instead of artisans. Maintaining acidity is also important to prevent mold spoilage. An oversized potato masher like device does wonders. A refractometer will help to measure the sugar content by taking a few drops of juice. Put the grapes in the jar or the container and crush them well so that the fleshy part of the grapes is well separated from the skin to extract the juice out of it. Try to get fresh grapes to make good quality wine. Pour the must in a wide mouth jar. Many people get overwhelmed at the idea of making wine because there are some long and complicated recipes out there. Besides, thousands of households have been practicing this home made wine making art for generations. What is the difference between Vitis Vinifera and Vitis Labrusca? Grape Wine Recipe. I also supplement some additional sugar to increase the wine strength. Hence susceptible to oxidation. Grapes are poor in nitrogen or proteins, hence ~0.5gm of yeast nutrients per liter should be added to facilitate yeast to multiply and make a healthy culture. The bubbling sound should start coming after 24 hours. If using raisins, jaggery or unrefined sugar, my advice would be to dissolve and boil the syrup to get rid of the mold sticking on it. Do you have an interest in making your own wine? https://www.bigoven.com/recipe/homemade-grape-wine-recipe/1485097 First, raise the alcohol levels to the extent that yeast can no longer metabolize. 1 gallon water 4 cups sugar 6 cups fresh Concord grapes 1 Campden tablet 1 teaspoon yeast nutrient 2 teaspoons lemon juice 1 package wine yeast. They are usually sold as acid blends in wine making stores. Brew Bucket, Kegs, conical fermenters, Airlock, Siphon and everything you need to make a batch. We will also talk about a few ways to improve our art, food-craft & artisanal wine. The crushed seeds and stems release bitter off flavors. It is time to separate the seeds, skin and pulp from the wine (Did you notice that we are referring to it as wine rather than grape must?) Technically, it means percentage of sugar in the fruit juice. Red Grape Wine making process is so easy and their culture so ubiquitous. Remove NGM (Non-grape material) like insects, infected parts and remove as much woody stem as possible. If it doesn’t turn out for any reason, you are not out a few hundred dollars. If the grapes are ripe they will crush easily by hand.

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